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SIMPLE SHORT GAME TECHNIQUE – Learn How to Hit Chip Shots Around the Green

hey every body Danny Maude here thanks for joining ushow often do you see yourself on a green with a little shot like this and thenfind that you end up blading it over the back of the green or even worsereally embarrassing you kind of get yourself set and you

chunk your chip shotin front of you it is so frustrating and I asked a question to mycommunity literally last night after that what things do you want to to learnand they said look how do I stop Duffing my chips like this how do I stopthinning them over the

back of the green how do I get rid of some tension youknow in in my stroke because I'm stood of my chips my practice swings arepretty good but then I get over the ball and I'm and I like then I mess it up theother thing is is there

some basic chipping technique that I can learn and thatcourse there is the absolutely isn't in this week's training I'm going to showyou exactly how to set up to your chip shots every single time I'm going toshow you the difference between chipping and pitching because there is a slightdifference

but you're going to learn exactly the setup that I use on aregular basis to coach my golfers to be consistent I'm going to show you how tostop thinning and fatting them so before I do that if you new to channel thistwenty first videos of mine please consider subscribing

press that littlebell button at next subscribe button and you get notified every time I release avideo just like this one plus look if you enjoy the video and you enjoyexactly what you see in the description below there's a free practice plan thatyou can simply download complete for free

take to the driving range or take to theshort game area and go and work I so you'd have to remember all this in herejust download the practice plan and you can take it and enjoy so what do we needto do first let's teach you the basic setup so

on a chip shot it is reallysimple all we really try to do is put metal on golf ball now I've got a 56-degreewedge why because I want a little bit of loft I want the ball popping up a littlebit in the air to get over this rough bit

of ground here and then on to thegreen that's really what a chip shot is all it is is we're trying to get theball high enough over this little bit of rough ground here up onto the green andthen rolling out so we've chosen a nice bit aloft well 56

degrees here for youit might be just a simple sand wedge or a pitching wedge and that would beabsolutely fine too now to make life easier if we can have on a basic chipshot like this get a more of a pendulum style actionit would allow more accuracy if I've

got lots of shuffle angle like thisthere's too much arc and it can lead to a lot of inconsistencies so if I can getthe shaft going straight back and straight through that will be nice rightand being a lot easier to get accuracy so the way we do that is

we set the golfclub up so it's actually resting on its toe and on the toe of the club here nowwell then what we do is we take this it we take a stance so from your angle hereyou can see the shaft is quite vertical and you'll notice my

feet and my stancewidth look it's actually quite narrowyeah it goes only a small little shot we grip down the golf clubwhy did we do this it just two things when you grip down the golf club gettingcloser to the club head gives you more feel of that club head

it's so mucheasier to chip that way the other thing here was you grip down is it also theshorter the club the more upright you can then make that golf club again themore upright it is the more accurate it is okay more upright is the more accurate it isfor

the small little shots just from this angle look at this here the otherthing I'll do here which is something that often a lot of golfers miss they'lloften set up with a lead shoulder quite high here not a great position becauseit gets people hit up on the ball which

is could definitely be causing thosetype of thing shots so what we want to have here is you want the lead shoulderto be feeling like you might have to feel out you're dropping that lead childa little bit i level them off a little bit you might just feel like

he's downhere so we're gonna level those off or get ourselves set and that really is thebasic set up ball position I like to have the ball position fairly central inmy stance a lot of people say well I better when it's back no problem at allbasically if you have

the ball for further forward you stance it hits alittle bit higher and if you have it further back in your stance it hits it alittle bit lower just be a little bit careful of because the problem is ifit's too far back in your stance the club comes down

and the leading edge ofthis club can get stuck in the ground we don't like that often can cause thoselittle chunk shots you see here so I like to have the club just coming andjust starting to bottom out at the golf ball I don't really like it coming downtoo

steeply alright it's just for consistency so we get ourselves set herewe've taken a cut and all I'm gonna do now is I'll just demonstrate a littleshot for you where I pop it up almost there we go now simple little shot setupis nice and easy but how did I

create that simple action so this it'sobviously more than just a set up one of the key things then if you've got a nowstart to use the gravity of this golf club what I see with so many of myclients when they're chipping here their particular shot range they're almosttrying

to push the ball onto the green they're not using the weight of thisgolf club so what they'd often do they look a little bit like thisthey're often trying to and they're moving a lot they're pushing it onto thegreen they've been told that they've got to keep maybe their

hands ahead so whatthey do is they go and they're pushing it this way onto the green is obviouslychicken wing action starting to come out these are things that are going to getyou fatting the golf ball hitting the ground behind the golf ball too much for the leadingedge and

thinning it over the green so once you've taken you set up what Iwant you to practice is this I almost want you to practice just literallypicking it up here and then allowing the club get the sensation that you arealmost I won't sit jabbing it but you're almost just

