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Frente a Frente com Phil Heath: Kai Greene | exclusivo

[Music] so what things that were ask your boss yep so cry green yes you have a very interesting password green yes you guys had some battles on us and those are awesome I still remember that press conference one you guys went at it was 1414 yes 14 man how mad were you at that press conference well I was Calgary is a very methodical centric type of person so like when you're going against him you have to understand you're going to get one of the hardest-working bodybuilders that ever lived ever walked this earth so you have to match that in your own way maybe not my poundage but by intensity you cannot fuck up at all and he was more vocal he always had a team with them of social media people he was always doing those videos and what I was just like in the gym just doing my thing and he got a great following from it and he kind of plays up a certain persona email to get people on his side but that's what you do you create a character you know when people fall if all that shit they became a very inspired by his art his physical body of work cannot deny this man that is one of the most dense bodybuilders I've ever seen in my life his muscle is and I loved his work ethic and I love the fact that he and I split people down the middle Yankees and Red Sox there is no hurry you can't know you were makers Celtics that's it like fill your car green in any both and 2014 I knew I just knew I told my I told my family and friends I said I said watch he gonna do something stupid and this is no distich I just knew the time I just knew how I would do it I sent the poster right mr.

Lynch we signed a poster a couple times and I was pretty around that and he started doing on purpose you obviously–you do it one time you do a nutshell purpose to get under your skin yeah so I did that was just like you know like I'm gonna get you you know so then I knew 2013 heard him through 2013 because it was a landslide 2014 you know now with the movie already being out and this and that he's playing off that that height and this knackwurst I'm kind of battling defending myself more because they were looking at him like oh the underprivileged child is mad Phillies got everything handed to him used to give the gifts that's that's helped a lot of me no we were talking about it a lot of people took that from the film right so leave so they created the hate missing that and I was like okay well that was just alright whatever so I knew going in that he could use that to his advantage so he used that fanfare to his advantage that kid give me my and so he enjoys fair I knew they had a plan George Barry kept saying the past the past the past is past and then I just knew I said when you can't beat on what can you do you didn't try to Punk them try to bully him try to be in the mind cuz that's what they had tried yet then he could do to every other person so physically maybe this isn't working just enough to make him hold water to make it not be sure of himself maybe make the judges think that he ain't no good I can make him tack before and people don't want that so that's what he said what he said he went in man he went all I remember you say can we talk about your father oh you're talking about my father passing away knew what he meant later but you know he's like yeah you know you know I'm talking about my dad father you know I'm dedicating their fathers like I have no father I think well he's my stepdad and you were raised by other people too you weren't raised by wolves so right let's just keep that real right now so that in my mind I'm like dude I don't have time to explain myself you know what the fuck I'm trying to say this is not the first time an athlete has ever dedicated something to somebody in their life and you don't knock it off so you tell people fails you can kind of like that do you think Rishi was like a dresser for the first time like it was like you know a cross so equal to I mean you know and I'm kind of look at the judges that you're sitting there I'm like this is so you guys want to come challenge me should be so called a bachelor this is the guy that you want next to me in this match I'm being serious I was like okay you know when you tell what mr.

Olympia this Nance the physique – you know and but you you definitely want to be comfortable knowing that like yeah the physique the best physiques you win not the best personality in this and that the best physique should win but then after he wins then because I won't talk about that so then when he was talking about how does it feel how does it feel I'm three pans or whatever you know that's 60 pounds more bigger back how's the feel feel how's it feel so I knew I was like okay but 10 something dawned on me it's like so your basketball player at heart and you played at a Division one level and you played enough street ball to talk so much you're shit on you they'll be acting like you haven't heard thousand times worse so use that to the advantage so I'm just listening I'm staring right at him how's it feel give me the three reasons and he had a hard time doing it miss Matt so give me the three weeks and I said 2011 20 2013 11 damn drop the mic I think I'm the first person to drop the mic the first athlete that really dropped the mic on someone I did that and slew the rooms like now when the whole crowd was crazy right then and there I knew I had a problem went back to the room I watched the replay I mean everybody in the room watch it with me they're like why I was watching this I said you need to see something what is it I said watch his reaction after I do the 2013 what am I looking at I said tomorrow night be prepared he's going to do something stupid so I struck a nerve the bully got bullied it didn't work so now he's gonna do he has to go up another level so he's got to flip the hair push you got each other's faces on stage yeah what was said cuz nobody could hear what are you talking about what did he tell you it was a rumor actually there was stage there was a rumor circle know you guys decided to do it backstage no no crack rocks like hell not know I tell the truth like that would stage maybe the stage for him maybe someone told him but you'll do they ain't tell me so we gotta show this face what are you I mean he clipped the hair you got in his face he got in your face what happened he said he say he says something you don't know me like that this name I said okay whatever shut up so you say what basically what are you gonna do rim those trucks you think we're gonna scrap so so that was just one of those situation where you like this is getting really out of hand it was a great moment they'll fill I mean I know it wasn't fun when he was up there but I mean for the people watching us those it was up until the point when they separated is right because when broke man came over and separating this you heard the crowd get really like you know I got really loud and then you could tell the fans one of the fight but then it's like when you see two people like getting into it at a bar or like outside the street you'll sit there and watch it until there's until there's like a real thing going on and then you're like breaking up guys come on guys that don't do that don't do that and that's how I felt you guys wanted this more than he and I wanted this the fans they want to screw blood yes it was true until the tool there is actual blood all right because you could see that can see separated this and Steve whatever go ahead that I give them that we go and be like knock it off enough okay and the whole caps are who and then you could sense maybe an energy guy again like sense that the energy went from here to here and they have it they have it probably in that prejudge I think they ended it early just because of that because they're like what we can't put these now we can't compare them because we're like sometimes it's something no it hasn't it might happen and then I prepared for that at all no no that would have went down it wasn't there's nothing I could've done he and I have been finding like that I thought about that was like how stupid would we look to agrees that black dudes rolling around and pose insurance yeah it's really gonna sell tickets to the next year it's really weird one of us have a wardrobe malfunction you know like so yeah that was but that's in the past I I just say this man he's gonna forget what I say this but I'm not kind rain I don't know him but I love him because he made me better and no one else could get me riled up like that but him no one else could make me wanna fight harder than him it took him to make me want to be mr.

