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Air Mattress in WHITE WATER RAPIDS!! with Heath Hussar and Sonreal

it's gone forever this is this is our new life together oh I feel like castaway right now it's cleaning day the office is officially finished after all this build-up it's actually done so we got to figure out what we're doing with all this space station 1.

5 we've got that stuff like a giant ice cream machines a million skateboards drift carts shopping carts full of random stuff all the random stuff that we used to use for Space Station stuff I'll go case there's got a lot of stuff and we got to figure out what to do with this so how about we give it to you I did everybody if you see something cool keep it we're gonna do a giant giveaway then for all the cool stuff sound good hi you could have something from Space Station 1.

5 we just got to find it clean it and then mail it to you um we'll do a giveaway at the end of the vlog like something in the comments wish us luck we don't know if we should hey guys we're gonna give away some my gear VR Thunder run open for you Sue's arena a huge pile of stuff that we're just gonna send to people who comment thanks for watching the videos giant symbol skateboards I don't want to shit these so comment if you live in Utah we'll take some people in Utah to come pick these up rammer all the way through like 500 of these the chickens good [Music] we're dumping the giant ice cream machine this thing weighs a million pounds we have this vision of just like ice cream machines all over 2.

0 way too much success so starting to look a little better all this stuff right here that's for you guys we got lots of cool stuff we definitely have some hoverboards to give away you taught people you get hoverboards because we're not shipping those trap those of Utah comments oh that was the first Willet that should be in the museum [Music] we have so many cool toys no those are legend I think we maybe give away some electric long boards I'll shit those we have boxes of shit those anywhere in the US you get electric longboard from out of the country you don't get electric long boards but you can get stuff from 1.

5 just not a lot giveaway giveaway cheap giveaway giveaway all the rest that's a giveaway pile yes I like that wow it looks good we have officially moved from the dark ages of 2.

0 to the bright ages of 2.

0 all the desks are set up I didn't put any of that on this vlog because we're gonna do like a full office is done walkthrough soon and I'm excited for you guys to see that and with the new office comes a really rad update we're gonna have visitors again remember how we'd always have cool people visiting a Space Station like Casey came Tanner is used to come we need to get Peter McKinnon out here there's so many people that I want to invite to the Space Station but we were just like in a weird transition I don't want to might someone to like a warehouse so now we're gonna start having visitors starting today I'm going to their report right now to pick up two buddies if you ever those people where you just barely meet them and instantly your best friend just like yeah this the word we're vibing this is cool that's how these guys arms I don't even know how we beat we just became friends it just happened and now they're gonna be here for the next couple days and it's gonna be so much fun I have a big surprise for right as I pick them up I'm just taking them straight there surprise time so uh keep watching gonna be a good best day ever also visitors who should we have come with a Space Station I know there's already tons of comments of people wanting free stuff from 1.

