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FUNNIEST HOME PRANKS || Simple DIY Pranks On Friends And Family by 123 GO!

Seventy-five, seventy-six Great! I’d better organize all this cash.

Let’s see here… ninety-five, ninety-six… Wanna see something funny? Stick some double-sided tape to your buddy’sbutt.

Pull off the backing.

Hey Kevin? Yeah? Eh, I changed my mind.

That was weird.

Like this home prank? Just wait til you see the rest! I’ll take this! Aw man, there’s none left.

Morning, Lilly! Ooh, the book fair’s today! Nothing like a distracted friend.

They make the best prank victims! This calls for the old backward hoodie trick! Turn it around and put your hands through.

The hood’s the most important part! Now we wait for our in.

I’m starved this morning.

Now for the milk.

What? It’s out? Kevin? Can you pass me the milk please? Kevin! I’ll just do it myself.

Kevin! GAHH!!! Ouch What on earth is wrong with you?! Here’s your precious milk.

This is okay to wear to the party, right? Is Lilly ready yet? Woah! What do you think? Wait I have something better.


I thought you looked fine.

Red’s more party-ish, don’t you think? We can’t both wear the same color.


I still liked what you had on before! All this decision making is exhausting.


Maybe I’ll rest my eyes for a sec, How’s this? Kevin? Seriously? Now what? Actually, this may be fun… First let’s make sure he’s really out.

Now let’s enhance you look a little… Pucker up, buttercup.

Now onto the eyes! An amber shade should bring out those eyes.

And we’re not done yet… Contour time! Gorgeous.

Someone’s party ready! Gah! Hmm-mm.

Wait, I’ve gotta document this! The group chat’s gonna eat him alive! Haha! okay.

Kevin! Why are you sleeping? Almost forgot.

What?! When was this even taken?! NO! I look like a model in Vogue! I’m gonna kill you, Lilly! That was great! Now it’s my turn.

Hmm… I got it! RAWR!! Um…keep going! Check out my big tail! Uh-huh! What?! Not even looking at me.

Stupid phone.

And then this massive truck was coming towardme, I kept honking my horn but it didn’t matter.

And that’s when— Lilly? This is so annoying.

Uh-huh! Woah, is that Lilly’s phone?! I can’t believe she’s not on it! I’m gonna teach her the lesson of a lifetime.

This phone’s about to be garbage! Well, it’ll look like garbage, anyway.

Thanks to this clear cover, The phone will only look shattered to pieces.

Lay the cover down flat like this.

Then, with a mallet, start smashing!! Don’t worry, it’s just plastic.

Once you’re done, put it back onto the phone.

Ooh! That looks pretty bad, huh? Lilly’s sure not gonna like this.

Gah!! What’s going on in there? Uuuh, I dropped your phone.

WHAT? Are you sure that’s my phone? It just slipped outta my hands.

Oh man, Lilly’s really devastated! You must really like your phone case.

What? It’s not really smashed? This is the best day ever! Getting a little cleaning done, Kev? And practicing your singing, it seems.

Oh man, that’s so embarrassing.

Kevin, will you cool it with the belting? Well this is sure boring.

Done-sies! This is soiled now.

Now onto the plates! Woah there… DJ Kevin in the house! Woah.

This imagination’s running too wild formy taste.

This oughta shut him up.

Hey there… Oomm!! GAH!! What? Just needed some quiet.

They’re out, see? I was just trying to make cleaning day morefun.

What’s this? He still hasn’t cleaned these dishes? Grr… Nope, no cleaning happening in here.

Are you kidding me? C’mon.

It’s four in the afternoon! I’ll just take things into my own hands.

This should teach him a lesson.

For this prank, all you need is duct tape.

Fold the ends over and under so it’ll stickto the floor.

Don’t forget the other end! Make four or five rows.

Make sure they’re secure to the floor.

And time to wake the victim.

On second thought… Okay, Kevin! No wait! Now this is more like it! WHAT?! Geez!! Huh? I can’t move my feet! YOU! Uh oh… WOAH!! That had to hurt.

Getting lost in a good book is the best! These wizards sure are crazy.

Whatcha readin’? Ooh! That’s mine, can’t you read? You and your labels.

BRB! I can get my own drink.

Here we go.

Excuse me.

Carry on.

She’s unbelievable! Uh oh… This ought to make a tasty snack.

Take the juice carton and screw off the cap.

Then put hot sauce around the rim like this.

Use a paintbrush to spread it around a bit.

Ew!! Screw the lid back on and back into the fridge it goes.

This is gonna be epic.

I gotta cool off! C’mon… MMm, that’s better! GAHH!H!! My tongue’s on fire!! Who are you going to try these home prankson first? Be sure to share this video with your buddiesand don’t forget to subscribe to 123GO’s Youtube page for more hilarious prank ideas!.

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