Tháng Một 26, 2021

SIMPLE DIY PRANKS AND TRICKS! || Best Funny Pranks To Try On Friends With 123 Go! Gold

Whoa looks like we're in the middle ofan epic race! Hey don't cheat Justin, time for a super-fast snack break.

Oh no mycar's dragging awfully close to that water!Hey those little snacks are a hit! Racing cars really revs up that appetite rightboy just stick that whole thing right in here hey it came over seriously evenlast one man I guess I'll get up and snack some more Kevin never thinks aboutanyone but himself I'm always making food for us but as thesaying goes you never should bite the hand that feeds you unless of course youwant them to bite back let's spice this snacktime up a bit shall weKevin's never gonna suspect this bread is covered in hot sauce this pranksgonna be epic I made you some more snacks coming andthey're all just for you Wow everything on this plate is just for me you betchafriend go on keV take a bite why does my belt suddenly feel like it'son fire quick grab your soda I need some relieflooks like that drink did the trick nope to burning ever been at lunch with your buddy andrealize the worst has happened yep she definitely has more fries let than youdo maybe she wouldn't mind if I just took one or two for her plate okaymmm I'll just take one more okay damn peas are tasty you're cool with sharingright you know what take the whole tiles it's fine happybirthday to me thanks I'm just gonna swap feel quick yep thisI'm definitely cool with whatever have some foliage lying around you'll alsoneed some cash don't worry you'll get it back this empty spot on the beach is theperfect scene at the crime now start diggin then we should have brought ashovel this is hard work go ahead and lie down in this littlecrater you've made once you're in there cover your limbs and torso with sandkeep going you're almost there where it's so dangwindy there you go behold its Mount Vickyremember those branches go ahead and cover Vicky's face with them lastlystick the money in the sand so it looks like someone dropped it there all rightnow go get your victim Olivia look someone dropped some money oh I wonderif they'll come back to get it I'm just gonna smack it whoa did you see that thesand is moving Wow well that ought to teach you not tosteal money oh man that had to hurtwell thanks for the scare but I'm taking the cash whatever that was totally worthit after running around in the sand allafternoon a quick rinse off is key lather it up Vicki Oh something tells mehe'll he is up to no good oh it looks like Kelly is giving it yeahhelping hand with the shampoo wait that's weird thought I just rinsed allthis out helia been helping she's drinking more soap oh why don't it comeout Jesus Kelly I hope no one else needs any shampoo you're giving it all toVicki oh okay what gives why does it keep lathering up okay just one moresquirt not again why is this happening to meoh it's getting in my eyes for a day at the beach the Essure is going homesqueaky clean busted yeah that sparkling water CSEwait where did it all go let's see that again shall we okay it's going into thecup I was Sophia doing this okay that's the craziest thing I've ever seen that'sit I've gotta try this myself over the water Oh soaking wet you goof I had somethinghiding in my mug yes sponge soak the water right upI sure hope these girls remain friends after this one when it comes to pranking it's all aboutseizing the right moment see what I mean hey who crossed out my answer yeah she'sdoing it again quick look ami shoot where's my highlighter two canplay at this game for this prank to be a racer off aregular pencil like this replace it with some chewed gum pink gum of courseperfect found it seriously real smooth what's wrong this eraser eraser you mean gum come on why won'tyou work you is this Gump gross I wasn't chewing gum so who chewedthis that'll teach you for scribbling on my stuff oh and good fun right one of our own my eraser enjoying theview the one-offs great how is she seriously on her phone rightnow look think I think it's time we get off our phones for a while whoa cool right want to know how thishandy trick work have some small scissors lying around use them to cut a slit in a water bottlelike this make sure it's as long as your phone hey give it back how am I supposed totake my boyfriend back now biggie wow she really fell for it she figured itout thank goodness well at least we try Iguess I could text Kyle later and put my phone away can we finally enjoy this beautiful viewnow there really is nothing like catching upwith old girlfriends is there oh they may not be friends for longthey'd like to fight for that last chocolate oh it's I better not lay ahand on that sweet treat you know what's good for you you sure about thathey guys what's shocking about hey cool it I'll handle this a little shake here a little shake therewhoa that was pretty impressive eh me the tricks easy just quickly push itinto your lap then pretend a whole bit shake it and poof I'm taking this by theway Hey she took off with the chocolate.

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