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Best Of Teen Mom 2: Chelsea’s Most Memorable Moments | MTV

– I'm Chelsea.

And my life is allabout having fun.

(laughing) I live in Vermillion, South Dakota, and I'm really closewith both of my parents.

But since they gotdivorced a few years ago, I mostly live with my dad, 'cause I'm a total Daddy's girl.

Can we make this? – Squash.

– I've been wanting it all day.

My dad really gets me.

(engine roaring) Except when it comesto my boyfriend, Adam.

(bell chiming) Adam, like, changedhis FaceBook status, and it was like, I wishChelsea wasn't such a whore, and didn't want all myfriends, and just wanted me.

– Well then Isuppose we don't need to talk to him anymore, do we? Ever.

– [Chelsea] With me andAdam, there's always drama.

He usually has a problemwith whatever I do and whoever I do it with.

Are you going Jack's? – [Adam] I have no idea.

– Well I'll probably go.

If that's okay.

– I don't know about that one.

– [Chelsea] No matter howmuch drama we may have, he's in my life for goodnow, because I'm pregnant.

(bell chiming) ♪ Wake up ♪ ♪ And dance with me ♪ – [Chelsea] Even though Aubreewas born five weeks early, and the doctors werereally worried at first, it seems like she'sgonna be okay.

(gentle guitar music) – She is quite jaundiced, which is something that is, all preterm babiesare at risk for.

– [Chelsea] Yeah, so thislight makes the jaundice– – Correct.

– [Chelsea] The levels go down.

– It does.

– [Chelsea] But havinga preemie means having to deal with allkinds of problems.

– I know you wanted to nurse.

– [Chelsea] Mm-hmm.

– But she just doesn'thave the strength to do that right now.

– Yeah.

What about her temperature? Is that a big concern? – Yeah, when babies arepremature like this, they have a hardertime regulating theirown temperature.

– [Chelsea] Yeah.

– It might make her starthaving respiratory problems.

– Does it hurt? – No, it feels cool.

(Chelsea laughing) – [Mary] Yeah, there ya go.

– Okay, I don't wanna getlike, your hair in the milk.

(gentle guitar music) (upbeat pop music) All right, I'm pullingit out for you, baby.

What do you wanna wish? – [Woman] That you stayaway from her daddy.

– [Chelsea] What? – That you don't getback together with Adam.

(Aubree cooing) – Yay! (crowd cheering and clapping) (upbeat pop music) – Dad, thank you for the party.

– Oh, you're welcome.

– [Chelsea] Love you.

– Love you.

– You like it? I thought I would besad today about Adam, but not having any dramamade it a great day.

(fireworks screamingand popping) Let go.

It was really hardseeing Adam last night at the car show, but I'mputting him out of my mind, so I can enjoy my day offfrom work with Aubree.

I think this is my GED results.

(paper ripping) Mommy's nervous right now.



– Oh.

– Oh.

Below is your GED scoresfor the test that you took.

Your individual test(Aubree babbling) must have a score of atleast 450 to be passing.

(Aubree babbling) I got a 560.

(gasping) Yay! Say yay.


(gentle guitar music) Yay.

Say yay, Mommy's happy.

(Aubree giggling) Can you pound it? – Oh.

– Pound it.

– No.

– Pound it.

(upbeat pop music) – How we doing? (children talking indistinctly) Beginning combo dancers, are we ready to dance today? Today we're gonna do alittle ballet at the barre.

Miss Raena's gonnakeep teaching, and you keep dancing.

Two thumbs up? First we're gonnastart stretches.

And over and, faster, ready? Here we go.

– She's paying suchgood attention.

Oh, oh, no, don't.

– [Raena] Our rule ofballet barre is what? Don't hang fromthe ballet barre.

(upbeat pop music) – I love it.

♪ We can go, go, go toa place on the water ♪ (Chelsea giggling) ♪ Go, go, go to aplace in the sun ♪ ♪ You could be Kelly, I could be Fred ♪ ♪ We're underwater ♪ – You did such a good job.

I need a hug.

I'm so proud of you.

(child screaming) Today I'm completing my 600thhour at aesthetician school.

So my friends andfamily are coming to my graduation announcement.

(upbeat pop music) – Here you go.

– Haha.

Okay, take it, one.


(metal rattling) Why do I have so much stuff? High five.

(upbeat pop music) (people talking indistinctly) I gotta take a picture of this.

– [Woman] It's so cute.

– My dad got it.

