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Angela Williams shares THE VOICE MOVEMENT in an interview with Karla-Heath Sands on WALB10

our guest today is Angela Williams I just found out that she lives in Atlanta and she sat in traffic for how long nine hours on 285 so I know ones that was stranded 20 minutes from home and had to find a hotel and sleep on the lobby floor let me just say we're glad you're here safe and sound thank you and just talking with you I found out also your from Savannah Georgia I'm from Brunswick so we've got that connection and then your husband is from turner community so you are here for a very very busy weekend let me tell you a little bit about Angela she's the founder and CEO of voice today she's a trained facilitator of child sexual abuse prevention programs she's an author and motivator and you're traveling you know talking about that voice yes and let me just say welcome to Albany thank you and thank you for having me I'm excited to be here I'm excited to talk about the voice movement and really launched this movement in Georgia we can be a models about protecting the innocence of our children one in four girls and one in six boys are sexually abused before their 18th birthday I'm sure a lot of your viewers don't really realize that only one in ten will ever tell and ninety-three percent of the time it is someone that that child knows loves and trusts and that is so traumatizing for the child the median age of abuse is 9 years old so we're pneus is a big part to really let our viewers know that every child is at risk to be sexually abused and what are we going to do as adults to protect our children you speak personally about this I do speak personally I was sexually abused for 14 years by my stepfather no one in my life helped me I cried out as many children do behaviorally I did not have the words to express what was always happening to me so not a teacher not a neighbor not a family member no one came to my rescue so I am extremely passionate about getting this issue out of the closet about really educating people to be proactive how do we predict and prevent child sexual abuse and helping survivors heal we have 42 million survivors in the u.


today how did you heal through my faith God really intervened in my life that I was on a pattern of very self-destructive behaviors which a lot of survivors are very much caught up in a lot of self-loathing self-hatred disrespect for yourself I had addiction problems on eating disorders and really just laid it down on my faith in Jesus Christ is what helped me heal now the I have to ask them this happened when you were younger before the age you said of what it started at three and like a lot of violence against children it's it's physical abuse emotional abuse verbal abuse and then the sexual abuse I don't really have a memory without the trauma of abuse being in it so five years ago five almost six years ago you started the voice today movement what was there something that happened that just sort of spurred you to say you know I need to make sure that the victims have voices well like so many of us I think we run from our calling thinking it's too hard thinking please pick somebody else I don't know if I can do this another okay very unhappy so really ran for a long time from the calling and then I wrote my book from sorrows to sapphires and kind of thinking that that would be my peace and my contribution just really cutting myself open and revealing the pain that I suffered for you exactly huh and useful to let people know who don't have a clue about child sexual abuse how the child suffers and then to speak to other survivors to let them know they're not alone so when I finished the book I kind of proudly just said here you go god I did what you asked me to do and he said oh no this is just the beginning okay and I feel like in this country we are had the most resources and why can't we be a pilot why can't we come up with solutions on how to protect our children we've got I know three events that we're going to talk about we need to take a break but when we come back we've got several book signings you're going to be in the pulpit yes so we're going to talk about that stay with us i'll talk more with angela williams after the break you Jeff Jeff for today in the kitchen is all about the super healthy breakfast sandwich from had some sliced onions I'm gonna add a little bit of fresh minced garlic I got collard greens and kale smoked turkey sausage right here I'm add just a little bit of salt a little bit of cracked pepper but we're gonna let this cook down here we go you're gonna break that yolk they get my toast ready here a little bit of spicy Dijon mustard let me see if I can do like I did when I was in a restaurant Gary this guy collard green mix is ready to go I'm a latest baby on it just like that now we have the white cheddar cheese here we go a healthy breakfast sandwich enjoy it right here in the kitchen with Chef Jeff still joined by Angela Williams who's the founder and CEO of voice today as she's a trainer a facilitator for child sexual abuse prevention programs in town for book signings you'll be speaking about your experience and before we talk about those book signings you mentioned last segment that no one heard your voice when did somebody start listening to what you were saying tragically my sexual abuse ended with suicide attempt at age 17 and I was still not believed I was given a trash bag in about 15 minutes to pack my belongings so I was on my own at 17 and like so many survivors there met with denial they're not believed and I really didn't get my voice until probably my late 30s early 40s when I really realized this was not my fault I did not have the power as a child to protect myself a part of what you're doing is educating you've got material here as a part of voice today for adults and for children quickly if you'll explain what these are yes we teach adults on how to predict and prevent child sexual abuse so they can go to voice today org these are self study programs these could be group study programs I encourage your viewers to invite us to come to your community organization your youth group your faith center and we would be happy to facilitate and teach these programs it's really about teaching adults how to predict and prevent child sexual abuse we also have healing and restoration programs for survivors we do retreats workshops support groups and then we have finder voice which is our children's program which really teaches children how to have a powerful bet voice powerful personal boundaries and just no power so they know what's appropriate what's not appropriate I'll have all these books at Walla books book signing tomorrow we've got to if it will know you've got Saturday Sunday and Monday so let's start tomorrow at walls of books while the books in tifton I'll be there from one to four be happy to talk to you be happy to share if you're a survivor I've asked you to please come out and really join the voice movement because you know the pain and we need you in the movement are you going to be reading from your book yes I will be reading all right and then on sunday morning at eleven o'clock i'll be at Morningside Baptist Church that's in ashburn Georgia that's at 228 east monroe and we'll be excited to share my story share more about the voice movement and really would love to have just a healing service so we can begin to stand together for the innocence of our children and help those survivors not only in our lives but that will be there with me to be able to begin that path of healing and then on Monday we will be also having a program at 7pm with the women's mission Union and we invite everyone in the community to come out and join us now this is sunday night at seven your kick off your national kick off for this is january our national kick off i will be going to LA in two weeks and we'll be traveling around the country not doing just this we have got to get this issue out of the closet and into the public arena and and I'm asking people to stand with me join me and I am a champion for this cause and as long as I have legs to to run I will be running this race as long as you have a voice and as long as I have a voice oh I have voice you've been on CNN in session TV MP raf AFR and other local and national media programs and now here at wal be thank you so much for being with us let me give that address again the web address is ww voice today or tomorrow walls of books in Tifton and then on Sunday at Morningside Baptist Church and there is a personal connection there I understand the pastor the pastor me Mary there you know any nine years ago pastor larry dean married my husband and I ok and just am so blessed to be in his church and just to be sharing and real excited so he flee or use come out and join us I think we be blessed a pleasure to meet you well coming up later on walb we have seen a string of fatal fires lately in south Georgia how you can prevent yourself from becoming a victim in the meantime for the latest news and weather log on to wal be calm you can also check us out on Facebook and Twitter.

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