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Natural Detoxifier, Solution for Great Heath|अच्छे स्वास्थ का सरल उपाय |THY-001|Everyday Life

Hello Everyone! Welcome to our Youtube Channel Everyday Life.

Again we are here, to share one more interesting information.

From today we are starting monthly series of Total Health and You(THY).

In which we will share information on Food, Water, Life style and our thoughts all have deep impact on our Everyday Life.

In this series we will share information without having financial burden on you to make your everyday life more enjoyable.

Let’s start.

Our today’s tip is on Water.

As you all aware our body is made up of more than 2/3 of water.

Water has very deep impact on our life.

Water participates in a lot of bodily activities.

Today we will talk about water processed in Green Bottle.

And water made in this kind of coloured bottle is part of Naturopathy and it is known as Chromo Therapy.

In this process, 2/3 of green bottle needs to be filled with water.

Then bottle should be placed outdoor under sun from early morning to evening (Sunrise around 7:00am to sunset ).

And this kind of water is also known as Solar Charged Water or Solarized Water.

This kind of water in Green Bottle neither has warm nor cooling effect on body.

The kind of water processed in green bottle has medium effect on body.

That is why it detoxifies the body and beneficial for various ailments.

It has very favorable effect on various ailment related to stomach, high blood pressure, Diabetes, heart diseases and Cold & cough.

It is also beneficial in various chronic ailments.

One important thing- this kind of water doesn’t give guarantee to treat any ailment.

So please do not ignore your doctor’s advice and leave your medicine.

This is one of natural way to cleanse body, which is beneficial in maintaining good health.

You should take care of 3 things while preparing green bottled water 1) Bottle should be made out of glass.

It should be clean, without any labels.

You don’t need any fancy or expensive bottle.

You can buy empty bottle from scrap store – clean and sterilize it properly.

2nd thing – you should close that bottle with cork.

it has cork.

If you don’t have cork, close it 2-3 layered muslin cloth tied with thread or elastic band.

You don’t need big piece of cloth as we don’t want water to hide beneath muslin cloth.

We just want to cap the bottle to avoid dust particle entering into.

3rd important thing.

You must put bottle over an unpolished raw wooden block under sun.

No polished or painted surface and no plyboard.

You can buy a piece of wood 4” x 4” or 6”x 6 “ from hardware or carpentry store.

After processing this kind of green bottle water – consume it approximate 100 to 150 ml every 4 hrs -If you are more than 15 years old.

One big question how long you can take this kind of water – throughout your life or drink it as detoxifier – drink it for 3 months then leave it for few months again repeat the cycle throughout the year.

Now, you will think this remedy is for the people who have desk job at one place or people who stay at home what about people who travel or tour a lot.

There is one simple solution for them – Take honey and place honey under sun for 15 days from early morning to evening.

Honey can be used for six months.

You should also keep honey in Green Bottle.

If you are not able to get green bottle.

Clean the honey bottle and cover it with green cellophane sheet.

But, you cannot cover it with metal cap.

Close it with cork or muslin cloth.

Viola! Your honey in green bottle is ready to consume.

Keep it in small plastic bottle, cover it with bubble wrap and carry it in your luggage whenever you travel.

This kind of honey in green bottle is ideal for green tea or fresh water or lime water.

This kind of honey in green bottle is as good as green bottle water.

This kind of low cost water has all beneficial element of sun rays that are required for good health.

You can also consume green water during fasting that will give you double health benefit.

This water in front of you, is just to show you that for making solar charged water in green colour you can use any kind of drinkable water – RO or bottled This bottle is leafy green in colour.

But, you can use shade of green, lighter or darker than our bottle.

And, if you are not able to get green bottle, use transparent glass bottle with green cellophane sheet covering.

Please do keep one thing in mind whenever you are doing/using some natural detoxifying process, that process can often lead you more urine generation to clean the body.

It is normal for the body.

You don’t need to worry for that.

Please consume charged water in 3 days and honey within 6 months.

You can also put this charged water inside the fridge in plastic bottle to chill it for drinking purpose.

And I hope our information on low cost water in green bottle will be useful for your in your everyday life.

use it and share your comments with us.

Thanks for watching and Keeping enjoying our Everyday Life.


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