Tháng Một 26, 2021

Allen & Heath ME-1 Personal Mixing System 02

Hi and welcome to this second video on usingthe ME-1.

In this video we’ll take a look at workingwith groups of sources, adjusting the master EQ and limiter and storing your presets.

Let’s talk about Groups first.

A number of sources will often be assignedto a single Select key as a group – for example the different drums in a drum kitwill often be grouped in this way.

This allows you to change the level of thecomplete group at once, much like you would do with a single source.

You can also mute or solo the group.

Once you are familiar with basic operationof your ME-1 you might want to adjust the levels of particular sources within a group.

For example you might find that you have toomuch snare drum.

So I press Group to enter Group mode – you’llnotice that the key starts flashing.

If I turn the rotary control I can scrollthrough the members in the group.

In this case it’s all the drum mics in thedrum kit.

Here’s the source I want to change.

So I press to select it, then I can turn therotary to adjust its level.

If I want to adjust the pan for the sourceI keep the rotary pressed and turn.

OK, now that I’ve made my changes I pressGroup again to exit.

Let’s look at the master EQ next.

This is really useful for tweaking the EQor tone settings to suit your headphones, or just according to your personal taste.

To access the EQ I simply press the Masterkey.

You’ll see that there are three EQ bands– Bass, Mid and Treble.

The rotary control lets you scroll betweenthe bands – press to select the band you want to change and turn to make your adjustments.

If you Press and turn the rotary while theMid band is selected you can sweep its centre frequency.

This lets me hone in on the specific frequencythat I want to cut or boost.

On the same screen you will see the Limiter.

The Limiter is there to prevent occasionalsignal peaks which would be too loud or distorted.

To set up the Limiter, start out by turningthe Limiter right down.

Then when you’re playing the loudest partof the performance, turn the Limiter up until you see the Limiter icon flashing occasionally.

Once the limiter is set it will stop the mixfrom getting any louder than this maximum level, so if you drop your microphone, orthe drummer hits a mic, or a preamp gain is accidentally turned up, ME-1 will smooth thesepeaks.

Of course the the limiter alone cannot fullyprotect your ears – so to avoid the risk of hearing damage, do not operate at highvolumes for an extended period of time.

During a performance, the Peak icon mightoccasionally turn on – that’s telling me that the signal is too hot and may distort.

If this happens, I can trim all the levelsdown simultaneously by pressing the shift key and turning the rotary control at thesame time.

Equally, this feature can be useful for bringingup a mix with low meter reading.

Trim All is also helpful when you’re inGroup edit mode – in this case Trim All lets me adjust the levels of all the membersof that group, but it doesn’t affect other sources.

Once you’re getting a great mix you willwant to save it for future use.

You can save a snapshot of all levels, panand mute settings to a Preset.

You can store up to 16 different Presets – sotypically a performer might have different presets for certain songs.

o store a preset Hold Shift and press theRecall key.

Any Select Keys that are available for storagewill start flashing.

Press the one you want to save the Presetto, and the screen will display the preset number and name.

Press the key again to overwrite the presetwith the current settings, or select Edit to give it a custom name.

When you want to recall a preset, hold downthe Recall key.

As you can see, Select keys with a storedpreset will start flashing, and a steady light indicates the last recalled preset.

If I press a Select key the screen will displaythe preset name.

If I press again I am confirming the recall.

You should be aware that the engineer or installermay have set the ME-1 up to prevent performers from saving and recalling presets, so if you’reunable to access presets that is probably why.

The last feature to cover is Standby mode– this is particularly useful if you need to leave your ME-1 unaccompanied for a fewminutes.

To go into Standby, hold Shift and press Mute.

This disables the controls and mutes the output.

Once I’m ready to come out of standby IHold Shift and press Mute again and my ME-1 is back to normal.


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