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How To Get To 5 Figures As A Coach (Simple Strategy If You Have No Brand)

all right welcome back to the channel max Turner here today we're with Dario Gabriel one of our lead gen experts we're going to talk about your introduction in a second and in this video we want to be talking about how to get to your first five figure month

as an online culture as an online service provider even if you're starting to come from complete scratch from zero we're gonna share with you our exact structure our plan that we're sharing with our clients have you ever wondered whether there's more to life than a pouring dead-end nine-to-five

job if you ever dreamed about breaking free you know traveling the world making good money and just enjoying life no more office dress code no morning commute no boss this channel is for you so here's to your freedom like I said best person to talk about that is

Dario Gabriel Daria do you want to do a quick introduction about you yeah first of all thanks for like being on the channel and making this video so yeah my name is Dario Gabriel and I run a digital marketing agency in Berlin helping like big coaches consultants with

your marketing and yeah with the freedom business mentoring program I'm here helping the clients to get to the first five figure mounts so generating leads the manual way so not with ads not with like funnels webinars all that kind of stuff but like a proven manual each end

system and yeah that's what I do yeah and pretty excited about the video yeah let's do it so the thing is you kind of mentioned it before already what do you not need and this is this is a lot of cleaning up the BS here what you don't

need to get to your first 10k 20k a month that's what five figures means if you're hungry what do you not need for that so first of all you don't like need a big brand it's like we're not a lot like with you especially you have like a

big youtube channel a huge Instagram page like the the the client sorry oh man I need like a big brands and I I can't like do like five to six figures without a big brand it's like actually there was a time before like social media and the in

Trinette where like people earned money without a brand like with yeah yeah people don't get that like that was the brand on YouTube or Instagram isn't even that old yet people before made tons of money you don't need that right it's fancy it's nice to have obviously and

that's something would that we help our more advanced clients later on with once they're making around 10k 20k we say okay let's build a small niche brand but it's absolutely not necessary because the mistake is that most people do is they build this like brands over months or

six months twelve months and then they have these like brands and they haven't made a single dollar from it and I don't know about you but I build businesses so I can help people and to make money not to create videos that don't get me paid so yeah

brand not necessary what else not necessary like any form of like ads so paid advertising on Facebook and Google it's especially like popular and the whole like coaching and like consulting space to all men like what's the best funnel what's like the best kind of like system and

also I need a lot of ultimate automation so I can scare my business but like most people don't even have like something to scale like you're thinking about like scaling something that doesn't even exist so like and and to get to that point to get to that scale

you have to like take take the manual step first so if like Facebook ads the the whole thing is here like you you don't even know what works and you're like spending money every day that you basically like you don't know what you're doing you don't know how

to like write good ads for your target audience what we're gonna get through and the rough step-by-step yeah so it like you're basically just running around testing a bunch of stuff and pasting money and wasting money because he adds cost money that's the thing and in even if

your ads will work most of the time you can't close them because you have no clue how to close someone that is interested and that is when you say okay let's do manually Jen like I said more about this later it's for free it doesn't cost you any

money right it costs you a little bit of figuring it out okay where are the people that I'm I could potentially sell and obviously if you have a proper structure doesn't cost you that much time right if you are a client we tell you exactly how to do

it and it's a free it's a very lean it's the leanest way to get to your first 10k and you know when you make 10k as a revenue it's almost the exact same as profit because you barely have any expenses because you have no ads that you need

to run you don't need a that's the next thing you don't need a team you don't need employees to get it first 10k we have people alone making 50k a month just them they have nobody else you don't need to have a big team to get to these

types of of incomes later on when you want to scale 100k obviously at that point you have to start making some key hires but before that absolutely unnecessary and it's like III started out like with with with with my agency I didn't have any like starting capital like

and it's also with your clients like men if you have like hundred K to spend on ads to test bunch of stuff go for it but most of the people don't have like any starting capital to test to to run ads so at the start you always have

time so like investing time doing stuff that's like more time intensive but not so much on the like automated site always makes sense because you you you don't have the money and if you have a little bit of money you're just gonna risk it like exactly exactly we

could be talking more about what you don't need but I think these are the biggest points now what you gotta understand is the following process is not a passive income process yet but it is the very solid foundation that you need imagine it's like a triangle right and

the base of that triangle is Manuel Legion right and then when you go up when you want to go all the way up to the tip meaning passive income tons of money you need to have that solid foundation you need to have that solid base and that's all

it base is what we're gonna talk about now so step one what's the step one if people want to learn how to get their first 10k so first of all it's it's not anything like to do with marketing you have to like see okay what's like the type

of audience I want like to go after so and even before that like thinking about in the in the coaching in the coursing sense what can I even like provide what can I help people with yeah this is usually what we start with we all start uh building

