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Instagram Hack for Instant FREE Traffic Simple Strategy

So you want to get traffic to yourbusiness, to your website, to your videos on YouTube, to your landing page, whereverit is that you want to get traffic.

Well I've got this great hack for you.

It'susing Instagram and it will get you free instant traffic.

Stay tuned.

I'm DarylBallard, if we haven't met before, and if you've seen my videos you know that wetalk about how you can have a successful YouTube channel, a successfulbusiness, because we know you want to have the freedom to live life on yourterms.

If that's something you're interested in, not only stay with me on thisvideo, check out my free class, how you can do that, how you can have thatsuccessful business.

You can attend that class by clicking on the first linkbelow.

It's a class of over 90 minutes of material delivered to you by email over4 days, and it's completely free.

So let's get into this simple strategy, let's getinto this Instagram hack.

Now this will work really well for you if you have alittle bit of an Instagram following already.

The first thing you need to dois announce an event, publicize it a little bit on your Instagram account.

Youcan also mention it on Facebook, or wherever else, whatever other socialmedia platforms you use, and announce that you're going to run a contest.

Nowthis should relate to your niche, this should be something about what it isthat you generally talk about on this Instagram account.

And whatever you'regoing to send them to, video, landing page, whatever.

They should all relate.

Theyshould be about a very consistent topic.

And mention that you're going to runthis event for a day, two days, three days, whatever you think it will take to getyou a little bit of traction on your event.

This may depend on how manyInstagram followers you have, and how quickly people respond to your content.

When you're ready to start your contest, create a post.

This could be in the formof a picture, could be in the form a video, and follow your regularInstagram posting protocols.

Put in your description, put in your tags, and ofcourse, as I'm sure you always do, mention in your post what this is about.

But alsoput in there what you want in this contest.

Mention that you want them tocomment, and that you want them to tag one, or two, or three, whatever number youwant, of their friends so that others are seeing this as well.

This will do twothings for you.

It will activate the Instagram algorithm, because of coursethat's what Instagram is looking for is interaction with your post.

But it willalso get your regular followers friends interacting with your post as well.

Sohow is this going to get you traffic.

Well of course in your post you're goingto have either the link that you want them to go to, or you're going to askthem to check out the link in your bio, because of course in your bio you canput a clickable link.

Unless you have a very large following you can't have aclickable link in a regular post.

After your event is over, you're going to picka winner for your contest, and you're going to give them something of valuethat you have determined beforehand, and probably told them about in your postsas well.

What could this be? Well if you watched my previous video on doing aFacebook live to increase your traffic and having a contest there, this could beanything from offering them 15 minutes or half an hour of your time consultingor coaching, if that's something that you do.

It could be, if you have a course thatyou offer, you could give somebody a free access to your course as a gift.

If youhave a membership site you could give them a free month or two or three, or ayear even if you're a really generous, of membership to this membership site.

Youcould give away a free book.

You could give a gift card, so many things, useyour imagination.

There's lots of things that you can do that would be attractiveto the people that you already have following you and new followers that aregoing to be joining you.

And of course, in the process you're going to be gettingthat link out there to your landing page, to a video that you're promoting, towhatever it is that you want to promote.

Once your contest is overyou need to announce the winner.

Now the best way that you could do this would beto go live on Instagram and show them your process of picking someone.

And whatdo we use for that? Well I like to use commentpicker.

com, and we'll show youhow to use that right now.

So this is commentpicker.

com, and you notice uphere you have choices of Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube.

Of course we'retalking about Instagram, so we're gonna choose Instagram here.

Now this is verysimilar to what we did on Facebook, and this is completely free.

You're justgoing to choose Instagram random comment picker, and you're gonna go down here.

Nowall of the instructions are down here if you want to look at that.

And see now youdo have to have your Instagram hooked up, it does describe that here through yourFacebook page.

But the nice thing about this is, you can not only include, youknow, all of those that have comments, which you've asked them to do, but youcan put the number of, you know, one, two three, four, whatever you ask them to doas far as mentions, as far as people that they've tagged, okay? So let's just say wewanted to do two and, I don't have a post here, I'm notactually showing you how to do this.

I haven't connected my Instagram, but sothat you know how to do it, and then you go down here and click on start and itwill choose that.

And let me show you that process because I do have a post onFacebook that we can do.

So we'll just do the Facebook one.

I don't think I showedthat last time, okay? So you would log in with your Facebook page here.

You wouldselect a post, let's just say this one, cuz I know there's at least one commenton that.

It's probably my comment but, and I don't know for sure if I tagged anyone.

I probably didn't.

Get comments, it looks like there's only oneS so this is goingto randomly choose from one, but you see what it does there.

It randomly chooses acomment, and I win, cool.

But you get the idea.

If there were many comments, whichthere will be if you've done this as we described it.

Maybe not the first time, maybe it'll take you a few times to do this.

But you know, you will eventuallyget quite a few people, and this will be something meaningful.

You may need tocreate some momentum.

That's okay, but it will happen.

So you see how simple thatis? You can do that – I know you can.

And I know it will bring you a lot of newtraffic.

So that's it, another great way of getting traffic to whatever it isthat you want to get traffic to.

Again, if you want to have a successful onlinebusiness, check out my free, 90 minute class on “How to Enjoy the OnlineBusiness Lifestyle.

” And what should you do next? Well, if you want to learn aboutthat great Facebook hack that I talked about in my last video, watch this rightnow! Thanks so much for watching.

I'm Daryl Ballard, and I'll see you next time!.

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