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CHELSEA LEGENDS-INTER FOREVER Alternative Commentary | MAD MARKS with Colonnese and Zanetti!

It's starting, here we go.

– What a sight, look at that!- Look at their faces! Wow.



Look at Francesco [Toldo], he's already laughing! What a stadium too.



Yeah Francesco must've known he was going to concede a goal! No, he was planning on scoring, not conceding! – Kick off!- Three minutes and they've not touched the ball.

We're moving the ball about a bit here, playing it about nicely.

– Look at them, they're terrified of us!- Oh definitely.

Karagounis makes a mess of it.



And here we go with the first of the match ratings! Toldo gets a 4 for that mistake.

Karagounis deserves some of the blame too.



– Karagounis gets a 4 as well.

Look at Vialli acting the fool there! Look at how he's celebrating! Yeah but look at Francesco trying to save that shot though.



He was standing on a very slippery patch of grass, clearly.

There goes Crespo.



you can see he's got a problem with his leg.

At least he keeps running though.

Now it's Kharja breaking forward, gets it to Zanetti who goes for the shot.



oh dear oh dear.

Chivu brings it down, crosses it in.



no dice.

– Who's that?- Youri.

Oh wow! That's a really good goal.

Despite the problem he had with his neck too! A great goal by a world champion.

He silences the home crowd! Just like the goal he scored in the World Cup Final.

– Bang!- Poor Cudicini, he doesn't move.

Go on Francesco rushing out! He closed him down well there.

Ousmane what a hit! We should give some more ratings.

Let's finish the high-life first, then we can rate everyone.

The what now? You mean the highlights?! Wow what a great save there.

It's a real scramble in the box.

Now look at this, I'm going to say this before it even happens: that really is a Champions League tier save right there.

Worthy of one of the top three keepers in Europe.

He's redeemed himself in my eyes.

The cross comes in.



and Suazo scores! They were looking for a non-existent offside call, but he's one-on-one with the keeper, game over.

First half over, second half begins.

Vialli's tucking into a banana, the tension must be getting to him.

Great save there Seb! Reflexes like a cat! Frey the cat! This cross left Bergomi rooted to the spot, he was probably missing his glasses.

This is a nice goal.

He just blasts it.

It's a lovely strike from Karagounis, and the score's 3-1.

The game's in the bag Which means we might be able to see Nicola Berti come on soon.

Let's see what happens here, cross comes in.



Frey is there to stop the header.

Sorry Shevchenko, but you're not going to score tonight.

Jog on Sheva, no chance mate.

He came on, thought he was going to score three or four goals, not likely.

Here Karagounis puts Jürgen through, whose touch gives it back to Karagounis.



Another nice goal, well done! Maybe Jürgen could have shot it himself, Karagounis takes it on though, maybe selfishly.

– I think he decides he'll let Karagounis go for it instead!- 'You go, you go!' I think he'd have made it.

Ok, ratings time! There's Vialli.

– Vialli gets a 5.

– Why? Because he's shown he can't coach.

He can commentate, but he's no manager.

He didn't have control of the squad, Chelsea weren't playing the way he wanted them to.

On the other bench, Riccardo Ferri.


he gets an 8! He fit in well with the atmosphere of Inter Forever, bringing positivity.

He took input on his formation from Materazzi, Bergomi, and Cambiasso.

He rightly ignored Toldo, who had some dodgy tactics in mind.

– Before the game he said: “Lads, I have a doubt.


“- No, no he was talking about team spirit.

Ah yes, he said that we needed to understand that playing for Inter Forever was a commitment.

We needed to honour the shirt, win or lose.

There were 30, 000 people watching yesterday.

He nearly made a mistake, he was about to leave you out.

He wanted to take me out, but in the end we won, the team wanted me out there! He took one look at Bergomi's glasses.



Yeah after the warm-up he changed his mind.

There was a great physio who helped fix me up, which helped the whole team out by extension.

What was the reason for the knee problem?- Ah the knee.



Did they say there were going to be penalties after, and you bricked it? Let's get back to the ratings.

Francesco Toldo: 6.

After five minutes of play he completely buried his own team, destroying Inter Forever.

He slipped on a shot coming in from outside the parking lot.

He's on a 4 at that point.

Then after 15 minutes he made the sort of save you'd see out of Europe's very best.

That would put him at an 8.

So eight plus four is 12.



– Your maths is a bit off.

– .



Divided by two is six, so Toldo gets a 6! Giuseppe Bergomi: before the game he warmed up with glasses on.

He must have thought he was going swimming.

