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Best of Rob Dyrdek | Ridiculousness #AloneTogether

he just created a verb and said Rob Dyrdek kid put your shirt over your face and shoot a full course shot I've never done that what makes you think I'd make it first try [Applause] [Laughter] [Applause] excuse me first of all I would never put my shirt over

my face but the last thing I'm doing is sucking anything [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] man I to bad we have never gone on a spring break together I think we'd have the time of our lives think have fun out of it are you gonna laugh like that

the whole episode tell you switches yes are you guys familiar with Diamond Dogs do either of you have one like it's not like a like a demon leg it's a devil but but but not like the type of devil bit like you would you would like see it

like a carnival like like a devil that's like the one that that that possesses you and it takes you to the fiery hell dog on the set of Jackass have you ever been accidentally penetrated has it ever gone too far where it's like hey like when you're playing

grab-ass at what point did you learn to love golf more than your son more than you it was not too long ago actually really probably 10 years ago okay our first category dedicated to your passion for golf and your ability to beat me like I was four years

old legends of the green take a look okay okay it's a cross it's over it's skipping it's up it's gone I don't even know this is borderline golf magic right here ramps ooh look at that boom boom I make a goal each year not to black out and

then what happens there's always that last memory we're like I am killing the dance floor so it's like I just I have so much extra body movement and then I wake up devastated and what we like to call p pd yes party depression whenever I say trapped Queens

what do you think of I even answer you know I'm a rock I smell like like I you know think about this a lot right like when like you're when you're like a queen built alack really like live in a castle but like you're in an apartment like

that's like that's what I think I don't know I mean [Applause] you couldn't see that we all know there's at least one friend that understands that this was not a good idea now I gotta think of like how do I be sterling yeah I'm just gonna hit like

just dick jugs okay let me actually bubble question once though wow this things ever happened to you when you passed out I was like what what what we call in the hood rocked up you know what I mean like I was Elon Musk about to hit Mars type

and like I'm all walked in she said like steelo you pitching a tent I woke up like now I've just got like rocket speed okay makes absolutely no sense okay okay we're gonna be good going on here officer not a thing going on here I think there might

be some drug abusers outside but nothing here a collection no this is America okay pussies don't graduate they're gonna have the best sex later that week have you ever really gotten deep into sexual intercourse with ranch I think you and I both know the answer [Music] grocery shopping

after I'm done grocery shopping I'm about the car I'll leave it right there what about you rot I mean look when it comes to me and carts you know you get it out you fill it up you let it go you give it a nice shot right okay

and it fits within what I call the 30-foot roll I'll replace it okay 32 feet I leave it next to the car next [Laughter] [Music] [Applause] it did an amazing job over there okay all right [Applause] [Music] pretty dope yeah he got fired definitely yes but that was

pretty cool nobody got hurt and one of these kids is gonna invent space travel hola invent space travel like it does it argues yeah she took it there I meant to say time travel and I missed it and I just said let's keep moving I got it oh

my god penetrator okay full penetration okay it was like two steps in learning and really it doesn't matter how deep you get penetrated you do not drop that beer [Applause] every one of you young ladies in the crowd if you could just like get as deep as you

can in your soul and scream as loud as you can so I can hear what it's like to be Justin Bieber just scream as loud as you can and I'm gonna pretend I'm on stage at a concert three two one yeah I bet there's I would argue that

there's an epidemic among boy bands of deafness okay man I just got caught in a moment you know like Arsenio the guys in here you know I mean they just naturally when they're kind of like surrounded by so much man all the sudden like they're cheering and they're

claps turned to fists and they just start hooting you don't I mean it's a super weird thing that does not happen when there's a bunch of chicks in because they're they're just more respectable as soon as she heard like yes jesus loves me it hit her like slag

Oh like now this is my jam yes jesus loves me [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] that is so cute whoa oh no I don't know if this is specifically bro related I think this is more cult man I was like man I just got played like it's really just

like we're wounded [Laughter] [Applause] honestly I don't even have anything less to say go back go back this is this is a lesson to all the mothers out there to always be safe mom put your seat belt on put your seat belt on mom no all right yeah

he did he might have saved her life because he's a driver he cracked the front windshield though go back he's just trying to get that fly out do you figure you're born a bro or you learn to be a bro I don't know do Bros identify us bro

I don't know I don't you found holes marked advised holes but deep down they know their hugs [Applause] [Music] not say Alma broke the channel bro Real Talk up here on this stage what is it about rich people that we hate rich yeah I don't hate you but

look I'm a different type of rich yeah I mean I'm the like hey let's waste money on stupid because we're rich black privilege we hate prevalent yeah that's right so what we hope happens to them when they're showing off being all snotty and privileged and what's the word

with the see that we just hate [Laughter] [Applause] how was it to raise me was that pretty good kid yes okay didn't cuss that you knew of well not in my presence when both of you are not there I was alright when did I start cussing there when

you moved up California let's talk about the time that I pulled what I would consider a pretty funny prank that went a little bit too long do you remember what I'm talking about that was one of the best April Fool pranks I've ever seen ever in the world

ever from anybody okay what do you think it was the worst okay let's take a look at when I pranked my mother on April Fool's your bed lies the city property you know this gentleman here yeah having it back to my car so was that a no he's

an actor hired I don't think that's funny [Applause] like what in the look we'll all we know is it's only five bucks okay what is it it's a gift from our kids well I just want to like wrap my head around is the family dynamic here what what

happened is the something simple as a family ornament was dropped from about six inches it hit the table she might as well lost all the family's money in a gambling round and have to go back to rehab and then her kids react just as equally hard Oh No

