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🔥Liverpool Club Selection🔥PES 2020 Mobile 25/05/20👀Обзор Спецвыпуска

hello hello hello bead with you howusually walrus and today I have such a parsinglong-awaited liverpool selection immediately I answer the question when will weexpect her on monday 25 may together with selection of everton so to speak mersidesky derby of course everton calls less interest but nevertheless I himI will also analyze the crowd at night later like support format like and in commentscan write someone you will catch from of these guys of course all the players I willconsider for maximum pumping and so liverpool start from the end and firstmy patient this a reader has 88 ratings on the firstlevel and 95 at maximum pumping but plus is of course the hunter stylegoals it is of course speed 95 and acceleration 95 good body 88 andstamina 89 is also a plus and I will highlight I will highlight implementation 92and 88 plus punch plays well head and has a good weak leg growth185 is also undoubtedly a plus on skills there are useful such as a gamehead tricky long shots acrobatics kick gas part-time and super replace skillwe are downside here of course bad ability to attack for his ratingwelcomed 95 attack ability just eighty nine plus badphysical form 5 + no convenient find a to win, in principle, more cons Iin it did not find the whole i would use its just like a super replacement good benefit skillthere is but the main striker in his I wouldn’t put the team furtheryou understand goalkeepers in general them rate and drive what can I say rating92 at the moment it is very small with usa bunch of goalkeepers of 95 and not all goalkeeper stats of 99 and such goalkeeperswe also have a lot of real things so it's me it seems only to liverpool fans iwould him even on the bench in his team not planted further near timberland 89 onground level and 94 at maximum pumping up the pros and here we havegood dribbling and balance skills 96 and 95 respectively gorgeous speed 96 andacceleration 95 no complaints provokes ability to attack 8589 strike force I also wear in the pros as for the central midfielder thisreally a lot also stamina 92 ​​and even something in defensehe knows how to cons it is of course growth 175 To be honest, it’s not enoughonly 80 and it will fly off like peas from wallsphysical form 5 will often give bad arrow when for convenient aone-in-one baggage was not delivered either Well, the verse is a creative playmaker but hereguys this is tastefulness I like for example boxing that boxing of so it's pure minusfor me it may turn out to be for you plus to repeats again the choice of fansliverpool and so it seems to me that there is much more interesting centerpiecesmidfielders move on to yummy trend alexanderArnold at the first level 89 and 90 8 at full pumpingI congratulate the comrades in front of you the most rating right defender in our gamehighest rated but better or let's understand the pros hereof course speed 95 acceleration 92 no complaints no defense knows how 87 skills 90selection and aggression 87 even jump 85 is that quite protective people are excellentindicators for the bottom and pass canopy as for the right backspin worthy of 94 plus add good balance dribbling andcontrol again for human rights defenders by minuses are just 75 and the body is justseventy seven plus a small amount there are no protective specialists among themverdict a great guy if you're used to that extreme defenders from activelysupport otaku but will he reliable as a defender here I havebig questions catching is at least because of the rating wellor if you don’t really like Barcelona further the most versatile player in ourgame and this world will play in any position except the goalkeeper, in general, an old workingthe horse on the first level have a third 90 at a maximum level of 93what to do 33 years already pluses of course versatilityFurther style is my favorite a penalty before free class endurance in defenseknows how to pass chic even dribbling and holding are presentbut as always there is but a small stature of everything 175 low speed poor body total83 again small amount of knitting needle and lack of finda and of course overall rating 93 is darkness the verdict is again the choice of a liverpool fanfor the rest is not needed from the word at all go ahead next we have fabi newand now this is already interesting has 90 on first level and 96 to the maximumpumping plus I played for his previous violet and he flew straight to meright here everything is good growth 188 building 90 endurance 91 cool style anchor 8I know how to defend such oporniks as much as 96 + akbar 92 plus aggression 91 straighteverything is wonderful pass down there is a groove canopy there is even a dribbling hold onthe level of the film, by the way, is also available workshop protection roulette helpguardian skills and speed interception and accelerations for his position and style toocan bring plus and weak unity the link I would call the game a head butbased on the experience of the game everything is fine there Verdict excellent defensive midfielderwho will find a place in any roster I congratulate the guys who will catch himhope to catch it again and again sweetie on our screen and of coursesame farallon salah first level 93 and 98 to the maximum plan from pumping againapplause gentlemen before us the most rating right format of our gamedo not write a comment on this moment of course after the place here is suchjoke here again here I'm based on my experience playing it 97 versions and I have it onlevel with nicolas pepe call the best rights forward games yes yes yes yes yesBarcelona fans don't stop by me messina what to do so let's startflank style if for you Hungarian not serving but coming infree kick and final tass allah it's your choiceexcellent attack ability and implementation excellent speed for his positionspeeding beautiful dribbling and balance there is a double-touch stroke and goodendurance is also very useful knitting needles Sukhina blow shorterit’s like for the arbiter of salah cool on minuses again growth 175 badindicators for boots and body only 75 and the missing head game is badweak leg and not a strong blow but to do without consgenerally a great guy is not worth it catch and use sure it will deliver to youa lot of pleasure in your compositions and last for today of course virgilvan dyke is one of the best for me central defenders of the game at firstlevel 94 at maximum level 97 and everything is fine from protection skillsskills 99 selection 99 and aggression 93 to body 99 and stamina 90th faithhead up easy 96a jump 94 and all this at the heroicgrowth 193 relatively good speed and acceleration + cool pass that bottom thatcanopy and that's all at maximum shape 8 which is responsible for the arrows a little thenadd a cock here we have crossing there is a head game there is a passon the move no ski pass at the place for loverscasting guardian intercepts acrobatic you are us there we are you must have forcentral defender plus abilities captain plus of course fighting spiritall as written plus style building if weaknesses but possiblesay that the weak side is speed but come dimensions she is quite ohverdict lovely central quarterback who will find a place in any rostercatching costs one hundred percent and he will my main goal in liverpool parkssuch players are waiting for us Monday supporting the format like and write tocomments on who is your goal on this I’ll probably say goodbye to you.

see you soon bye bye.

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