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How To Do Simple Nude Glam Makeup Tutorial 2020 (BEGINNERS FRIENDLY) I Beauty By Alima

feeling myself i'm looking so prettyhi guys welcome back to my channel so it's another week and it's your girlhalima here you know me yes it's me halimaso yes today i decided to create this nude you know glam summer look yesso that's me so i hope you guys like

it my skin is looking soglam you know it's all about the nude summer you know so you have to go withthe nude and just for yourself feel the vibelove yourself you know look glam you know it's covid season thatwe're in so all we got to do is

make up sit at homeand then just enjoy and just reminisce because oncethis is covid is over we will back to normalityback to work you know so just enjoy this momentand just you know go with the flow so yeah if you like this lookand you want to you know

watch how i created thisnice glam nude look you don't need to go anywhere stay tuned for the rest ofthe video and girls you heard me right the nudelook because it's summertime okay summertime we need that kind ofnatural looking uh makeup as well as a bit of coloryou know

so i decided today that i'm gonna go for a nudelook okay i've not done a nude look before well i have done it before butnot on youtube if you know what i mean okay so today i decided to give you guysa very nice different look okay sostay tuned

and watch the rest of the video let's enjoy it togetherexcuse me i've got i had a few pimples herethey left a bit of mark they just came to say hello to me and i had to get rid ofthem i literally have to get rid of them sothey've literally

gone now this they just left a bit of a nastymark i hate them so guys the makeup that i'm going to be using todayis the es1 invisible liquid foundation my favoriteand i'm gonna mix it up today with l'oreal true matchokay so those are the two colors that i'll

be usingokay so first of all going to prime my skinyes i've already put my spf 50 by heliocare i've already put that onso you know i have to protect myself from this uva you know out there thissun can damage the skin so badly so i'm gonna put

my studio primemy um maybelline face studio prime by maybelline so i'mgonna square a little bit on my face and massage it insomething like that should be enough you okey dokeyso i'm going to massage that in okay guys so now that my face is allprimed nicely i'm now going

to go in with myfoundation okay oh hold on hold on i want to put apowder before i actually put you know the foundationso hold on one minute gonna buff my face alittle bit with powder just everywherei just love um doing my foundation with the powder onit really does

give me a nice look i don't know if you guys have tried thatyet but if you haven't please do try itbecause you really really gonna love it you're gonna love the different it givesyour makeup afterwards that you know the reflectionit gives you so you guys should definitely i

highlyhighly recommend that you guys try that especially umwhen it's a hot time like this it's nice to putpowder before your um foundation because it helps the foundation tolast all day so you guys you definitely try these techniquestrust me you guys gonna really really like itso yeah go ahead

and give it a try okay so yeahokay so i'm now going to go in with my foundation so give it a bit of a shakeand i'm just going to square a bit of my hand and then that's the es1and then that's then i'm going to square thisl'oreal true

much sorry it's um i'm having this issue withthe reflection of the sunlight okay so i am now going tobuff it in my face the powder my face and you as you guys can see myface looks all nice and you know diffused okay soi bought this new brush oh

my god i bought this newreal techniques 200 you know foundation brush i bought oneokay so i just i literally bought it um was it last week and i'm so excited touse it yes so i did buy it soi'm gonna use it today i'm gonna put it to a

test and seebecause it was a lot of hyper but i saw it on the internet had a lot of heightgood review so i thought you know what let me give this brushesyou know a go and see if it's gonna basically be what people are sayingso hopefully it's gonna

do his work so i'm going for a very light foundationtoday so i'm just putting my brush to testtoday so far so good i like howit actually feels on the skin i actually do you like it compared to all thebrushes that i've used actually like it it's got this

kind ofsponginess feeling to it right i actually understand where thehype is all about guys you guys you need to try this brushoh my god it feels really really really nice onthe skin this is not marketing guys i actuallybought this with my own pennies you know from bootsso i

can actually tell you guys how good it is if itwasn't good i would tell you guys as well so so far iactually like it i like it i think it's wellmoney well spent basically yeah definitely money well spent so this nude look that i'm going fori'm so excited

