Tháng Một 21, 2021

Revamp your summer menu with these simple recipes

a lot of parents probably getting tired of hearing this again but with a few easy tweaks and some flavor fusions you can make the traditional standbys fresh again myosin is a registered dietitian she joins us now with some simple tips to update your summer menu with asian-inspired meal

ideas good morning Mia good morning thanks for having me yeah well what you have in front of you looks amazing so I guess first you know what is your secret ingredient for making any meal more interesting so my number one secret ingredient especially for summer meals is Nakano

rice vinegar can use it as part of a recipe or simply to add a splash of asian-inspired flavor to just about any dish it comes in different delectable varieties that are crafted to perfection and allow you to personalize and infuse flavor into your favorite meals and so I've

two delicious dishes today you can make these at home first we have my spicy Korean sheet pan chicken fajitas and this is made with a natural rice vinegar which gives it a slightly tangy yet subtle flavor boost to the sauce and what's great about this sauce is that

it's scalable in terms of spiciness so if you prefer it more mild you can certainly do that here I have my Hawaiian inspired season stir-fried this is made with a seasoned rice vinegar which adds subtle sweetness and zest to this recipe it's also made with rice cauliflower sugar

snap peas and chicken and bell peppers what's great about rice vinegar is that you can use it in salad dressings sauces marinades you name it wow those both sound really good and I think it's a good way to get some new flavor in there or not just like

pile on the salt that's what I usually do yeah what other pantry items or people may be overlooking as we try to spice up meals I feel like I go for the same two spice blends every time yeah and that's great that you mentioned salt because that's something

I encourage sort of phasing out on a lot of my clients and readers diets and really taking advantage of flavorful spices and herbs so you know really stocking up and ones that maybe never heard of it's a great way to add flavor to your meals for very little

calories and sesame seeds are one of my favorites because they add vitamins minerals and healthy fats to meals they're also a popular pantry item in Japan and of course they also add sort of an Asian flair to meals which rice vinegar does as well yeah and so you

know a lot of different fruits and veggies are in season right now what are your go-to fruits and veggies that you're recommending for clients right now so what's great about summer is that all my favorite fruits and veggies are in season you have your berries watermelon bell peppers

zucchini the list goes on and what's great about in season produce is that it's typically more nutritious and more flavorful so it spends less time from farm-to-table unlike out of season produce which undergoes early picking cooling it in heating so I always encourage people to choose in season

when they can okay so let's talk food prep because I know one of the things for me I don't cook because I just don't want to take the time to get everything put together so what are some tips do you have any preparation tips for me that would

just make life a little easier for dinnertime absolutely so I recommend having different protein options prepared ahead of time so that could be maybe a bean mixture and you know salmon you know kind of take advantage of different proteins different whole grains you could do quinoa brown rice

and then different veggies and kind of mixing and matching and building these balanced meals that you know are going to satiate you and help meet your nutritional needs and kind of take the guesswork out of preparing meals yeah all right well some really good information there and I

feel a little hungry now yeah let's eat all that Mia thank you so much and of course we'll put all the information for your website and your nutrition yeah my neat Mia on coin calm

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