on our clients strengths we say okay what are your strengths what are you good at what obstacles have you overcome in your life that other people might be suffering from right now and how can you help them overcome that right that's the first step right and then like

you said from there you say okay this is what I can offer now who are the people that I can offer that to I had this so-called target audience that's step two and then what do you do after that after that like and then Li the offer right

yeah you built the offer that yeah yeah you built the offer so thinking about how long it's gonna take to actually like achieve the result for them and how much calls you need and how much like support actually get them that goal and after that you you start

like looking for those people the audience you just like defined you in the process and then contacting them directly reaching out to them on social media on groups on forums internet forums yeah it's it's all there the great thing is nowadays you even have these point these we

call them like online mingling points like like there's these places online where all the people in your target audience are like Facebook groups internet forums right like certain Reddit subreddits there's like there's another one of our coaches actually makes all his money just from reddit he just finds

his clients on reddit because you know there's subreddits that are specifically about the problem that he could fix he goes in messages these people like oh I just read your post I can help you with that and then what that what you do that is you get that

person on a call yeah and I'm not call you show that person that you know what you're talking about you show them that you can help them you ask them a couple of questions to be sure that that's the person that you actually want to be working with

and then you can close them right now when I say closing right people like oh i got an–oh sales i gotta be the porn sales person no not at all in fact I think you can you can teach someone a complete layman with zero experience you can teach

them enough sales within two three days to commit their first money and then what they do is they just repeat that process to get to that first 10k did I miss anything yeah exactly and the the folks here has to be on the sales part and then if

you like focusing on sales then you also start like seeing opportunities everywhere not just online but like gathering places like offline events for example like events about like personal development or sales or that kind of stuff and where you can talk to people and actually get them on

a call from there like talking to them like face-to-face because like also like 50 years ago there was like no internet people it was just the people business and today like anybody is trying to like write some crazy website Leonard actually not thinking about okay I'm trying to

actually attract people and not some like machines or kind of stuff yeah he'd never underestimate that we've had a client who's a fitness coach and he just said you know what let me go there was this like IT convention thing in a city and and it was I

think a two hundred dollar ticket that he had to buy so in his head logic pay attention eyes this is really really good he's like well everybody that goes there has spent at least $200 to be at that event meaning they must have pretty good buying power and

if it's an IT event what do these people do well they're probably sitting from their computer all the time so I as a fitness coach I go there I pay my $200 entry fee and now I have this perfect target audience that is all unfit that could use

my help and they have the buying power so that client actually left that event with twenty twenty-five numbers that were interested in what yes do and in the next week just called them up gave them an offer and easily made his first 10k from that and it's again

like if you'd like you said focusing on the sales part and as a precondition to focusing on a sales part if you know what is your strength who are the people that can profit from that strength what is my offer look like and work and I find these

people online or even offline if that is all you need to do and then you can easily get to your first 10k months you can repeat that and then when you say I want to scale then you can start thinking about creating small micro small niche brands or

YouTube or any small niche brands on Instagram and so on support or even like hiring people to do your manually it's also good that's a thing a lot of people don't like really think about if you have a process for like generating leads from facebook groups you can

hire someone to do that for you and then you don't have to do the work you can like just do the sales codes and then it's done and you pay them like whatever three to four thousand a month and then it's done it's like the same as Facebook

or Google ad spend but just in person generating those like manual leads exactly it's really effective in scale I do want to mention one thing here it's a boring process okay it's not like Hollywood movies try to suggest it's just like highlight reel thing with drama and Kimora

it's a very boring but it's a proven process I mean we have some client interviews on this channel you can go check them out of people that are making five figures we have some client reviews on our Mac story reviews channel you see these are these are real

people they they're not super crazy smart they're not different from anybody else these are regular people that have just followed the proven process that they are complete nobodies they don't have a big brand whatsoever they just know how to execute the right process so when you say this

sounds great max Dario can you give me the right process while the answer is yes you can book a free consulting call either with me directly or on an expert from our team all you have to do is you click that link down in the description any book

you're called the way this works is you click on that link link brings it to a page I want you to read what's on that page because it's important information for you to get started and at the bottom of the page you fill out the application takes you

two minutes to fill it out and then you can book the exact date and time where you want us to call you like I always say Carl is entirely for free there's no international costs whatsoever it is for people that already have a skill they want to learn

how to monetize it it is for people that already making money with that skill but they want to learn how to monetize it properly and make more and scale it this is also for people who just like the idea of becoming free as an online coach but have

no idea what it is that could be offering people still that crawl this for you alright because we can analyze your strengths we know the market we can tell you what exact model fits well for you that being said you have to be willing to take action like

I said link appears somewhere here right now or link in the description down below maybe talk to very very soon doctor thank you so much for a valuable time I appreciate that thanks and bye bye I want to make a video for you guys that I just made

my first deal after five days here at freedom business mentoring group and it is 10 10 K closed deal

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