Tháng Một 21, 2021


AVIASALES – CHEAP PLANE TICKETS SEARCH OMG Whats going on?! Historical scarf CHELSEA BARCELONA Hey guys, tomorrow there will be a game Chelsea vs Barcelona We are next to the hotel where FC Barcelona players stay.

They will go for evening training soon So we wait here to support our team! GUYS WE WILL WIN TOMORROW ONLY VICTORY TOMORROW WE WILL WIN TOMORROW!!! This is a ticket to CHELSEA BARCELONA game.

I was waiting a lot for this game! the game will be awesome! VAMOS!!! Who do you think will win today? Of course we will win! I already lost my voice I just met my subscriber, Evgeny.

Did you come just for the game? YES From Russia or from where? I came from Berlin, btw I bought a ticket at AVIASALES, cause tickets a really cheap there U got it guys? If you need cheap plane tickets link is in the description.

On AVIASALES web you will find lots of tickets from any part of the world TO any part of the world So if you are looking for a cheap plane tickets click on the link in the description and book it We are going to the meeting point bar of all Barcelona fans.

Its gonna be crazy!!! Luchi, without you my video cannot be done! His is our grandfather! We are here in London with my friend Andrey Regards to all subscribers of Andrey Regards to all my Russian friends Luchi is number 1! and I am at the very end Yes its true 🙂 Guys, we will go to the stadium soon, so I want to make another GIVEAWAY!!! of 2 SCARFS First one is this SCARF that was given to all fans who go to the game.

And I want to give it away to my followers And for the first place I will give away this historical scarf CHELSEA BARCELONA with a DATE Today date 20-02-2018 To take part in GIVEAWAY is very easy.

You need to SUBSCRIBE to my YOUTUBE CHANNEL and leave a comment.

(ALSO LIKE and BELL) SECONDLY subscribe to my INSTAGRAM @_andreykirov And in couple of weeks I will upload videos on my instagram where I will randomly choose winners from all subs who left a comment in YouTube So I wish you good luck and now lets go to the stadium We are in the metro and I am next to the Chelsea fan We are next to the stadium already and its too calm here.

No one shouts anything.



We just past the first control and I dont understand if we got to the stadium or not? Ok, let me explain.

At the back you can see apartment buildings but actually its a stadium I´ve never seen anything like this.

But its a typical English stadium that was built in the middle of the city OK, lets go inside It was my dream to come here This is my seat.

The view is great! We also got such a flag so I also want to give it away to my subs for the third place So 3rd place – a flag2nd – FC Barcelona Scarf1st – Exclusive Chelsea – Barcelona scarf So comment this video, subscribe to my channel and INSTAGRAM and I wish you good luck If you didn´t hear anythings its because our fans whistled during UEFA anthem Ohh thats a tough start Ok guys its not funny anymore I thought Messi gonna shoot ohh this is really dangerous OMG whats going on here Half-time guys.

What a game! So second half will start now.

First one was crazy! I didn´t expect it like that CHELSEA is defending much more, but their moments with crossbars are really dangerous And Barcelona attacks a lot but needs a little bit more to score a goal But in this season they always play better in the second half so I believe they will score and especially that Messi will score! ohh they started to shout too much Don´t forget that you will need to go to Camp Nou as well Seems that CHELSEA will put “a bus” now.

They are very specialist at it And this is not a pennalty? REALLY?! Great job Messi! Finally score to CHELSEA! I´ve heard that they were so proud of the fact that he never scored END OF THE GAME So guys it was a great game.

Its difficult to judge from here but it seems that Barcelona did much more and had to score more goals.

Thats it for today.

Subscribe to my channel, to my INSTAGRAM, take part in GIVEAWAY and.




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