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3 Song Activities to Practice the Simple Present

Hi everybody! I'm Cris and this is Go 4English! Today I'm gonna share with you three song activities that you can useto practice the simple present.

I'm not going to play the songs or show you thevideos because you can easily do that on other channels on YouTube but I'm gonna go through the activities with you step-by-step okay so I have chosen threedifferent songs the first is a classic the second is a more pop song and thethird is from an animated movie so let's go to the first one the first one is aclassic song from the Beatles the song is called FOR NO ONE.

OK, so let's have a look at the activity in this activity instead of just asking students tolisten and fill in the blanks I'll do the opposite: I'll ask students to fillin the blanks with a simple present form of the verbs in parentheses before they listen, like a normal fill in the blanks exercise they would do so before you dothe exercise it's nice to review some rules of the simple present, so reviewwhen to add the -s in the third person singular and also remind students of theirregular forms so have – has and remind students of the spelling rules: so when just to add the S, when to add ES and when to change the Y for IES andalso review the negative form especially the contracted forms don't and doesn'tand then I ask students to fill in the blanks before you play the song not while likeyou would in a regular exercise that That makes it a different activity than theregular listen and fill in the blanks because students will do the exerciseand then listen to the song to check their answer once they've checked theiranswers then you can work on the pronunciation of the s and thethird-person singular you can ask them to repeat the verbs and then they canlisten again and single along The second song I chose is a pop song by Bruno Mars called just the way you are.

I chose this song because it also has a lot of timeswhen he uses the simple present but also because there's a time when thereis a mistake: he says she don't and I've chosen this song in particular because of this mistake because it's important to show students that sometimes nativespeakers make mistakes and they make this mistake because it's common intheir variety of English like in our native languages sometimes it's common to makesome types of mistakes and also because in the metric of the song it's common tomake it shorter to make it fit so don't is shorter than doesn't – don't has onesyllable and doesn't has two But it's important for students to realize that in formal in educated English this is wrong so I'm gonna share this otheractivity that I have chosen another form of exercise for students to first do andthen listen and check let's see.

in this one instead of filling in the blanks theyhave to underline the correct forms so it's the same principle they have tochoose whether to use the s and the third-person singular or not so it'salways a good idea to review the use in this instance however you do not have to review the spelling because students will not have to spell the words justpay attention to the subjects if they're singular or plural and choose whetherthey have to use the s in the third-person singular or notthe thing is in number six in particular he is going to sing she don't butstudents hopefully will have chosen she doesn't and then when you make yourcorrection you have to make sure to tell them okay he has used the wrong formbut grammatically the correct form is she doesn't but he used she don'tbecause it's part of this variety and because it fits the metricbetter the last activity that I prepared that I'd like to share with you ispretty different it's a clip from the movie FROZEN so it requires students to not only listen to the song but also interactwith the images from the movie the song that I've chosen is DO YOU WANNA BUILD A SNOWMAN so the first thing teachers would haveto do is work with the contraction WANNA because sometimes students at this levelmight not know that wanna is the same thing as want to.

Once you've done that then you can start working on the lyrics but in parts.

Let's check the lesson plan! for this one I'm gonna ask you to watch from 0.

00 to 0.

53 and complete filling in the blanks with the verbs in the simple present then students do it you check the second part students will have toanswer questions all in the simple present but then a lot of them are notreally part of the song they're part either of what they see or part of theconversation in the story for the second part again it's the same they'll watchthe second part of the video clip so from 0.

54 to 2.

16complete with the verbs in the simple present and answer some morequestions about what's happening in the story again some of the answers are fromwhat they see or what they can infer from what they see all in the singlepresent and again the same thing for the last part there are teachers notesabout everything that is seen and all I have included all these lesson plans and you can download the PDF in the description below remember every time that you want to work with the song try to find the songthat fits your teaching objectives the age group of your students and build the lesson plan around it that goes beyond just and sing along so I hope these lesson plans will be useful to you in your classes if you have any comments please write them below and if you like thisvideo don't forget to hit the like button please subscribe to the channelif you haven't already and don't forget to ring the notification bell to hear about our new videos please share this video with your friends and follow me onmy social media @go4English on Instagram.


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