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Heath Williams – How not to close a deal – Full Episode

[Music] [Music] hello and welcome today I'm joined by our Michael Anderson he's a Californian software entrepreneur George Brown marketing genius from North America and Chris Wells group sales director for Nordic I sales accelerator okay so today we're gonna have some fun today we've asked a sales executive to call in and sell us their product we've bleeped the name out for obvious purposes and they're gonna call in to Chris and Chris is going to take the call and then we're gonna analyze it in critique and afterwards unsurprisingly yeah hey look John I'm kind of at I'm here to run I've got a I've got a meeting to get into all right look I've got a bit of time tomorrow if you're willing to come down I'll give you I'll give you 15 minutes [Music] I've got a run now but I'll see you tomorrow [Music] Krish no problem boy I'll see you tomorrow I'll send you an invite shortly cheers John thank you bye Thanks oh my god if this was X Factor I wanted to do you know they do that yeah out but we've got a lot to critique here I'm not sure we got the time no no no on the one side like I was sitting there like thinking I really want him to be doing this better for me I would I just threw it down here because I I was getting bored and I wanted to do do something I've I've written down here thank you for inquiry I'd really like to understand why you think a product like can help perhaps you'd listen to me three business drivers that will impact your business and then I just shut up and listen and then I would anyway I should be doing 5% of the talking and listening 95% to understand I just throw it out those you know wide open questions and then and just draw in the information but the that guy's just talking at you and and the tenacious Ness is you know people we like some tenacious Ness but you'd ask to terminate the call he's still carrying on now he's trying to get into your hobbies and then he was not covered em for you I mean it was just and to the point of quite annoying at the end but I think that's a really critical point for salespeople to understand is that you know sensitivity to what the prospect wants is critical you know cuz there's two things you said that we're really critical a you got bored you got bored cuz you weren't talking right the customers not talking they get bored there's nothing really interesting in that right but when the customer wants off it's time to roll off but he he set out with the goal to get a demo wasn't gonna give up until he got it right you know he was so focused on the demo he forgot to pick up the actual nugget golde that crystals handing up brakes oh that's not uncommon and you know you asked some good questions you didn't ask him in the right order and he didn't get the information he needed out of it no yeah I started with a good open-ended question you mentioned targets it would have been great to spend a couple minutes on target yeah what are your targets did you hit him last year did he or you get ahead of this quarter right yeah cuz then he asked asked the consequence question which is a great question but not in the context he asked no notes that would have been great after digging into the pain yeah yeah I mean I gave him probably a lot more than others would have done you didn't feed them I mean if you break it down beginning middle of end it was it was actually appalling I mean you wouldn't say appalling but I think it could prove well you didn't hits goal the goal was to get a demo he knew there was ten minutes you know completely went over time and when he got to the point where your prospects telling you I want to end the call carried on yeah and that is only rubbing them up the wrong way you know at that point you've got to go okay no worries I'll cook I'll give you a call back maybe tomorrow test convenient something like you've got a you've got to accept that not just keep going and going to go I always find that sales people think the goal is getting meeting right and I always say to people you get one chance to make a great first impression in that physical meeting right and he's gonna rush to a meeting tomorrow unprepared yeah yeah so so what started off on the wrong foot right had he got the he got cut himself lined up better you could correct tomorrow yeah but instead what he's gonna do is you know probably not close this deal because he didn't win the phone call and then when he shows up he'll be unprepared he won't wear the demo because he's I'm Pro because he hasn't done he doesn't know what the business drivers are yep he doesn't what the pain is he doesn't understand the true value or need for you so how the hell is he gonna position it in that demonstration how does he know what to present to you he should really cut that call himself and take stock and dial back in the next day and then he needs to address and understand what the pains are what are the business drivers what's important to them and he and in that call he's positioning not just his company but he's positioning himself for the meeting the demo he needs to make sure that the next step that in that meeting have we got the decision-maker have we got the the guy who's got the owns to purse and the money is the money going to be in that meeting and all the influences that are going to affect the decision gonna be in that meeting that's that's what he needs to be written out I think what we what we just heard from that client probably mirrors like I'm saying what goes on does ninety percent of sales calls that are having you can see the things there right they talk way too much yeah if you actually did a talk count and yeah we could do that on that very quickly talked eighty percent of the time right he didn't like you give him all the opportunities all the hola yeah which which he wouldn't only go you know what actually what's bugging you cuz you made this enquiry you had to be thinking something yeah what were you what were you thinking about when you maintain quarry what did you really want this is what my first question is like let me know you know you may think why what is it you like why did you think that this was gonna help you yeah because that's the only reason gonna buy something because you're gonna fix a problem yeah and so what why Boyd what do you think I don't that guy what the problem was I mean it was it was an obvious question twice it's like I'm the head of sales it's about money and he just had to go that extra step to ask well you trying to get from A to B you know where's the Delta you know that that was it the Delta was missing I heard the gap where's the gap it wasn't a qualification call he didn't know if it was a good fit no he wanted to get the demo to me it's like I don't know if this is a good fit or not tell me your problem I don't even know if I can solve your problem yeah till until you tell me yeah what your real problem I tell you what why don't we try this George yes why didn't you call us call you yeah want you ringing and the show us how it's done all right shall do this ring-ring ring-ring ring-ring oh hi it's Chris speaking hi Chris George Brown from or are you doing today I'm doing really well you pretty good pretty good Italian I'm calling you because you put an inquiry into the website above one of our applications that I wanted to take a few minutes to answer those questions is now a good time it's a great time it is great so so whenever a customer puts in an inquiry into me around I run our product always wonder what problem were say trying to solve it so I'm just trying to understand more in your mind Chris when you when you saw our product initially and looked at it what problem were you thinking it could solve for you well George I mean unsurprisingly and I run I run sales it's a it's a revenue problem you know we got a 20% uplift from last year on our targets and I'm I'm not getting the performance out of my team you know so it's it's a performance issue look I need more sales you know we need we need bigger deals faster we all do the performance what quarter are you in now I mean do we have time to solve it or do we not have to solve it and we have time I mean I mean q1 okay I'm so yeah midway through q1 time all right now you know typically sales forces drop into what I call the Pareto principle right 20% to 80% of the volume this is that I mean is that kind of like your company or or tell me you know like where's the spread on your sales team now how many Hilda how many don't okay okay actually about 40% a hitting quota at the moment 60 not but I meet those I need that 60 which of quarters how much quarter are they carrying so it's it's it's not much I mean it's it's a it's a square million for each head and how many had I've got 35 heads so it's a thirty five million dollar number 60 see you got about 17 and a half million underperforming yeah thank you thank you that's right yeah with 17 and a half million so so if we could help you do any how much how much movement do you think to offer you on that seventeen and a half million any think we could offer ten percent of that or do you think we could actually get all of that up to performing level but we should hope when you started looking at our tool well I saw a couple case studies on website that were talking between ten and twenty five I think twenty five percent is is out of the park I can't imagine you doing that but I would be I would be happy if could come in and help us get achieved anywhere near a ten percent so you're really saying you know our effect on revenue might be 1.