After a few team-mates like Baresi and Ferri suggest he take them off for the football, he comes on for the last 25 minutes and shows that he's still the same player he was when he played in the World Cup in '82, putting in a great performance: 6.


Javier Zanetti: playing ahead of the defence, on the instructions of Francesco Colonnese.



What are you talking about?! I mean as suggested to the manager who wanted to put him on the right, but we said 'let's put him in the middle, with Cambiasso', with whom he forms an unpassable wall ahead of the defence.

Zanetti: 7.


Youri Djorkaeff: he's not the player we thought he was.

He misled all of us, including myself, who thought he could bring something extra to the team.

His calf injury forces him out of the game, probably winning it for us.

For the sake of the glittering career he had though, I'm giving him a 6.

– But it's not about careers!- I couldn't give Youri Djorkaeff less than a 6.

But look mate, if it were based on career you'd get a 4! – For my career?! The only man from Lucania to make history for Inter?! Alessandro Bianchi is next: he does very well.

Puts a foot in on Essien to stop a counter.

Essien got annoyed about it but nothing comes easy against Inter Forever.

Bianchi, a lion in the middle: 6.


Nicola Berti: here we go.

With five minutes left of the match, the coach tells him to warm up.

Nicola takes three minutes to get up, goes to warm up, and looks like he's about to keel over and break his back, before he even gets on the pitch! The fans loved him.

He gets a 6: balance and simplicity.

For his post-match performance he gets a 10 though.

He showed how unique the character of the Inter Forever team is.

Next is Crespo: well.



He was another one with Djorkaeff that we thought could add something extra.

Instead, he gets caught up in Stamford Bridge's applause for him, and so, in respect for Chelsea, he lets the emotion get to him a little.

After 10 minutes he felt a niggle in his calf and came off, leaving his team in a hole.

Luckily Suazo dug us out.

Crespo gets a 5.

Jürgen Klinsmann: this lad showed a lot of composure after being left out of the team by the coach, despite his prestigious career.

When he came on he worked hard and stayed humble: 6.


He's not over the jetlag yet.

Sebastian Frey: The cat.

He came on and made a great save: 7.

Showing he deserves the starting spot! Next up is Houssine Kharja: this guy's still in good shape.

Put out on the right, despite having played in the middle of the park during his career, he had a very good game: 7.

Olivier Dacourt: absent.

Giuseppe Baresi: he came on and played a clean, collected game.



Esteban Cambiasso: along with other team-mates, before the game he took part in a tactical session, during which he helped to convince the coach to adopt the ideal tactics.

The coach, an expert.



– And clever too.

– Yes, clever too, listened to the players, and from the sideline he conducted their movements on the pitch to perfection.

Cambiasso: 7.

Karagounis: after a very low-slow start, in which he gave the ball away to the opposition, from which they scored.



– Low-slow? It's live, sometimes a slip-up happens! He gave the ball away in a terrible position, and is clearly to blame for the goal.

After that though he shows what a top quality player he is.

He's all over the pitch, beating defenders left and right.

The best player out there today.

He gets an 8! Marco Materazzi: firstly, it should be said that Marco was a hero today.

He played through a badly stiff neck, and brought Inter Forever level: 7.


It was over 8 this morning.

– No, you can't get an 8, Karagounis gets one because he got a double.

Mikaël Silvestre: we look forward to having him with us in Norwich, we hope he's in good shape.

Walter Samuel: as always, he played a calm game.

He understood the nature of the match, and so didn't play too aggressively, as he used to in the golden years of the treble.



Christian Chivu: a nice clean performance in the first half – cool and collected.

– He had a smoke at the half.

– That he did.

In the second he moved to the centre of the back-line and stopped all comers.

7 for Chivu.

Ousmane Dabo: 7.

Comes on and has an exceptional game.

He hit a thunderous strike which nearly bent Cudicini's hands backwards.

David Suazo: the Black Panther! He came on without a warm-up and bagged a goal right away.

He deserves the starting spot up front, and with Crespo out it looks likely.

Massimo Paganin: an expert hand, he looked like a professor of football out there.

Playing on the left or right, without any dificulty.

Rating: Nearly 7.

– Nearly?- Yeah close.

Francesco Colonnese: 7! He hadn't played on the right for 47 years, i.


never, but in the face of his coach's skepticism, with the team's support backing him up, he showed he was alert and well-prepared.

He gritted his teeth and played through a knee injury.

Finally, a rating for the Inter Forever organisation: Veronica Oldani, Rudi Ferrari, and all the communications staff and president Toldo – perfect job! Thanks to everyone for watching, see you in Norwich! Ciao.


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