– Oh my gosh, cute.

– It's so pretty.

– I want it.

– [Aubree] I wanna go outside.

– Aubree, come clock outwith me, then you're gonna– – [Randy] Then we're outside.

– Aubree, and then you'regonna come up there with me.

(gasps) Okay, so first we'regonna go clock out, okay? (people talking indistinctly) Okay? 12:14.

Oh my God, why am I emotional? – [Megan] I am.

I'm very emotional.

– [Chelsea] Don'ttouch anything.

– You have to like, smile at me too, okay? – [Chelsea] No.

– [Megan] Yes, you do.

(machine clicking and beeping) (gasps)- I did it.

Megan, you klepto.

– [Megan] This is your card.

– [Chelsea] Allright, we're goin' up.

– We're goin' up.

– Here you go.

(upbeat pop music) (people talking indistinctly) You want me to hold you? Stand there and lookout at all the people.

(bell chiming) – Attention, clients, students, and staff.

I am elated to announcethat Chelsea Houska has completed her 600 hours, here at Stewart School.

(crowd cheering and clapping) Any place that you go isgonna be so lucky to have you.

And congratulations, we'regonna miss you and Aubree.

(crowd cheering and clapping) Woohoo.

(hands clapping) And I'll hug you.

– [Chelsea] Thank you so much.

It was so fun.

The biggest change is thatI met a new guy named Cole.

We've been datingfor a few months now, and he's reallygreat with Aubree.

– Hello.

– [Cole] Hello.

Ready? (grunts) – [Aubree] I jumped to Cole.

(Chelsea laughing) – [Cole] Run, run, run.

– [Aubree] Whoa.

– [Cole] Boom.

It's a masterpiece.

– [Chelsea] Thankyou for helping her.

♪ It beat, beats just for you ♪ – Who's your boyfriend? – [Aubree] Aah.

– What?- What? I'm your boyfriend? (girls laughing) – [Chelsea] What? – I got two girlfriends.

– We win.

– Just say, you'll takeCole for Christmas, right? (Aubree laughing) – [Chelsea] He's mine.

– [Aubree] Mine.

– Mine.

– Whoa.

– [Aubree] He'smine for Christmas.

– Oh.

– Break it up, guys.

(Chelsea laughing) – Should I put a bow on? – Yes.

(Aubree laughing) – I'm gonna do that.

(laughing) – [Chelsea] Aubree'sat my mom's.

And Cole and I are onour way to pick up Pete.

– [Cole] Pig time.

– It's a pig day.

(both laughing) We're getting a pig together.

– Yes, we are.

– [Chelsea] I've waitedmy whole life for this.

– Ha.

– For this exact moment.

– This moment of getting a pig.

– With a lover, and a friend.

– A pig lover.

We're the pig lovers.

– We are.

Everyone thinks we're weird.

I think everyone else is weird.

– We're normal.

So where do they, do theyput 'em under the planes? – I don't know, Cole.

– With the bags? – I've never been under there.

– 'Cause that's not okay.

– No, no, no, no.

That's def not okay.

– I want Pete to have hisown seat in first class.

– Yeah, he probably does.

We have a child now.

Don't make me be asingle mom again.

(laughing) – I won't.

– Hey, I've wantedthis for so long.

I waited until Iwas with someone that said I could do it.

So it's your fault.

– This is all your fault.

– Your fault.

It is.

Is this real life? – [Cole] Hi, buddy.

(Chelsea gasping) (pig grunting) – [Chelsea] He's scared.

– [Man] Boy or girl? – [Chelsea] A boy.

– [Man] What's his name? – [Chelsea] Pete.

– [Cole] Hi bud.

– (beep) cute.

(Chelsea laughing) Where do I sign? Oh, here.

Thank you.

– [Woman] You're welcome.

– Will you carrythis over there? – [Cole] Yep, willyou carry this? – Yes.

He's so cute.

Aubree's graduation is tonight, and I'm still notsure if Adam's coming.

Who's the princess of the house? (Aubree shouting) – I thought it was me.

– Yeah.

– No.

– What? – You are not a girl.

– Oh, that's right.

– [Chelsea] Oh, we forgot.

– [Cole] Woo.

– Who's gonna gettheir hair curled? She looks at you like, don't say anything.

– [Aubree] Not you, not you.

– Not me.

I'm not raisin' my hand.

– [Chelsea] 'Kay.

– You are.

– Do you like her dress? – I love it.

