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The Best Pizza In Naples | Best Of The Best

Welcome to Naples.

Harry Kersh: Hey guys, it's Harry.

Claudia Romeo: And this is Claudia.

And today we're in Naples, Italy, in the birthplace of pizza to find out which onehas the best one in town.

Harry: So, there are over3, 000 pizzerias here in Naples, and pizza is a huge part of the culture.

We've used TripAdvisor, YouTube, social media to narrow it down to a top four.

Claudia: We also spoke to a local expert that has eaten hundredsof pizzas in his life.

And he's gonna give us his take on what a real Neapolitan pizza is.

Antonio Fucito: So, pizza from Neapolitan is a kind of ritual.

We cannot wait to eat the next pizza.

And we just dream aboutthat thought all the time.

A typical, classic margherita is made with tomato sauce, fior dilatte cheese, some basil, and you can add also some pecorino, if you like a more rich flavor.

Harry: Now, it's really warm.

It's really early, but I'mexcited to eat some pizza.

Should we go? Claudia: Yeah, let's go.

Our first stop is at Gino e Toto Sorbillo, which is located in Naples'historic city center.

Antonio: Sorbillo, maybe, isthe most social pizza place in Italy and in theworld because the owner, Gino Sorbillo, is very wellknown around the globe.

He likes to experiment using some biological flour and try to push more in terms of ingredients in terms of atmospherein the center of Napoli.

Claudia: We joined GinoSorbillo in his kitchen to show us how he makes his version of the perfect margherita pizza.

Harry: This is a Sorbillo pizza.

What's it look like to you, Claudia? Claudia: Well, it looks incredible.

I mean, just like, lookat all the colors in here.

I love the fact thatthe mozzarella is, like, sprinkled all over, and sort of, like, mixedin with the tomato sauce.

Do you know about the trick that you have to fold the tip? Harry: Interesting, OK.

Claudia: I've never actuallybelieved in it, but, this makes it look like.



oh, look at the juices coming out.

That's it.

Harry: Cheers!Claudia: Cheers! Just, like, biting into that basil leaf, it's so refreshing.

I love how it's, like, all one flavor.

They all mix in together.

Like, so heavenly.

Harry: Yeah, they really do.

I got a lot of the tomato, that's, like, that kind of acidity, sweetness from the tomatois really, really good.

Claudia: The pizza itselfis, like, building up, like, from the actual crust to the tip.

So you find the crust, it's, like, thicker, and then, of course, there's this juice.

But it's still, like, very soft on the inside, crunchy on the outside, andthen when you reach the tip it's just, like, all theflavors coming together and clicking at the same time.

And you just reach that, like, perfection.

Harry: Next, we headto Starita, a pizzeria which is run by four generationsof the Starita family, who famously made pizzafor Pope John Paul II in the year 2000.

Antonio: Starita isanother historic place.

It offers many, manydifferent kind of pizza.

Even the shapes, they have a horn pizza, horn fried pizza, it's very nice to try.

And the owner, Don Antonio, is a master of marinara.

Harry: It seems like there'smaybe a bit more cheese than we had at Sorbillo.

It's, or at least it's kinda like, it pulls a bit more.

The crust looks incredible.

The crust is a bit more, like, pronounced on this pizza.

Claudia: I think this onelooks a bit more uniform, like, all colors areblend perfectly together.

The tomato sauce looks brighter, just, like, looks slightly more red.


That tomato sauce is really kicking in.

Harry: Mm-hmm, that hits you.

So, as we mentioned at the start, like, this dough has gotsuch a nice color to it.

It's got that kinda, like, leopard-spotting going on, which, again, just like, all of that is flavor 'cause that's just comingstraight from the oven, straight from the wood goingstraight onto the pizza.

So, maybe a little bitmore, like, chewy and dense than the one we had before.

Claudia: The pizzatoppings themselves, like, they're quite richer, I think.

Apart from the tomato, like, the mozzarella is just, like, more in volume, so I think you need, like, a stronger base to hold it, and then also, did younotice with this one we didn't flip, we didn't flip the tip? There was no need for it.

I mean, there was still alot of juice coming out, slight bit of oil, few drops, so I quite like that, so I appreciate that.

We now head out of the city center to visit Pizzaria La Notizia.

Antonio: La Notizia isfar from the center, but it's a nice place because the owner, Enzo Coccia, is a kindof a bible of pizza.

He knows everything about the pizza, and he has a kind of pizza that tends to have morehigh-quality ingredients, so the price is higher than other places, but it's worth it.

Welcome to Naples.

Harry: This one, the crustlooks a lot more, like, evenly browned than previous ones, where in the past it's been kinda, like, pale in some spots and thenquite charred on the other.

This is more like an even golden brown, which is interesting.

So, one thing they do here, similarly to what theywere doing at Starita is they actually add somepecorino onto the pizza, which to the sort of the purists might be a little bit controversial, but I'm interested tosee if it kinda, like, adds another layer tothe classic margherita.

Claudia: Yeah, I have my doubts because I'm not a big fan ofgrated cheese and pizza, especially because there'salready mozzarella in there, which is, like, the cheese, for me.

So, well, let's see.

You don't judge a book byits cover, let's try it.