really really i am excited to show you guysthe final look oh i love this brush honestly i can'ttell you how beautiful this brush is real techniques they're really dosome good brushes actually to be fair i love their beauty blender so this brush alone had a good review

ohmy god they had like literally like 3 000 review about thisbrush i was like wow so i thought let me just give it atry and honestly i can actually go back andadd my review as well because it does look how it actually diffusethis foundation on my face oh

how amazing itis okay guys so i'm now going to go with myconcealer okay i need to get this makeupdone asap i'm gonna go into my contour hi guys so today i'm decided to usea brush for my um to bake okay so the bake that i'm usingas you guys

can know is my makeup obsessionpure bake biscuit so i'm just gonna dump a little bit in there and i'm just gonnabrush around my eye area basically where i put thecontour or something like today after all isnude makeup so i'm not aiming to go likeheavy on my face want

it as nude as possible lately i've been breaking out a lot idon't know why and i guess i've not been drinking i'venot been having my green tea and not been taking a lot of fluidum so yeah it's really annoying i had a horrible pimple down here literally justcame

to say hello and i had to get rid of them like hiyou got to go now you know so annoying but i got rid of themeventually so but yeah i guess becausewe're at work i have to wear a mask and when you do wear that mask you don'ttend

to drink as often as you could you know you want soit's really costing me to break out so annoyingso guys i'm taking my big brush you know with the fluffy ends i actuallybought this brush from my chinese site and alibaba yeah i bought it from themit says i

love this brush it's so nice so justbrushing it off now brushing the baked and i'm now going to go in with my es1um pure mineral powder just gonna buff that all over my faceand then continue with the you know the eyebrowand you know eyelashes and you hi guys

so now i've put the powder on myface my loose powder i'm now going to do my eyeshadow so i'mgonna put transition powder and shadow onfirst and then um followed by the rest of thelook okay so i'm gonna go with nude colorsokay so the nude colors that i'm going

for are these three colors down here ifyou guys can see it yes okay guys so nowthat i've done with my putting my transition color i'm now going to gowith the second color so the second color is basically thesame for my sephora palette so it's this so i'm just

blending this third colorall over two other colors to give it that shade that kind of likeyou know nude look i'm gonna take a detailed brush and i'mjust gonna blend some of the eyeshadowaround my waterline another nude um look that i'm going fori'm now going to go in with

my lip brush and brush thislip nude lip gloss on so i didn't show you guys what it isit's part of my sephora palette and it's just going with thesetwo colors down here i'm mixing it up giving me just a nice shade i actually like this lip gloss it'sreally

nice i like the lipstick it's just a nice differentand i give you a nice look i like how it reflects on my lips the lips is all done i'm now going togo and finish off the makeup i'm going to put my blusherand highlighter and then lashes and that

will be the end of my nudelook okay so i'm just gonna go with the light blushwhich is around here somewhere just feeling for a bit of a brush okay guys i'm going to put my revolution highlighter okay guys i'm just brushing my faceoff now to make sure everything

is well blended so i'm going to put a mascara so i'musing this um maybelline great lashmascara i'm going to put that before i put mylashes on okay okay guys so now i'm going to finish mylook with my one and only macprep and prime okay okay so i'll spray

that all over and i'mjust going to take my fan to dry that offand then that's the look of my nude hi guys so yes this is my finallook of the nude summer glow so how do you guys like this niceyes definitely so basically i just just wanted to

go for like a nude glamlook after all it's there's nothing else to dobut to make up and sit at home and look goodi feel good so yeah so this is my version of the nudelook nude glam look i hope you guys like itif you do like it you

know what you need to do all you need to do isgive it a thumb up subscribe hit the notification button so you getregular update from me leave a comment like share the video among your friends and what else i don't think there'sanything else i want from you guys

i just want to be friends with you guysand that's it and that's it you so you can watch me anytime you missme you know yeah definitely so go for itand hit that subscribe button until next week bye

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