– I'm happy that you're coming.

– I know, me too.

– [Chelsea] Who's allgonna be there tonight? Do you know? – Papa, Mama, Cole.

(Chelsea giggling) – Who else? – Paislee, my dad, if he remembered.

(solemn music) – Yeah, hurry up, 'causewe gotta curl your hair.

'Kay, hold still.

You're my baby.

Now you're gonna go toreal school, after summer.

(sighing) I can't believe it.

Why are you growing sofast, all of a sudden? (Aubree giggling) I don't like it.

– [Aubree] You're being silly.

– [Chelsea] All right, she's comin' out.

– La, la, la.

– Oooh.

– Oooh.

– [Chelsea] Look at you.

– You look so pretty.

– [Chelsea] What time is it? – [Cole] It's 5:23.

(upbeat pop music) – Graduation.

Like, now it's real school.

After this.

– Yep.

– Then it's gonna behigh school, pretty much.

– Preschool to high school.

– Every time she makesa milestone like that, I'm proud of myself, you know? – [Girl] You did good.

– It's an accomplishment.

– Yeah.

– I'm like, she hasmade it to five.

Oh my God, that's crazy.


Yesterday, Cole said hehad a surprise for me.

He took me out to one of hisfavorite spots in the woods, and it was something Itotally didn't expect.

♪ It's a new day ♪ ♪ It's a new day ♪ ♪ Come on, morning glory ♪ ♪ Can you feel it dawn? ♪ ♪ A new day ♪ ♪ Don't let it get away ♪ ♪ It's everything you make it ♪ ♪ Yours now if you take it ♪ – Hi, oh my gosh.

I'm so excited.

– Hello.

– I'm so happy.

Let me see.

Oh my gosh, that's beautiful.

– Did I do good? – [Mary] Congratulations.

You did so good.

– Cole made it.

Cole made the ring.

– What? He did?- I made it.

– [Mary] So are you excited? – [Aubree] Yeah.

– They're gonna get married.

– Eww.

– [Chelsea] Eww, she says.

– [Mary] And you'regonna be in a wedding.

– Yeah.

– Oh my gosh, it isso, it's just striking.

It's so pretty.

– I seriously like, wannawalk around just like.

– I know.

Oh my gosh.

So did you have any idea? – He was acting weird.

– Sneaky.

– He was acting so weird.

– She says I was acting weird.

I probably was.

– I told you youwere acting weird.

– Well can you telldetails, like what you did? – Well he took me tolike, this spot he likes, out, like, in the woods.

And he had me come outthere, and there was a whole buncha treesthat had pictures of us.

Like, us three, and us, like.

So there was a whole bunchaphotos, like nailed up on there.

Then he got on his knee, and I seriously, like, covered my eyes.

And I was like, holy (beep).

Is this really happening? – [Mary] Uh-huh.

– And then, yeah.

– And she was there, right? – Yeah.

– Uh-huh.

– Okay.

– And then he even asked her.

He was like, is it okayif I marry your mommy? – [Mary] Oh.

That is really nice.

– I was very emotional.

– Oh, I bet.

– You're like, it's okay.

(Chelsea and Cole giggling) Well, you were emotional, too.

– It's okay, I was.

– What are you thinkin', like a big wedding? – No.

Something, like a cabin setting.

Or like, I don't know.

But we're just enjoying first.

– Yeah, just kind ofenjoying being engaged, and– – Relaxin'.

Bein' engaged.

– [Mary] Do yousay, like, fiancee? – No, we tried to butthat sounds so weird.

– We do.

– Maybe we just haveto say it a few times.

– Yeah.

It's just so wonderful.

And I just knew thiswas how it would be.

Remember I said, some dayyou're gonna find somebody.

Especially with all the stuffyou've been through, you know? – [Chelsea] Yeah.

– Tada.

– For your little princess.

Oh, look at that.

– [Chelsea] What'd you write? Marry me? Oh.

– Oh.

– [Mary] You drew it out.

– [Chelsea] Oh my God.

So what are these here? – The trees and the grass.

– Oh my God.

– And the grass.

And that's Mommy, andthat's Cole right there.

– Yeah, you do.

– That is so sweet, Aubree.

Aubree's father daughterdance is tonight, and even though I textedAdam about it a few days ago, I still haven't heard from him.

(gentle guitar music) What'd your teacher sayabout this dance, anything? – [Aubree] Nope.

– What'd you ask them? – If I could bringCole and my daddy.

