Tháng Một 21, 2021


Hi guys and girls, welcome back toanother episode here with a little sq5.

My name is André and i want to showyou a little trick and and a little block I had in my head.

So what is thetask today? I want to mix front of house.

This is what we gonna do as usual and wehave me as the impatient guitar player who has stereo InEers but wants anothercompressor on the guitar, he wants another eq on the kick drum.

So me I want another let's see panning for all vocals and I want a differentlow cut for let's say the snare.

This is how I roll.

so how you gonna do this with with one board and not having an extra board forthe monitor duties.



This is what I'm gonna show you right now.

Okay where tostart? The trick is quite simple actually.

So, as we have 48 inputs on our SQ series mixers, we can do the following.




In my case I have 16 inputs for the bandand this is my top layer.

And as you can see it's vocals, vocals, vocals, bass, guitars, tracks, kick, snare, so the drumset in the end.

So, what I gonna do now isI'll take the inputs in this case it's the i/o port because I'm at home and notusing my stage box right now and I have them.



I let them be the input to another channel, for example for inputchannel 33.

And this is the layer I am on right now.

As you can see I'm going from that input page, so this is my 1 to16 and those are the corresponding inputs from the i/o port or in the livesituation the stage box, and if I go to another layer these are now the inputs.



not the inputs, the channels 33 to 48 and as you can see, I've assigned to them thesame input channels.

So, that means I can have a completely different set ofeq´s, compressors and so on.

How do you do that? Well it´s simple enough.

You get.



you take your channel and you just say, well, you are not 33 anymore you arenumber one in this case.

And you can have that for all the different inputs.

Youcould have one to 16 for the mains you could have 17 to 20 24 for the firstguy in the band and you can have 10 the 25 to 32 for the next guy in the bandand 33 to 48 for a third guy.

So you could have three different stereo InEarmixes plus the main mix and they all can have different eq's and different stuffgoing on as you can see.

I'm here back on my main layer.

Those are the eq´s for front of house and if we go to InEars you can see differenteq´s.

Even have another input stage.

This is the tube stage right here and Idon't want to have that for my inears.

So remember, take the inputs that aregoing to your normal inputs and just copy them to another channel on theboard.

This is quite easy.

And now the thing, where I had a block in my head andthanks to Keith and to Steven from the communityAllen&Heath community side.

I had no effects at all going to my inear bus.

And what I did wrong: Ihad my inputs down.

Ao and maybe you asking: if your inputs are down it'sof course you hear nothing.

The thing that is important right now to haveeverything going correctly is the assignment:And this is what we're goingto talk about now.

So my normal inputs go to the left right pass as they should goand my second layer for my inears do not go to the left right bus.

They are notassigned to the left right bus.

They are assigned to my mix number one so and ifyou see this is my this is what my India looks like and this is what my Manelooks like and if I have this layer and they have a look at my India's none ofthose channels and none of those accuse so go to my India my any is onlyreceiving from my copied layer with different EQ and different processingand so on the problem I had I was not getting any whole gated reverb delay andso on in my India's and problem was I had forgot about pre and post faderstuff so remember thanks against Keith and Stefan and those faders need to beup in order to send something to the effects engines because effects our postfaders you don't want effects to be earth if you pull down your fadersthat's why effects are always post fader so means that means if you want to havesome effects on your vocals you have to raise those faders so on every channelyou want to have some effects and it's no problem as I said before because theyare not assigned to the left right bass so they are not messing up yourmain PA mix they're only sending stuff to the effects bus so this is importantthis is where I had my block in my head take your inputs copy those inputchannels to other inputs to other channels on the board EQ themdifferently do not assign them to left/right assign them to you your mixbuss and unassign oh no sorry and if you want to have effects don't forget toraise your faders even if nothing nothing is so going to left/right theyare now signal to the mix bus and yes this is how I do it if you've got somesome remarks some comments some questions you have about the SQ seriesmix up don't hesitate give me a thumbs up and like and comment and all the goodthings and maybe I have some money to get a real camera someday something thatfocuses if I want you so enjoy the night and sleep very well.

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