Utah no you dropped it mom just like you dropped me when I was a baby and now I can't get a job I'm a clown okay go back I love this woman she was like I'm not gonna let anything hold me back because I want to feel freedom

she did just that oh he broke that on on the climb up it was ice gonna be so sick this is i gosh it's kind of high fuck what am i doing this is way too high then that shit breaks and it's just like survival mode let me

be free I'm good I'm not good I'm not good I got this branch fucking I got this arm I can get something look look let me get a little bit of ribbon here ok we are ready to get out the award the winner to the Grand Slam you

know it makes sense River Rock [Applause] congratulations what happened did you break anything I broke compound fracture the elbow broke my pelvis in three places and man look I'm gonna be honest with you man like in my mind on this show no one actually gets hurt no this

man broke an elbow a hip he was laid up in the hospital for how long nine nights it is only right that he is honored with our greatest award the Grand Slam compared to all the other stuff I do how do you feel about this show this is

the safest thing you do this is a fact well I'll tell you what I have had a lot of run-ins with different scary animals take a look [Music] [Applause] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] monkeys everywhere so much fine [Applause] Oh so let's talk about me as a child what were

some of my early gifts Crotty right what was I gonna be a ninja thank you okay you remember taking my nunchucks gosh I don't know I know you guys did and you crushed my ninja dreams fully backwards anyone seen you before [Applause] no someone's called one-one-nine yeah high-speed

headshot okay first of all you've got to know if you're gonna jump straight up into the ceiling that you're gonna hit it really hard look once he hits his head he lands back on that bike and literally gets whipped into his face right here okay go ahead [Applause]

what happens when you hit your head on the ceiling and you land back on your bike you blow your face out I know that this looks like he's trying to have fun yeah but he was trying to knock himself out on purpose I'm gonna tell you why [Applause]

look at this anymore excuse me this was this we finally found her just trying to get back to the forest no man Bigfoot is not good [Applause] oh okay rewind it now this is when your friends are gassing you up and refuse to believe anything went wrong I

just listen now so you make it not not your slam and then [Applause] no no he's out stop tearing here's one of the greatest things about being a small child you have not developed fear yes you got to go through some to end up realizing I don't want

to go through that again yeah I remember like man I used to jump off a like sheds and like run and see like small dangerous snakes and Numb chuckle you know and and that was till I jumped off that shed slip landed on the fence blew out a

shoulder and then got bit by a snake okay then I stopped doing that stuff you know okay okay I don't know what's happened here that's my tight Club that's like an adult Fight Club they call this the redneck crotch rocket [Music] all right all right bring that back

bring that back okay just pause it at the top sterling okay stop he said all right I got a such a good idea I'm gonna put one foot on this Cavalier one foot on this Cavalier and you'll I didn't shoot it right into my butt what do you

think he was thinking he wasn't thinking just shoot it into the but let's see it get it right in that butt fire so he stopped look look at that right now everything is fine he is a human rocket he has no idea what's going on okay let him

play a little bit go okay okay you tell me this doesn't look like it just blew a human being to pieces let it play out okay look come on he just blew his pants off redneck good times you never know what you're gonna get at them but you

can you can best guarantee it's gonna be a whole lot of fun being that you're a big cat do you love or hate birds I should hate him right tell me about your bird pad didn't you have a little parakeet never you had a crow is it true

or untrue you had a pet woodpecker untrue okay all right I'm gonna have to reach out to your mom I'm pretty sure you had a pet woodpecker okay because the big cat is naturally a big cat he hates birds that's why we have this segment Johnny here is

going to hate and be afraid of birds for the day he dies get rid of the food child there you go the birds on the parent filming this is a child screams and tears it I one thing I'm gonna tell you right now stay off my block old

man [Laughter] man here it's okay I'm good you're good now I don't know what it is you know that birds are just such an ass yeah no I know babe he could have killed you babe aggressive geese you never want to be around them [Music] [Applause] okay I

want to point out a couple things to everyone she's naked okay when you're at Coachella partying on the slip and slide the last thing you ever expect to do is to be fully naked and flip your face [Applause] [Music] [Applause] here's the thing about dancing big cats a

master okay that's his true is that I never wore shirt until I was 16 listen to me listen to me show us some dance Mike no way [Applause] I apologize to all of you holy moly guitar looking for some of that magic and I got a little bit

of this I have a sister her name is Denise how were we as a brother and sister pretty mean to each other Oh what we've created a category to reflect on the childhood rivalry I had with my sister called sibling rivalry take a look baby on baby violence

what do you think it's not funny it's pretty funny no it's not [Applause] thank you back mom what happened here started out real good do you think I would ever do something like this yeah yeah I would never on my sister's beautiful birthday put her face inside this

weird brown cake but you want to know who would this guy but wind it back and watch look at his little smirk I would never ever do that to Denise I promise you okay what am i a good brother thank you who's that remind you there that's Rob

okay I mean we just know it's not gonna work you know like everything about how are you even climbed up there that's just not gonna work but look the reality of it is he's gonna be supported the right way and that's what matters you got this man don't

worry I'm bendy he couldn't even stand up he couldn't even like get a launch like he just went jelly there you have it all right dad how active are you on Twitter did okay have you ever good on Twitter ever never okay cuz we found a gene dyrdek

Twitter account okay let's take a look at what we found okay gene dyrdek hey son don't tell Mom I'm on here just wanted to say hello and that we miss you is this my father or no now gene I want you to come up here and shoot a

hole in one to win someone from this crowd $500 let's do it okay how do you feel okay who is it gonna be the guy that looks like Santa Claus hey guys come on dad [Music] [Applause] we'll see you next time ridiculous remindin imitating and the producers insist

that noone submit any videos of themselves or others before me any dangerous activity you will not open or view them [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music]

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