letting the weight justbottom out look they're not is what I'm doing here I am NOT this slow pushforward I'm actually just in a sense there's this may be a small hinge hingein my wrist here and I'm then literally unhinging it I'm just getting thesensation of that Club just

dropping straight back down that is all that achip is now I'm the other thing I'm doing here is I'm focusing on the toe ofthe club hitting the golf ball it's just gonna drop it on that ball that's allI'm doing you'll notice there's barely anyfollow-through right because there doesn't

need to be it's a small chip shot I'mallowing gravity of the club here just to fall on that golf ball alright sothat is the basic chip shot you've got nice lip right stance clogged down heredropping the lead shoulder and went from here we're just dropping the toe ontothe

golf ball we aren't pushing it throughnow let's have a look now at a real dodgy lie and maybe some pitching so toshow you the difference right so you've done chipping chipping was verystraightforward literally you're right on the edge of the greenand you just put a metal on ball

in a very pendulum style fashion you'llnotice with the chipping there wasn't a lot of follow-through that literally ishere you're just literally popping that Club onto the golf ball here with verylittle follow through or putting metal on ball when you're pitching there's a lot morerough to go over so

we need more energy and because you want it stoppingwe then need more height so let's show you how we can get a little bit moreheight the first we're going to do to get more height we're gonna weaken yourlead hand so your lead hand here I want you to

turn towards the target just alittle bit this just makes sure that you maintain a loft on the golf club whenyou're pitching my clients love you don't have to do it but my clients loveit if so it's made a massive difference so that's how you can really help getthe

height the second thing clearly we're going to need which it kind ofhelps with height and power you're gonna need now a little bit morebody whereas the chipping was very you could stay fairly still and justliterally just pop use the handle and your arm the hands are now just

to popthe club onto the golf ball and pop it forward what we're gonna do now ispitching look at this we're gonna need a little bit more body now all the body isis this it's just a very gentle tip I will show you here without a club I'mgonna lift

you pivoting my knees on a mini arc my hips are moving yeah nowwhat we're gonna do watch this I'm gonna bring the golf club I'm gonna bring inthe golf club now backwards and forwards look at this just literally on that miniarc keeping my the new grip grip so

I'm still gripping down the club I'm stillusing my 56-degree wedge here I'm simply now pivoting starting my hips backwardsand forwards now you'll notice there's none of this there's no Drive that's alinear motion we don't want to take this linear motion with chipping yeah thebasic chip shot and then

extend it into a pitch that causes so many problems soall we're doing is we take it we might stand a fraction further away to ball positionremains the same and all I'm gonna do is pop this on there with a slightlymore move not huge but just enough a little

bit shyit wasn't my finest effort on that one bit in mine get myself set that's too good alights make it chunk it down a little bit there make it bit tougher get myselfset I know where we go almost so what we try to do here is is when

we're swingingthat just is a little bit more motion but there is still the pop what it isn'tis this so when I first teach this to people and yeah I've got the mini arcwhat they end up looking like is this yeah so they get the motion you might dothis

to us I don't want you to do that don't fall into that trap yes that'sfine there's a mini arc but there's always gravity working and there'salways that little pop pop this is so important because this is the clubheadspeed you're allowing that club to drop so what you could

do very simply is thisyou could get yourself set in your garden or on the practice ground get thesensation first of all and chipping just allow it to pop but then what you do isis with a little with the pitching just allow the pop to happen with a very

miniarc and what do you notice about the mini arc where's my club finishing where's mygrip finishing as I'm swinging on this mini act just as a reference point thebutt is pointing it's very close to my lead pocket and the club head is outtowards you right now it isn't

driven forward I haven't got this I haven'ttaken the the pendulum motion with chipping and I extended it this way Isee this a lot yeah we want club head speed coming through and this provesthat I've got it's a good reference point chicken wings all those kind ofthings I see

with a lot of golfers these are all driven shots we don't want thatokay so we've got the mini arc and then the natural release of the club goingthrough let's let's give myself a bit of a shock let's nail this in here allright so what I'm gonna do now

is this let's I'm going to I've nestled thatdown quite a bit so what altar ish is would I make I might move the balla little bit back in my stance just a fraction here the balls gonna come outprobably a little bit low so what I'm going to do

is I'm going to twist on myclub face open just just a few degrees not huge get myself set and do exactlythe same thing still got the feeling like I'm justpopping the club dropping the club on the ball but now I've got a little mini arc of that body

as I'm dropping it on that ball let's have a look at this right we've come into the Sun just tofinish off so we've done a little bit of chipping we've done a bit of pitchingnow I want you to teach you how to cope with some nerves so you