75 million pounds to four million pounds that's really what we're looking for yeah this looks like it's a worthwhile investment for both of us to see if we can make that happen the investment you make in the thirty thousand you'll get a payback probably in probably 30 to 45 days and then it's then it starts to ramp up quite okay or aggressively up great great so we could potentially impact q1 I mean our targets are annual targets I just want a fast start you know I don't need the guys to do the target in q1 but you know I hate being behind yeah me too and EQ my native set so let me tell you the biggest problems we have I mean we could literally get you lie probably by Fabio we can't Pfeffer system are oh but say February 15 can you tell me like what would you anticipate would be roadblocks in your organization there are no roadblocks I can sign this off myself all right so will you like the assertive you said Valentine's Day hey yeah that's great I mean that's how cool she goes I mean you're not gonna get to the point where you're down the aisle yeah but did you feel pressured when I asked that question there's no really no but I think we had they respected me because you're right what George did really well is before asking the question he showed a little bit of expertise but he didn't try to position the product you said hey this is why sometimes see then he asked the great open-ended question then shut up yeah sorry what didn't just ask the question but then you know yeah and I think you'd sleep a point I mean sales people just feel the need to talk and talk and talk and talk and you know I always say you know that the answers are all in that other person's head you just have to get them out yes all their you know it's not inside your head yeah you gave me real quantifiable numbers for a business case then allowed me to reduce it to the ridiculous yeah you know I can invest thirty thousand pounds even on a 1.

7 yeah I million upside I mean yeah yeah yeah you're nuts and I mean we we are talking a very neat scenario here where you're talking to someone that owns a revenue number and I know it's not always as straightforward as that if you're selling different solutions but the principle is the same you you have to get to a point where you can quantify the value otherwise you're never gonna sell anything no deal and and I asked you for roadblocks right I mean yeah I like that I like that and yeah I know I'm gonna get one and that's what slows down sales closes it's not that you don't want to buy it yeah it's that you don't want him to buy it right yeah just trying to get a lay of the land where are we gonna start oh yeah and then I was looking for who else I had to call to be honest if Yunus said well he's the finance guy he's probably not gonna like what I said what do you mind if I call ya and I've always liked that that that way that you can you can make it a a joint effort as well it's like we're in this together now yeah you want to achieve it I want you to achieve it how we gonna do it yeah nice we done that before yeah we'll look chess that's fantastic I really enjoyed that absolutely great and I think most companies would get fined the same thing because it's that 80/20 percent rule isn't it so thank you for that that was great so if you're sitting there watching and thinking how draw team fair we'd love to hear from you [Music].

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