Lippe I mean jae-won you know that was different well see the strongest competitor in your face yes tears because it was emotion she wanted it I felt it and I taken away from home every time it was like he made what the dream killer is today he helped that because I had to go to a dark side cause remember after a movie I mean people looked at me like that cold so I was like and he told me he was like man I didn't think he goes I didn't think it was gonna work like that work out like that for you he was it was kind of like he went in for a beam and he said it was kinda like you were the King Waller and Kluber laying all at the same time like you could like could have done the right you were gonna be hated no matter what I remember that a movie camera you and I had actually I was in Denver we're recording DVD commentary and we had a long conversation about this yeah I remember while making the film like obviously I a that was not the intention necessarily yeah we felt like it let's make fail it was like you know we're showing different size of people right mm-hmm when he came up when you told me how you felt I understood we were coming yeah I understood that this was the reaction it was reaction than people because I was at the movie premiere and I'm like yeah and I went to public so on yeah you know what's funny that after the I think was the premiere in New York Holly pulls in his sign he goes you know it's funny I was talking to Michael Jai White and he was like man that's awesome dude guys did great this is dope you guys can have so many more opportunities and you know hopefully do another one with you guys in it you guys are really good I think we're in trouble man you know why he goes because I know what some morons are gonna think and he owe me Matt may be mad at me for saying you know using that word but it's like some Jack I'm gonna say and I said what's that he goes think of a fit think that you had everything handed to you felt that you didn't have to work hard and this Matt and they're just gonna hate you for being good man they'll figure this out the second docudrama man shake it let me over no no no hit me what had really happened I was like yeah he was right these guys can't forget yeah I've got to defend myself because this is also affecting my brand and he's giving his brand up here my mind slowly climbing and B were like why be in the face of this down because do that you got this wrong this is messed up I was like I need another chance I mean we didn't have that so I had to live through that for a long time so like I say when I say look I agree I mean am i sending Hallmark cards and boses chocolates no but I mean I love the guy he is because anyone that could push me that hard it just means that he cares and we both care so anyway that's a fan of his they should probably be a fan of mine too because I cared equally if not more you know so I mean it was a great rivalry I think I think it was the greatest one of all time I think if he and I decided to do a show just he and I we could sell out an arena oh I think if he and I yeah he and I are gonna do a show there is no judges like a pay-per-view event just no justice at all there is no prize we're just not there just people would be like I'm buying this yeah guarantee so I think that's why when I can use that word love because I'm not gonna use the word hate because I don't hate the guy look I you guys had a conversation yeah we had a conversation recently and I you know it was just you know he reached out to me actually he shot me a deal and I was like hell froze over I was like wow this is pretty special so I'm not gonna disobey and just say hey thanks bro I appreciate it thanks I just told my was like dude this is awesome and I really think that we should stay in touch I I would love to communicate with you about a lot of different things that we could both do together because in the back of my mind I always thought that the day would come when there would be a time where he and I both wouldn't be competing and that we should develop some type of relationship because of what we brought the fans and how we could keep people connected to the sport I say give me a number man and he gave me his number I hit him up and then he had called me and left a funny voice mail and I and I believe I saved it so I'll keep that for a while and it's perform yeah cuz I mean it's like I – where he's at in his life and I'm happy for the accomplishment of these men I've told you guys that you know a few times and you know it's all about progression and I think that he's shown that like he was able to break away from the competition stage and still continually grow as a human being and as a bodybuilder and as a you know you know a person that doesn't want to limit himself maybe it had to happen where I say what I say had to happen like in the universe it had to happen to where I lost in he and I could have a dialogue because I could receive it what are you saying he gonna tell me this stuff if I'm still winning you know but throughout a loss he probably felt like I don't know what he felt that I from what I gathered it was like I need to hit him up and let him know who he is because and that's a mess some major props on him then you know so respect love all that good stuff hopefully he and I can grow some type of relationship and honestly grow some type of business relationship too because I think two worlds can collide and create something amazing and I kind of think this sport needs that I don't think anyone can say that that type of synergy could be equaled by any other two bodybuilders in the world right now there's no – other than I could do it you know we got to wrap it up but like I just want to say thank you people that home watching this thank you for watching this this is far too long I can talk to you forever man I mean we got to do this and we will do it again and we got to do it again because there's gonna be a lot of new things not just for me but from what the energy is gonna do the industry has to respond we're talking – I appreciate it now – anytime thank you absolutely [Music].

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