Yeah, you get quite a lotof the pecorino, actually.

Harry: I quite like it.

Do you like it? Claudia: Yeah, it's not too bad, like, I had it with, like, a lot of my, the basil leaf on my slice, and they blended together quite well, like, the basil and the pecorino.

Harry: Yeah, I was gonna sayit's a lot more, like, sharp compared to just mozzarella, which can just kinda blendinto the sauce and other stuff, so you actually get, like, a cheesier taste with it.

Claudia: Yeah, first biteis definitely cheesy.

What do you think of the crust? Harry: I think it's good.

It's got more chew to it than, say, Sorbillo did, but I quite like it, it's chewy, and, again, it's useful 'causeit just holds things better if it's got a bit more, like, strength to it.

Claudia: It's quite interestingbecause, I don't know, if you notice, like this one has, like, it's quite similar in termsof, like, the way it looks to Sorbillo's, but thenits texture is quite, like, it's just another game.

Like, it's much more uniform and, like, it has a stronger bite, which is definitely slightly harder I would say.

Harry: Next, we head to our final stop.

Antica Pizzeria Da Michele.

It's known for its huge pizzas, and it shot to fame when it was featured in “Eat Pray Love, “starring Julia Roberts.

Antonio: La Michele, of course, is very famous for themovie “Eat Pray Love, ” but also for its style.

It's called in Italian “a ruota di carro.

” It's like wagon wheels.

It means nothing in English, but it means that the, it's so big, it's biggerthan the plate behind pizza.

Harry: This might bethe best-looking pizza that we've had today.

I think in terms of, like, they've really got the kind of leopard-spotting on the crust just really perfect.

It's a lovely golden-brown color, then you've got a lot ofthese charred spots going on.

The distribution of thecheese looks quite good, and you've got the basil as well.

It just all looks very picture-perfect.

Claudia: Yeah, that's true, and I also like the fact that you can see, like, the tomato sauce sort of, like, fading into the crust in here and getting, like, sort of orangey.

Yeah, I agree.

Like, you know, if you want an Insta shot, this is your pizza.

Are you channeling yourinner Julia Roberts? How much of a relationshipare you having with this pizza right now? Harry: I'm, like, in acommitted relationship with this pizza.

We're thinking aboutbuying a house together.

Claudia: Yeah, yeah, I like this a lot.

Harry: I was also, I wasinterested to hear that they don't use olive oil here, they use soy oil instead.

You get the kind oftexture that we're used to, but I think, I mean, I can definitelytaste a bit more of kinda the mozzarella, I think, and the tomato as well, so Ithink it's a pretty good idea.

Claudia: Yeah, definitely, there was no oil at all inthe bite that I just gave, it was really just, like, all the juices from the mozzarella and the tomato.

Really couldn't taste the oil.

Harry: Yeah, I think the crust definitely isn't quite as doughy aswe had it at La Natizia.

I've had to bring the flipback to kinda make sure that it doesn't fall apart on me too much, but it's good.

It really is, it's less about the crust, more about the toppings and, like, the freshness of the tomato.

Claudia: Now it's time for us to decide which pizza is the best of the best.

So, here we are, we're standing in front of Mount Vesuvius, which is Naples' iconic volcano, and it is time to pick our winner.

Harry: We've eaten someamazing pizzas today, and picking a winner isgonna be really tough, but I'm fairly confident in my decision, so I think we should see what we picked.

One, two, three.

Ah, OK.

Claudia: Oh, yeah, I see whyyou're going for that one.

Harry: OK, we've got a split.

So, let's see if one of us can convince the other to come around.

So, why did you like Starita so much? Claudia: Well, the reasonwhy I like Starita was, like, because Don Antonio was, like, really, really bringing the vibe, like, up to the next level.

Like, it was such a nicecharacter, and he's, like, among our top four and is, like, really making, like, a (chef's kiss), out-of-this-world product.

And I also, yeah, I also liked the fact that heput olive oil on top of it, which is something thatDa Michele doesn't have.

Harry: So, you make some very good points.

I went for Da Michele because it just kind of hadeverything that you would expect from a traditional Neapolitan pizza joint.

The vibe in there was great as well, it was very traditional, youhad the kind of tiled floors and tiled walls.

It still looked thesame as it did back when Julia Roberts had arelationship with her pizza back in “Eat Pray Love, ” so I think, kind of, if you're a tourist who's coming to Naples andlooking for a Neapolitan pizza, I think that would give you maybe the best, like, touristy experience.

Claudia: Wouldn't you say that, like, maybe Da Michele was what Starita is now about, like, 20 years ago? You know, when, like, theowners were still, like, actually there making the pizza, you know, you were getting in and you were welcomed by, like, the old guy that was, like, verypassionate about their work and then they were showingyou around, you know.

To me, that is, like, really, really important, to have not only the product, but also, like, the personthat makes it, that likes, really really strongly loves it, and is still kind of, like, there looking after tradition.

Harry: I think I'm gonnahave to agree with you.

I think if you want areally authentic experience, Starita's the place to go, just because Don Antonioloved what he did so much.

It really did show, and the pizza had olive oil, which apparently is adeal breaker for Claudia.

Claudia: Yeah, no olive oil, no party.


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