– What'd they say? – That you could.

– That's good.

So, if your dad doesn'tcall or anything, you're okay goingwith just Cole? – Mm-hmm.

– [Chelsea] Or doyou not wanna go? – I wanna go.

– Okay, I didn't know.

Are you guys gonna dance? – Mm-hmm.

'Cause you know it's calledthe father daughter dance.

– You're a turd.

I'm gonna go.

– You can't.

– [Chelsea] Yes, I can.

– No you cannot.

– I can wear a mustache.

And boy clothes.

– No.

– Why? No one would know.

(belching) See? I can do that.

(Aubree laughing) If your dad does call, do you wanna go with Cole and your dad, or just your dad? – Cole and my dad.

– You're a nice girlie.

That's nice of youto include him, babe.

You know that? – [Aubree] Mm-hmm.

– Why is it important toinclude him, you think? – 'Cause he's my other daddy.

– [Chelsea] You're sweet.

Oh my God, she looks so cute.

Are you coming out? – [Cole] Yep.

– [Chelsea] He stillhasn't texted, so.

– Where's my dancin' partner? – Can I get apicture of you guys? (Cole groaning) Smile.

(Aubree giggling)(camera shutter clicking) – You guys are so cute.

– [Cole] Hey, thank you.

– [Chelsea] All right, let's go in the kitchen.

It's about time, Aubree you gotta go.

– [Cole] Let's go.

– [Chelsea] You'regonna be late now.

– [Cole] We gotta go.

(Aubree squealing) Don't get your dress dirty.

– All right, have fun.

– Bye.

We're gonna have a lot of fun.

– I know you will.

Thank you.

– Of course.

– This is a big deal.

(kissing) – I know.

I wouldn't miss it.

– [Aubree] We're gonna be late.

– Of course.

– What is that? – What's that say? – Aubree.

– You wanna open it? Gimme a kiss first.

(kissing) Can you read this? – No.

– Try.

– Mommy is.

– Having.

– A.

(gentle guitar music) – Baby.

– Baby.

You are going tobe a big sister.

– What's going on? What do you think's going on? What? Do you know what's going on? Mommy has a baby in her tummy.

What do you think? Are you happy? – Yeah.

– You are? I love you.

Are you surprised? – [Aubree] Yes.

– You're gonna be a big sister.

What do you think? (Aubree giggling) (Chelsea giggling) I love you.

– I love you.

– Hey, and I want you to knowthat we're always gonna play with you, no matter what.

You know that? – Yeah.

– Wanna know whenit's supposed to come? – [Aubree] Yeah.

– Valentine's Day.

– And that's kind of close.

So this will be the bestValentine's Day ever.

– Yes.

I'm so glad you're happy.

I'm getting a sonogram tomorrow, but I got this machine that lets you hearthe baby's heartbeat.

– [Girl] Try tofind the heartbeat.

– This is realdoctor (beep) now.

(groaning) Ready? – [Girl] Ready.

– [Chelsea] Ready for the jelly.

(machine buzzing) – Sounds like awinter storm in there.

Is anybody home? – Let me try.

(gasping)(heartbeat thumping) – Oh my God.

– Put it by me.

(heartbeat thumping) Oh my God.

(Chelsea laughing) Oh my God.

I love it.

I'm gonna be looking every day.

– I can't takethis, I need to go.

– Oh, I feel like I can breathe.

I thought something was wrong.

I'm so happy right now.

(Chelsea squealing) Thank you, baby.

– [Woman] Do you wanna telleveryone what the pic said? – What is it? – What? – The baby.

– He's got a weiner.

– Yay.

(all laughing and clapping) – [Woman] He's got a we– How excited are you? – I'm very excited.

– Ahh, look.

– Oh my God.

– [Cole] Here's the uh– – [Chelsea] Weenie.

– [Cole] Weenie.

– [Woman] Oh, there it is.

– The 3D ones are insane.

This one's so good.

Look at its littlehands and face.

– Look at the nose.

Oh my God, congratulations.

You're havin' a boy.

(laughing) Yay.

– I'm ready, I'm excited.

If this is it, let's go.

– [Chelsea] Cole, it'slike the same as last time.

– I just wish youwouldn't beat around it.

Just saying.

I'm comin'.

(door squeaking) – You're funny.

Like I should just let you know.

– Tell me.

Tell me.

Are you coming today? – [Chelsea] Lastnight, my water broke.

Cole and I went to the hospital, and an hour later, Watson Cole was born.

