Tháng Một 21, 2021

👠Introducing My "SUMMER SHOES" (A.K.A Sootyle heels) | Best Heels for Summer | 김수민 sookim

Welcome to my another SOOTYLE video So today because of a lot of you DM me and commented about doing a shoe tour, we're going to talk about my favorite shoes today I actually brought in a couple of my.



okay not a couple of, some of my favorite summer shoes here So where do I start now? I guess I'm going to start with my go-to summer shoes.

So first I'm going to introduce my favorite low blocky heels It's these pair.

These are definitely my go-to summer shoes because they're low and blocky.

They're very comfortable when you wear them and also because their heels they make you outfit a little more fancy and yet still comfortable.

So that's the most important part here So yeah, I'm going to show you how they look on me I love the ankle straps here I don't know why I'm like a sucker for those ankle straps So I got this online I forgot the name of it.


but it said z u o o i n g n a And next we're going to get into my favorite summer heels Those are also one of low heels that I often wear I think I chose 5cm one.

These are from a brand called to “Thdam” So it's thdam so “thdam” I don't know how to pronounciate in English but in Korean “thdam” I think thdam means rub it in, gently rubbing it in I think it goes really well with the name because it's really it's all leather inside is a very soft when you wear them It feels like they're hugging your feet softly I love these like a square line of these heels They're very classy.

And I love those blocky heels because it's very comfortable and you wear them They go really well with the outfit that I'm wearing right now jeans and a top And what else? What did I miss? Oh yeah and mul! so I own two types of mules.

I only brought in one pair today I didn't wear any type of muls because for me you look like one of those like “mother's” shoes because my mom wear this a lot, but now I'm very into it.

They are very comfortable and cooling especially in the humid summer in Korea You just slip it in! Those almost like slippers that has like heels Very comfortable They also go well with any types of outfit because it was simple and white, you know, it could pair well with anything to be honest with you I got this somewhere online I'll try to find the link and another type are these black ones.

They look a little bit more I don't know formal.

I would say I wore this with my wide black pants with a blouse so that it looks more like a semi business casual oh I wore this in my big feet video! And talking about uncomfortable shoes, I found these heels that I wore during the competition You know what? I'm talking about the Miss Korea competition.

I mean, they're very shiny and golden but that's about it.

I don't wear this anymore because it has very pointy toes So when you were just for a long time, like we'll definitely get blisters around your toes and at the back of your feet and another Miss Korea competition heels so these are platform high heels as you can see.

Do you see this platform? Under his heels I believe this was like about 12 to 13 cm high I think so if I wear these heels my height will be around way above 180.

I'll be definitely taller than most of the guys here in Korea So let me show you how they look on me up up up up up up up Can you see me? I get so tall So these golden ones and these strapped ones are from the Miss Korea competition back in 2018 And I've got these type of platform heels and also these type of platform heels, but I don't ever wear them.

Because they're just too high and too uncomfortable.

If you ever want to buy platform heels that are crazy high like these DM me I'll send them to you.

So yeah, that is it for today If you guys like to know more about my shoes, please comment and or DM me any time.

I'll see you guys in my another video Bye~ Bye SMILEs!.

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