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Chelsea Plans A Surprise Gender Reveal For Cole | The Sneak Peek Show

– What's up, everyone? Welcome to The Sneak Peek Show.

The show that keeps you in the know about everything goingdown on MTV tonight.

I'm your host, Amy Pham, here to ease the pain of Mondaywith a very special gift.

No, don't worry, you didn'tneed to get me anything.

Seriously, it's fine, just open it, open it.

Surprise, it's your firstlook at tonight's Teen Mom 2.

On last week's episode, Chelsea and Cole sharedan exciting update: they're having another baby! Tonight, Chelsea finds out ifshe's having a girl or a boy, and plans to surprise Cole with the news.

– [Cole] Hello? – Hey there.

– [Cole] How'd it go? – Good, they had to take a lot of blood, so they're gonna send it in, and then we get the results back, find out the gender.

– [Cole] Oh my god, that's incredible.

– In a few days.

– [Cole] I love that you can just do that.

– I know, I kinda feel bad though, like it would be fun if I would just wait, and we could find out together, like at an ultrasound, butI literally can't wait.

Alright, well, everything went great, and we will know if everything's good with the baby and thegender probably Monday.

– [Cole ] Oooh, yes.

– [Chelsea] Alright.

– [Cole] I hope you enjoythe rest of your day, honey.

– Yeah, you too, babe.

Are you gonna have ababy brother or sister? (cheerful rock music) – [Chelsea] I got a callfrom the doctor this morning while Cole was at work, andnow I'm surprising the crew.

– Hello, yay! (cheering) (upbeat music swell)(cheering) Congratulations! – They called before Aubree woke up, so I hung, or we got this up, and that's how Aubree found out too.

– Congratulations, big boy! Are you gonna have a sister? – So Cole doesn't know, what the baby is.

I wanna go get some balloons.

– Great.

– So when he comes homefrom work it's like– – Bam.

– [Chelsea] Yeah.

– You know what's weird, boy, girl.

– I know– It's a girl, guys.

– It goes girl, boy, girl.

– If you have one more baby, I'm betting it's gonna be a boy.

– [Chelsea] 'Cause it's like a pattern.

– Boy, girl, boy- – [Chelsea] You're a boy (laughs)? – No (laughs).

– Wow, Cole is in for quite the surprise when he gets home from work.

Balloons, a banner, maybe some cake.

Okay, the last one is an assumption, but considering howall-out Chelsea is going, there's gotta be cake, I just love cake.

Anyways, congrats Chelsea, Cole, Aubree, and Watson.

After Teen Mom 2 is a Teen Mom OG special focused on some of the most memorable, and forgettable, boyfriendsin Teen Mom history.

– [Narrator] In life, there's nothing better than finding your true love, but when it comes to our youngmoms' search for the one, the struggle has been real.

(baby spitting up)- Oh my god.

– [Narrator] From trying to make it work with their baby daddies, to flames that burned out, Amber, Farrah, Maci, and Catehave all had their fair share of relationship issues.

Over the next hour, we'll take a look back at some of the most memorable, and forgettable, ex-boyfriends in Teen Mom history.

Through the good times, – Get the (bleep) out! – Why? – [Narrator] And the bad, we were there for it all.

– You mother (bleep) bitch.

– [Narrator] This is Teen Mom OG: Not So Happily Ever After.

(sniffling) – I'm so (bleep) annoyedthat I can't like do it.

– Oh wow, that looks crazy! My interest is officially piqued.

But while I'd like towatch the entire thing right this second, I, likeyou, will have to wait until 10 / 9 central tonight.

Good news though: Iknow something we can do to pass the time: it'scalled Cover Session, and it's a new seriesfeaturing up-and-coming artists covering your fave songs.

Like this one from Mack Keane singing Solange's, “Cranes in the Sky.

” (soft keyboard)- ♪ I tried to keep ♪ ♪ myself busy ♪ ♪ I ran around in circles, think I made myself dizzy ♪ ♪ I slept it away ♪ ♪ I sexed it away ♪ ♪ And I read it away, yeah yeah yeah ♪ (soft keyboard) ♪ Away, away ♪ ♪ Away, away ♪ ♪ Away ♪ – There are a bunch ofother covers from Mack and other artists, soif you watch them all a few times on repeat, it'll be time for Teen Mom 2 and TeenMom OG before you know it.

That's it for today, but before I go, be sure to leave your thoughtsabout all things Teen Mom in the comments, bye!.

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