♪ You ♪ ♪ You are my hope and joy ♪ ♪ You are my reason why ♪ ♪ Every day's a new day ♪ ♪ Every step I'm closer ♪ (fireworks poppingand screaming) (upbeat music) – [Aubree] Oh, that sun.

– [Chelsea] I like it.

(door bell ringing) – Look at all the butterflies.

– [Chelsea] Oh my gosh, cute.

– Look at that small one.


I kinda don't want any toland on me, but I kinda do.

– Just try to be calmif they do, okay? You should walk ahead of me.

– No, you.


How many butterflies doyou think are in here? – So many.

– One almost landed on you.

I don't want that to land on me.

That one looks creepy.

No landing.

Oh my gosh, eww.

Fly, eww.

(Chelsea laughing) – [Chelsea] You're okay.

– [Aubree] I'm scared.

I just wanna go to theaquarium right now.

– Okay, we'll walk out, okay? – Come on.

Oh, look at this tiny fish.

Look at that tiny, tiny fish.

– [Chelsea] Aww.

Oh my God.

– [Aubree] Come in.

– [Chelsea] You got it.

– Look at the guythat has the nose.

There's a guy that has a nose.

– [Chelsea] That one's weird.

– Look, look, look.

See that guy? Look how prettyit is on the head.

– I love that color.




– Is it hot? – [Chelsea] Very.

Was that fun? – [Aubree] Yeah.

– [Chelsea] You didn'tlike the butterflies.

– We had to have, we had twobutterflies in the classroom.

Remember? – Oh yeah, did youguys let them go? – Yeah.

– Didn't you bringin a caterpillar? – They turned outto be tiger moths.

– No way.

– Mm-hmm.

– Did we find that caterpillar, or did you find thatat Grandma Donna's? – I found it at Grandma Donna's.

– [Chelsea] Do youstill like going over to Grandma Donna'severy other weekend? – [Aubree] Yeah.

– [Chelsea] Do yousee your daddy? – Yeah.

Stasia's really fun.

– That's good.

Well, is he fun, too? – Yeah.

– [Chelsea] You told mehe slept the whole time.

– Mostly.

– You shoulda woke him up.

– He won't let me.

– That's annoying.

Well at least Stasia'sthere for you to play with.

– Yeah.

– You like Stasia, don't you? – [Aubree] Yeah.

– That's good.

– But why can't, if Stasia'sthere, with my daddy, why can't Stasia just be there? And not Grandma Donna.

– I know, honey, I knowit's confusing for you.

But that's just the rulesthat the person made, and so that's just howwe have to follow them.

You know? – Yeah.

– Maybe someday that'll change.

Right? – Yeah.

(gentle guitar music) – Hi.

– [Woman] Okay.

– [Chelsea] I'm so excited.

(upbeat pop music) ♪ I want that life ♪ (Watson fussing) – Oh, you want your mommy.

– [Chelsea] I knowwe're having fun.

– [Woman] Aubree, you look so pretty.

– [Woman] Oh, Aubree.

– You look gorgeous.

Do you feel good? – [Aubree] Yeah.

– I'm like, very emotional.

Or something.


(women squealing) Good? Everything on? – You look so pretty.

You look beautiful.

I love you.

– [Chelsea] Someone needs toget the baby in the car seat.

Ready, Aubs? (peaceful music) – [DJ] Ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together.

With the beat here, here we go.

Clap your hands.

(clapping and cheering) Please rise and help mewelcome your guests of honor, Chelsea and Cole DeBoer.

♪ Make your heart beat faster ♪ ♪ We'll ride the storm through ♪ ♪ Wait until it passes ♪ ♪ We'll take it all ♪ ♪ Go as far as we can run ♪ ♪ Even forever we canalways be so young ♪ (camera shutter clicking) – [Chelsea] Cole and Ihave some exciting news, and we couldn't wait forthe cameras to share it.

Look closely.

What does that mean? – You're pregnant.


♪ Tell me what you believe ♪ ♪ In the placewhere we could go ♪ ♪ We can never be free ♪ – You guys are having a baby.

– [Chelsea] Oh yeah.

– [Cole] We sure are.

– It's so early.

It's the size of an apple seed.

– [Mandi] Aubree, you'regonna be a big sister again? – Yeah.

– [Cole] Are you excited? – Mmm.

– You were excitedwhen I told you.

I told you right away, didn't I? – You were really excited.

– We're gonna havetwo under two.

