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10 simple tricks to make your house LOOK CLEAN | OrgaNatic

If you want your house to look clean, thisvideo is for you.

Hello friends, welcome to my channel OrgaNatic.

It’s impossible to imagine a cozy home withouttidiness and order, but it takes a lot of time and effort to maintain it.

Well, I have good news for you! In today’s video, I’m going to share withyou 10 useful tips that will make your home seem a lot cleaner with much less effort.

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And let’s get started! It’s not a secret that light colors givea sense of volume and purity.

That’s why a light interior visually lookscleaner.

Dust is easily spotted on the dark floorsand furniture.

So, if you don’t dust daily the room isgoing to look rather unkempt.

It’s the absolute opposite with light floorsand furniture.

Even if you don’t clean the floor for awhole week it still looks fresh and clean.

If you’re not a fan of white walls and furniture, that’s not a problem.

The interior doesn’t necessarily have tobe white.

You can use other shades of a light palette, such as milk (white), mint or even lavender If you want to visually clear the space themost effective way is to get rid of all the things you don’t need.

Don’t overcrowd the interior with unnecessaryitems.

If you don’t want to throw anything away, just simply hide it.

By the way, excessive decor usually createsthe feeling of clutter.

If you want to decorate a room, hang a pictureon the wall instead of hanging shelves with all kinds of stuff on them that will onlymake it harder to keep the place clean.

A sink is normally the first thing that yousee when you walk into the bathroom.

It doesn’t take much time or effort to simplywipe it clean.

A shiny sink does the trick in making theentire bathroom look well kept.

Scattered clothes on a chair will ruin theeffect of cleanliness and order even if you scrub the entire room.

Of course, you can get accustomed to instantlyputting things away, or you can use another little trick.

Instead of leaving a pile of clothes, foldit before putting it on a chair.

That way the room will look much neater.

The same thing applies to shoes in the hallway.

Shoes scattered all over the floor of a hallwaywill ruin the whole picture no matter how clean the hallway is.

A simple shoe cabinet will do the trick.

Just put the shoes in it and the place willclean up within seconds.

But if you don’t have a cabinet like that, it works to just line up the shoes.

Probably the most obvious way to keep yourbedroom in order is by making the bed.

Just cover it with a quilt first thing inthe morning (or within 30 minutes after waking up, as some sources suggest) and it will instantlymake the bedroom look nice.

It only takes a minute or two yet makes abig impact and sets a good mood to start your day.

Currently, there are many different organizersthat make it easy to maintain order.

Thanks to them, we have a better idea wherethings belong and put them away to their assigned places as a habit.

But if we’re specifically talking abouthow to make your house seem cleaner, let’s compare two cases.

In the first case, the remote controls arescattered around the shelf.

In the second case, the remote controls arekept in a special organizer.

Right away, you can see the difference.

Another cool trick is when there are a bunchof small things laying around the surface, throw them all in a box with a lid.

Perhaps, this doesn’t quite help to organizethings, but it certainly makes your house seem cleaner.

A little thing like arranging books by colorcan play a huge role in the harmony of the room.

If you sort the books alphabetically it maylook chaotic, especially if you have a big library at home.

Arranging books by color, on the other hand, brings up aesthetics and gives the room a sense of order.

A dirty sink is not the most pleasant thingin a house.

It’s even worse if there’s a pile of dirtydishes inside.

Therefore, it’s best to clean them rightaway, or just put it in a dishwasher.

If you don’t have one, don’t wait anddo the dishes by hand right after a meal.

It has to be done sooner or later anyway.

And if you get a habit of doing it right away, your kitchen will always look clean.

It’s amazing how even a small tray can handlea mess.

Instead of keeping your things directly ona surface, place them on a tray.

And look at that! It already looks much more organized.

You can even categorize frequently used itemsby trays.

Where do all these checks, receipts, bills, and other types of paper laying around the house come from? It’s safe to say that most of us don’tfeel like dealing with them when we first get them.

Find a place for them to keep them off thesurface.

There are a lot of options for that.

The easiest one is to keep the papers in adrawer, that is fully dedicated to that purpose.

But, on one condition, sort those papers outas soon as you have the time.

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