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Simple Grant Management with Tempest GEMS

every expense documented every dollar you deserve every risk mitigated easily and accurately manager grant documentation maximize reimbursement and minimize grant management burden with one simple tool that tool is tempest gems in this episode we will introduce grant management best practices using grant management software my name is Cristina Moore I'm a member of a disaster relief grant management team that built tempest gems to help others through this process we've responded to natural disasters since 2012 as experts in FEMA grants the Stafford Act 2 CFR 200 and the management of grant funds we're here to help you rebuild better we are providing these materials to you hoping that you can help your community your organization survive this disaster and wisely execute the mission before you if you appreciate this presentation please share it please subscribe to our YouTube channel and hit the bell simple grant management is an awesome goal but when getting disaster assistance from FEMA under the Stafford Act you'll find that you must work within federal policies and practices as directed by 2 CFR 200 we built tempest gems to simplify the process as much as possible using grant management software should guide you through the lifecycle and help with labor calculations coordinate actions with the state grants administration team in this episode we'll take a quick overview of tempest gems each key feature of the grant management software will be covered in separate brief episodes we will link the operation of the software to the grant management process will reference back to our FEMA quest game and the hazards and challenges tempest gems turbo's your way through a grant dollars documents and data we have guideposts to navigate through the terrain we use scorecards to give feedback it is more than just an efficient data entry and centralized place for storing documents according to analysis done on DHS Office of Inspector General data 75% of applicants experience failure with the FEMA PA program this series has endeavored to illustrate the hazards and challenges along your quest to review there are failures to execute or document procurement well failure to provide supporting documentation for expenses mistakes with math duplicate costs what do you want out of a system you want a system that expertly guides you through the rough terrain and the risks that are in front of you and your team it does require work we strive to eliminate keystrokes and clicks we cannot eliminate the process of doing data entry on financial information you must upload scanned PDF documents thankfully there's funding for this process states get funding from FEMA for this process and so do grant applicants rules from recent years permit 4% of the grant funds for grant management costs and FEMA kicks in another 1% for grant management costs when the grant is closed out these funds pay for labor materials and software Oh like ours during the recent years we've been paving the path putting up guide posts enhancing our scorecards and graphics to help you navigate the process with confidence the dashboard immediately informs you of the program name grant type and critical dates what are the two most important questions that we face first how much have we spent and how much have we been reimbursed here it is dr-40 22 VT hurricane irene this is a FEMA public assistance grant from 2011 and yes it's real data in here there have been 2.

6 million in expenses and 2.

2 million in reimbursements or revenue the unreimbursed value is 386 thousand which represents about 85 percent this grant program for this disaster involves six grants as we roll down the page we see a bit more detail I'll pause here as we roll through a few illustrations slowly cash flow you want your blue line as close to zero as possible you want your red expenses and green revenue to be as equal as possible depending on the disaster and the state rules this may vary from 75 to over 90% I'm going to zoom in to the grant the grant you have selected is in green and it has a trick mark and it is in the light blue band at the top you'll always know where you are we've organized the menu on the left to show you the basic flow of daily work you'll be coming in selecting a grant checking your scorecard uploading documents and during financial transactions when working with contracts you'll upload contract documents assess your contract status with a contract scorecard this episode is not a deep dive into any one topic but provides enough of an overview to show you how we build software to support you let's take a look at the grant scorecard green checks are good red X's are bad so are the yellow triangles – they're just less bad on day one you may see a page of red X's as the process matures and time passes your scorecard ought to start looking good grant administrators don't miss the next episode I'll show you how to ensure visibility of your grant recipients progress reduce your administrative burden with one simple inexpensive tool and grant managers if you're struggling with the efficacy of your administrators process check this out and give them some solutions documents are just about the most important product of the grant lifecycle documents provide proof that you've done did the stuff you were supposed to have done in tempus gems we proudly say the first document you upload is your first step to closed out when you have a document such as standards fringe calculations or overtime policy you upload that just once and it'll appear on every grant [Music] [Applause] the system lets you download documents shows you who is historically reviewed documents and if a document is locked by locked locked indicates that the state has seen reviewed and approved of the document we use documents in the virtual binder to keep score of your progress we have a master list of all documents expected and required as you upload you get to measure progress it's like a game each document up is a point scored tempest gems also includes detailed financial tracking it looks like an accounting system but it isn't we don't close quarters or years it closed grants we designed it like a bank book money in money out how much when to whom they paid and we keep track of the invoices and proof of payment you'll see a docs column one and more is good zero tends to be less good each expense needs two little pdfs invoice and proof of payment when you open a transaction to edit it by clicking on the little pencil the insights look just like a popular accounting system but what do we do differently we link or attach supporting documents directly to the transaction like glue stuck and stuck good this is a reviewers dream a state grant administration team can see this on their side of the system you'll get a passing mark if all ties together well done we are providing you a tempest gems overview guide this serves as a reminder to avoid the pitfalls along the quest click the links below to download this guide in our other episodes we've really driven home the importance of procurement compliance we provide you a pathway to success I'm showing you the contract scorecard this not only shows the 11 steps needed for the competitive bid process it also shows you the underlying federal law and forms you of how many documents have been uploaded for each element if you have an advertisement scan it posted get the point yay this example doesn't do well with all of those examples upload is your job guidance is ours well button up this overview episode with a quick look at requests requests are your means of interacting with the state grant administrators it is here that you press a button to say I want reimbursement each request walks you through a wizard of a few steps when done you click Submit no more email no more losing documents no more shipping documents to the state your team sees your documents through the same tools as the state's teams when they review your financial transactions and your documents they get locked you can track their progress and approvals through this same feature this is how the call and response between the applicants and States is handled yes of course tempest gems emails notifications to the various parties and on the state side they have queues and reports that tell them what's out there how long it's been and the disposition of each we've taken a few quick looks at tempest gems it is a web-based application often called SAS or software as a service there's nothing to download to make it work it runs right from any modern browser via the Internet the connections are secured and and we want to help you understand how to manage disaster relief grants you have very specific challenges and hazards tempest gems uses menus scorecards dashboards to keep you on track we've streamlined the data entry and document upload process did you find this helpful do you have any questions let me know in the comments below give a thumbs up if you liked subscribe and hit the bell to be notified of upcoming episodes there is a link for our guides below please share these materials with colleagues post about us and our efforts on your favorite social media platform and don't forget to grab the tempest gems overview guide to get you started with your fema quest.

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