5 keep those comments coming we're gonna choose a bunch of you but also leave comments of visitors people you think should come visit the Space Station I want to start getting people out here the new space stations are at all right to the airport let's try that again do that report that's the shot I was looking for okay all right to the airport 200 that actually looks legit we got a taco you want to take this in a taco oh my gosh that's safety first right there it's coming from how hard my heart's beating right now this I wanted to shake this apparatus we can find oh you are baby or this nah dude if you want safety we're going to blow up air mattress I got a I owe you guys a little bit of an explanation here the guests are here picked him up from the airport guest number one come on we've been friends for a casual two years yeah talked about come to the Space Station couple times finally pulled the trigger on it he's one of those idiots from the david dobrik squad vlog squad I recently just got a moustache so it feels weird seeing my cameras I look like some old guy just come home like that this is gonna be like five days of excitement day number one we're going straight to the river yes and Alex got obsessed with this music about like eight months ago SunRail right here hi guys how's it going on something to have the best music ever and music videos I'm gonna link about the end very very creative music videos so SunRail Heath I love you we need you like that blink 182 in the car when we moved to the new house I found my CDs and I've been rocking all the old music from high school in my car lately alright you're in luck they're on sale 25% off oh yeah look how cuddly they look they look like this guy and I think SEP 4 do you want the happy couple version or the happy couple in the mountains version alright so I'll go the camping version just to mix it up I'm pretty sure it's the same you're gonna better you Sharon though we're not sure you guys go in queen-size oh yeah that's recording oh yeah putting them to work log film by Sunday let me know if I'm doing a good job here boys kids I am daddy AAF right now these the kids are right in front of me we are BRB BRB hey yeah well you've recruited an Albert to come down the river with us he didn't have a swimsuit but solution whoa and you could play my up and get a discount bro you just have to beat me in rock-paper-scissors my are you walking right now they're waiting run let's run she says there's duck swimsuit all there's ducks I like this oh my bap tell my bro you already have it this is a good responsible kid you already have that downloaded you got to go scan my face bro I got it that way that duck swimsuit will be waiting for you all my name's hey just so you know everyone's waiting in the car no rush hey so guys these are in every single Tilly's you get that you scan that thing right there like this young man's doing and then I pop up that's amazing hey wait yo what's up what's up what's up we're going floating down a river today it's gonna be amazing and now you're in the best day ever what are you going look you just waiting for me I don't know you have paper or paper you're right are you kid I always go scissors first you know that I should have known price go scan it damn that see you often you still get a discount I still I'm just a nice guy I just fell out of the backpack girl choose my right hands choose it I hopped you dot you know what go grab a swimsuit show you that and that's how it's done and there's nice people like this that will help you if you have any questions see showing other people out of the scam all right Alex grab your swimsuit let's go bring it back to the car now because everyone's waiting for us good stuff I told you that's why you gotta Tilly to get your stop to the river to the river so this is what it's supposed to look like you know a bow lifejackets rafts we're about to do this on an air match hey yo have you ever floated a river I've never follow I did when I was like 12 but it was a boat as fast as the mellow the white water all that ha that's just slow adventure I haven't had to wear this in a long time brought Eric back for another yeah we found a rattlesnake here last year we roll up to the end here and we find a rattlesnake eating a fish alive I have the on film a snake eating a cat this is really cool to see that's really ridiculous uh who's in the water yeah so yeah put those water skis the hot cheese yo low key look what happen laughs right look at this Good Samaritan donating his laces for the good of a GoPro and this guy just won the GoPro game my new chamber number one I give up my old chain man Shawn blessed me with the new Pew and five beds and five friends that's what this looks like cut to GoPro footage now is go time I think I'm one felt down the felt seems a little bit stronger yeah oh boy I don't want to go down there I want to go that way hey yo everyone stick together Oh real talk I'm about to give a real talk right now main things you want to watch out for you see a big rock like a boulder you don't want to get sucked under it stay above rocks for the way from one have you seen people jump out of airplanes in the formation so you're just going on the rock how do we get that next oh no dude that was raw my knees got wrecked [Music] I want my draft Judas gone forever no alex is not coming back what Oh this is our new life together oh my god I feel like castaway right now we just lost a little Alex kick off Alex please you know her right we need communication here if you get stuck in the middle of that good night sketch we need to go the other way no oh gosh exactly what we said George please be careful right now line up these longer this is amazing how just like carefree are you right now huh I'm not even worried about the drive it's right in front of us oh my gosh so he leaves guys enough to get a brag I keep thinking it's gonna be so much oh no this is bad now I'm struggling this is not great okay all good Wow can can I get some claps in the chat here claps in the shop Wow let's just have a GoPro conversation real quick – I got bucked off my hat cuz the string behind my head Sean you serious in your face dude that was an actual face in here he's like dude no really need help why would I look do you realize like I actually need help I was just like holding on I felt like one of those like Disney movies where they're on the cliff and like scars about to throw them off and they're just like oh that's like how I felt with my raft help me get away from the pole III go according the world knows you're not helping all right oh we got blink oh that link just let me serve I don't know how I feel about oh my god remember what this looks like but I feel like we're prepared for it I never lost you go fucker I like it the bling fly hats gone go Foley good thing you gave me a couple of them cuz it's gone everything Skelly under twelve twelve out of ten that's the twelve I'm gonna knock a couple points off for me getting point is we survived yeah alright uh first five hours and you toss successful we still got like I don't know like 92 more hours and be good best day ever stuff got a lot of hours still this just looks delicious this one is C's homestyle look at that smile this guy's about to get a shake look at that file that's they ever Oh baby yo hold up you're gonna try this Friday song this has no idea what fry sauce these guys – up so much what's goin in you go kind of like Thousand Island have you explained for ice sauce if you're not from Utah get in there I don't know like SunRail versus fry sauce it's like Thousand Island dressing verbatim it's gonna lose zing to it I don't know if I like really high boys Cheers oh my god now.

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