might find anypractice swings are pretty good but then you can screw up the main the main eventand maybe a bit of distance control how do you kind of learn just as control sonerves how do you deal with nerves they're clearly just tension and I thinknerves will improve once

you improve this strike so once you build someconfidence your nerves will naturally improve but there's also little tricksyou can do that you can take to a golf course I can really reduce your nervesright now one other than them is this take your back two fingers off off theclub

on your top hand and the little finger on your bottom hand off the golfclub now what this does is it gets rid of some of the tension and it's a reallynice way of my clients absolutely love it I've literally allowing that club toswing and getting that popping motion

we said look when people are chippingthere's way too much body motion because they then there needs to be because theythey're not using enough speed in the club head if you allow the weight of theclub to drop and pop then you're going to generate a lot more speed and

thebulb pop up and you won't have a you'll have a lot less going on in the body nowwe said look with a chipping action we said that the action was more a poppingmotion against this firm lead wrist here so you're literally popping it here solet's apply that now

with this new grip take the bottom two fingers off in thetop hand and a little finger of the bottom and we're literally just going topop this onto the green I'm almost forced to let gravity worknow because there's very little tension in what I'm doing okay nice and simpleso

you do that with chipping with the width in terms of distance countrythat's a great way by the way of getting rid of that tensionthe other thing clearly is routine so get a routine going if you're if youstood up the golf ball on you and you don't have a

routine then certainly doone get yourself set here almost get it into a bit of rhythm so you can I go onetwo pop get yourself two there and then in and three pop yeah build a routine inso that ultimately again the this the more flowing this is the less

chanceyou've got nerves to creep into this motion this is control easiest thing todo this is control get the strike first absolutely pointless working distancecontrolling you until you've got a consistent strike because clearlydifferent strikes are going to lead to different distances so get your strikefirst then what you do

once you've got some strike simply do this this is thesimplest we're doing it go on to punch the ground which is where this iscontrol is learn and hit a ball literally see if you can hit it just acouple of feet in front of you with the popping motion

like that then go okaycan I hit it a few more feet and then build it up I did this with my wifeLaura who's learning to play golf and immediately she start to get a feel forwhat creates distance you can then increase the difficulty of this game byclearly Rather's

building it up which is obviously can can get very easy very mixup your distances hit a long one followed by a short one so there's a bigdifference between the two so you're building your feel up there are noshortcuts to distance control it's done with practice so let's summarize

whathave we done and what can you take away well as before we start remember there'sa full summary and practice guide in the description below so go and check thatout but what have we done very simplychipping setup ball position central absolutely fine ball position forward hit the golf ballhigher

ball position back hits the ball a bit lower but just people haveit back tend to I think come down too steep on the golf ball we don't want todo that I've got a video describing all the benefits of this in the top righthand corner here but get the

ball position fairly central grip down the golfclub here nice and upright and drop that lead shoulder the shaft is not a lot ofshaft lean here the shaft is fairly vertical why because we want on thechipping we want a pendulum style motion now the crucial thing about it is

thiswe then want a popping motion where the club literally pops to the ball bangthere's not a lot of follow-through it's literally a pop and we're building thatspeed up here what we're not doing is the slower the golf club moves like this the moreyou're going to move your body

the more inconsistent you get you're poppingagainst a firm lead hand pop there's a flex here pop onto the green we've seenthat so look at that they're just pop onto the green pitchingwe need clearly we need a little bit more elevation we want the ball to bepopping up a

little bit higher and stopping we still want the pop but nowthere's a little bit more follow-through how do we create more for it we needmore body move motion how do we create my body motion we'll watch this we allowthe body to pivot a little bit more when the

body pivots the club pivots with thebody yeah so we go with it a little bit more watch this now suddenly we'regetting more elevation and the ball goes that much further this is what thisbecomes their pivot we said with the pivot or with the pitching we might wantto help

you add more loft by weakening the lead hand you don't have to do thisthis might be too much all in one video but just for now it does help so I'm putit in there weak in the lead hand turn it towards the target it helps to keepthe loft

on the golf club but when you're doing this and do not fall intothe trap that we see with so many people this is not this it's a subtle motionwith still the pop what is the pop it's gravity working its speed it's allowingthe club to drop on that ground

generate some speed when that happens look theclub finishes over there the book finishes over here cloth finishes to youbut finishes in line here it isn't this chicken wings pushing forward thisis when your body's done provided all the energy not the club and that myfriends is absolutely that that

is the difference between chipping and pitchand I hope you really enjoyed it if you did give it a thumbs up maybe come andjoin the channel if you haven't already buddypressing that subscribe button and the bela maybe somebody else you knowstruggling with a short game maybe share this video

I really hurt helps I've gotloads more shocking videos you can see in this top right corner takeamount of cost look there's a practice plan in full details that you candownload completely for free in the description below but thank you so muchfor joining me until next week have a

great golfing week

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