We were obviously trying, and I took a test every day, and they were always no.

And I wanted to know likethe second I could find out.

– We took quite a few.

– I did it every day.

– [Aubree] We? – Multiple times a day.

It was two weeks ago? It was a no in themorning, and then later, after I ran errands, I took another one, and it had like, the lightest, lightest, lightest line.

– [Cole] I knewit the whole time.

– [Mandi] What are wehoping for this time, a boy or a girl? – Girl.

– I think it's a girl, andCole thinks it's a boy.

Are you ready foranother little baby? – [Aubree] Yeah.

– 'Kay, are you gonna changethe poopy diapers this time? – Eww.

– [Cole] Yeah.

– No.

– [Chelsea] Now thatyou've seen it enough.

– [Aubree] No.

– We have taught you, we've taught you well.

– It is your time.

(Aubree giggling) – I pass these duties to you.

– Oh my God, I'm scared.

(dramatic music) I woke up in the middle ofthe night with contractions.

So we're headingto the hospital.

Aubree's with my mom, andCole's parents are meeting us there to take Watson.

– [Cole] It's your birthday.

– [Chelsea] I know.

– [Cole] Oh my God, I got two girlies with the same birthday.

– Did you do this onpurpose so I could have her on my birthday? – What? – Give me this baby.

– Yeah.

(Chelsea laughing) – You did this.

You planned this.

– This is.

– This is my birthday gift.

– This is your gift.

That's a good gift.

– Except for being in labor.

Does this mean she'sgonna be just like me? – Gonna be just asamazing as you are.

– When I went to bed last night, I didn't think itwas gonna happen.

(groaning) I'm having another one.

That's only three minutes.

– That one was only three.

(dramatic music) There's my mom.

– [Chelsea] Where? – [Cole] Up there.

(peaceful music) Hey mom.

– Oh my God, I'm so emotional.

(peaceful music) – [Cole] Are you ready? – Uh-huh.

– You all right? ♪ It's your sweet magic ♪ ♪ Inside your bones ♪ ♪ When I get lost, dear ♪ ♪ I'm not alone ♪ ♪ You feel like home ♪ ♪ You feel like home ♪ ♪ When the world gets cold ♪ ♪ You're my home ♪ (camera shutter clicking) ♪ You feel like home ♪ – [Woman] Hi Aubree.

You ready to be a designer? – Yeah.

– [Woman] Come on in.

– Hi babies.

This is, they tookall of our Pinterest, and like, we dida Q and A thing.

Look at this bag.

– I love that.

– [Aubree] That looks so cool.

– [Mary] Then I like the– – [Chelsea] Yup.

– [Mary] The charmthat goes on that.

– [Chelsea] Yeah, see? – [Mary] Okay.

It's exciting.

– So, we thought it would be fun if we designed somelittle tee shirts that could be like, bigsister, big brother, or something that youthink other girls your age would like too.

Okay? So we're gonna show you some, and you're gonna help us out, see what you like, okay? So this one, what does it say? – Big sis.

– [Kelly] Whatdoes this one say? – [Aubree] Little sis.

– [Kelly] So, could yousee Layne wearing that? – Yeah.

– And you wearing that? Okay, and then do youwanna help us pick some for like maybe, Watson? – Oh my gosh.

– [Kelly] Got some littlecute ones like this.

– Oh.

(Aubree laughing) – [Kelly] Wild child.

– Mama's boys.

– Mama's boy.

Love you so much, 'cause Ithink that's something else that your family says.

And then like, we justbrought a few shirts for you to kinda see like, anything that youthink feels good.

If you guys just wannalike, go through these, and see, like, makea pile, of like, throw the ones you don't like.

What you do like.

– I know.

Cole likes American flags.

– [Kelly] Yeah.

– [Cole] You know, I triedto not put that on my board.

– [Kelly] Why? – Well.

– [Aubree] No one knows.

– It would've been a lotta flag.

Not gonna lie.

– This is cute, little.

– [Kelly] Yeah, that'sa little tween one.

– Yeah, I love that.

Feel like you have a lottashirts like that, Aubree.

– [Kelly] Would you wearone like this, Aubree? – Yeah.

– All right, awesome.

Thanks guys.

Well, it's been sofun designing for you, and thank you for beinga part of it, Aubree.

You're a really big helper.

Ready? One, two, three.

– [All Together]Chelsea and Cole.

– Yay.

– [Kelly] That's a wrap.


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