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Spinal Decompression: Simple Easy DIY (3 Ways)

Bob and Brad the two most famous physical therapist on the Internet [Music] hi folks I'm Bob Shrum physical therapist Brad hanok physical theraphy the most famous physical therapist on internet in our opinion of course Bob they were gonna show you three ways you can do spinal decompression it's

simple it's easy and do it yourself there you go I'm even an idiot could do it Wow dude our Channel please take a second to subscribe to us we provide videos on stay healthy fit pain-free and we upload everyday also you don't want to join us on our

social media channels even on our website Bob and Brad calm because we're always giving away something Brad always and today and today we're giving away the sleep of a shin mattress while there's no cool a mattress guys you've been taking commercial lessons yeah apparently I have but if

you go to giveaways I'm Bob and Brad otherwise if you go to a Bob and Brad on Facebook it's always pinned at the top of the page there you go all right Brad so what we're trying to do here is we're trying to lengthen the spine now one

this is gonna help with your posture but two let's see let's bring that spine up here Brad so we got a spine right here and this is where your head would be and this is your pelvis it's actually facing this way right yeah but if you look okay

we're gonna list go a little bit closer here Oh Rad's gonna grab his pen if you look a little closer here between each of the vertebrae there's a hole there and Beach and out of the hole that's where the spinal nerve roots come right so they're called framin

and you can see every level has on you got these up and down your whole spine so if we decompress or pull them apart it allows them more room right that's a pinched and and conversely if you're kind of had poor posture he start getting arthritis or you

have a herniated disc that can put pressure on the nerve so we're the hole gets smaller right this way see with a little decompression a little lengthening of the spine we can actually give a little gap in there and you might stretch the capsule here you're right it'll

actually maybe leave it stay that way right I mean you're gonna feel better after you stretch all right this is the type of thing when you do it it should feel good and when you're done it should continue to feel good it's pretty I mean we're pulling pretty

hard here you're not your spine doesn't probably I'll get that pull ahead fix your part this is you know happens in a small level we're just trying to demonstrate so anyway we're gonna show you three different ways let's start off with the first one the first one you

actually can grab like the top of a door now or you can grab the top of a cabinet and this happens to be just about the right height for me I can grab here hole and I just let down let it go down and you let the pressure

and I'll make sure it's something sturdy yeah if you get the cabinet's falling on top you have right you want to maybe give a little pressure first to make sure it's not gonna suddenly give way if you have a pull-up bar you can also just kind of lead

them right I'm not gonna hang my all my body weight on here sure I'm starting here I'm just going down until I feel that stretch and right now it feels really good and I still got a fair amount of weight my feet are stable and I got a

nice stretch going there you want to show Brad how you do it with a door to belt sure and again this needs to be probably a commercial door yeah you could definitely pull one of those hollow core doors right off you're right you just need something solid to

put a belt around obviously would not do it on a cab especially our crooked door cabin right but over the top of a sturdy strong door you would go like this you're gonna take it over here that wrap you know if you had my bolt into a stud

or something on the joist you could do it that way and I'm not gonna hang I'm just gonna hold here and use those for some hand holds with the belt and I'm just gonna yep down even couldn't even kind of push his butt back a little bit here

alright no prison jokes here okay but he's lengthening his spine here and he's putting a little bit of arch in his back and and that all will help put that spine in the right position and give it a little bit of stretch and use all different angles like

here I can feel it stretches at a different angle and actually feels better for me here than when I'm underneath it so you have to experiment with that yeah you may wanna look around the house to is there somewhere you can grab on to a Ledge you know

that I'll let you do that stretch I'll show you one where you don't need any of that you can just do it on the floor this is invented by Brian Mulligan one of his exercises so you can kneel down on your knees and you're gonna actually put your

knees wider than your shoulders because you want to be able to sit back a little bit so I'm gonna put my hands out here and I'm gonna go ahead and lower my butt down and push it back while I'm holding my hands here is my back fairly straight

bread or not well you've got it a little arch here if it's fairly straight yeah I mean are you trying to arch this perfect right there's no arch left there yeah so you can feel a stretch yep I can feel the stretch all the way through just a

real simple one to do that analogy of the cloth you're wearing is stretched out and it's the same thing with your muscles and your spine at all stretches just like he's sure to stretch you and again all these should feel good we're not this is not no pain

no gain this way this is ones that should be no pain that's good right so it should feel better like you get that decompression that feels good and we've showed this one many times but this is always one of our favorites too and this is a one two

where you need to have a good solid chairs or to perform this and it's not like you got to hold yourself up completely all you got to do is get your arms straight they're gonna be straight like this I'm gonna hook straight ahead lock the elbows and I'm

just gonna lean forward like this and get up onto my toes and this you know I'm not putting my full weight on my arms but a lot yeah and this is just a little stretch what's nice about this one is you can do it throughout the day you

can do it or you can do it every hour if you want just to give yourself some leave yeah so the thing about this one is you have to learn how to relax your muscles yeah let everything fall yeah go out there and if you get really tight

stomach muscles you won't get that decompression of attraction and after you do this a couple times you'll learn to relax it and like right now I got it relaxed and there we go it feels good there's the other one that I have done with some people at home

we don't have a kitchen counter a corner sure but in the corner and this is where you don't have to worry about it being strong enough if the countertop goes here and you have a counter here and a counter here that's a good one Brad then it'd be

like this sure and go right into the corner of the kitchen countertop here and then you can do that it usually works best to face away from it you can do it this way can you do whatever it feels best but that's a good solid one I can

see that that would work out actually pretty good you probably could just well that won't work as well in the corner yeah the corner it works a little yeah yeah things that are doing things on the fly here Brad boy I just started that one I don't know

why I didn't think of it before I don't know either I can't forget the memory thing they're gonna do a video on memory memory coming up how fits together if we remember to do it alright thanks for watching folks [Music] you

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