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Best of 'Plead the Fifth' 😂ft. Iggy Azalea, Tyga, Shaq & More! | Wild 'N Out | #PleadTheFifth

– Nick! You know I never wanted youto go through no divorce, but don't it feel goodto not have to lie about smashing the Wild N Out girls? (audience cheers) – I plead the fifth.

(audience cheers) (hip hop music) (audience cheers) – Mister Nick Cannon, how old were you when you sold out to the man? (audience groans) – How old were you, Nick? – I didn't sell out! I don't know what you talkin' 'bout.

– I rest my case.

– I object.

– I know you didn't sell out.

I sold out.

I sold out a Walmart, Target– (audience cheers) – Nicholas Bartholomew Cannon.

– Not my name.

– Is it true that Bow Wow slept with Kim Kardashian before you did? (audience groans) – Nah, I went first.

Ask Ray J.

(audience cheers) – [Group Voice Over] Wild out! – ♪ Put your right hand up ♪ ♪ Put your left hand up ♪ ♪ Put your right hand up.

♪ The beautiful Remy Ma, how you doin' today? – I'm fine.

– I just wanna ask a couple of questions.

We all know what happened.

We know that you have beento the penitentiary system.

You have inside information.

So, what I wanna askyou today, Miss Remy Ma, is how many cartons ofcigarettes, exactly, do you think this bitch woulda went for? – [Nick] Oh! (audience cheers) – I would say like a half a carton.

It depends what, you know, that person's wiling to do.

(audience laughs and cheers) – Just a half? – That's a lot!- I can't even get a full carton?- That's a lot! – Half a carton of cigarettes? – That's a lot.

Charlemagne, half a carton of cigarettes, God bless you, my sista.

(audience cheers) – What's up, Nick? – What up, Hit? – We was supposed to go to thestudio last night, won't we? – Yeah, yeah, man.

– I ain't hear from you.

So, what was you doin'between 10 p.


and midnight? – Ten, I was 'bout to get somethin' to eat and I was sleep by midnight.

– Really, Nick? Your honor, I wanna bring out a witness.

She said, was you gon letthe people know exactly what it was you was about to eat? (audience cheers) – I was 'bout to eat her! (audience cheers) – [Group Voiceover] Wild Out! – I got a question for you, Stevie J.

Let me tell you what blow my mind.

These Wild N Out girls.

Look, look, we got onewith the cotton candy hair.

We got the short brown withthe sideburns all curly on cue.

My question is, if youcould have one of 'em, which one would you take down? (audience groans) – All of them.

That one, that one.

That one! That one! That one.

I want the whole room! – People in the courtroomtoday are watching you play Plead the fifth and we want to know five rappers that you can rap better than.

(audience groans) – Nick Nick Nick Nick Cannon.

(audience laughs and cheers) – [Nick] We gon' see! – [Group Voiceover] Wild out! – Now, you my man, Shaq, but I got a question that I know everybody in here wondering.

What do you do when youhave to take a number two on a airplane? (audience laughs) – I'll show you.

(audience laughs) The doors be real small, right? So I gotta come in, head first, then I gotta turn around, make sure the toilet clean, wipe it off, then I gotta put my wholebody against the door, pull 'em down, then Igotta squeeze like this and my knees be against the door and I be like.



(audience cheers) – You never know unless you ask.

(audience cheers) – Ray J.

You had the show, uh, Love of Ray J, right? – Did I? Yeah, yeah, I had that.

– Yeah, you did, you did.

I just wanna know, Iknow America wanna know.

Which girl on that showhad the worst (beeps) game? (audience groans) – Imma keep it 100.

– That mean she use teeth, all that.

– Listen, I ain't never did this.

– It's okay.

– It's gon be a lot of peoplethat's 'bout to be mad.

– We need our G names, baby! – Alright, alright.

I plead the fifth.

(audience cheers) – Smart man! – [Group Voiceover] Wild out! – Nicholas Cannon.

– Yes.

– Just three questions, okay? – Three? – Just left the crime scene.

What letter is between H and J? – I.

– Okay, alright.

P-L-E-A-D spells what? – Plead.

– Oh, plead, okay, yep, that's two.

Okay, now, this one here, I just want you to fill in the blank, okay? Just fill in the blank.

It's gonna help us a lot.

In the show Martin, it'sBruh Man from floor.

(audience laughs) – The fifth.

– Thank you, your honor.

(audience cheers) – Whatever! – Nicholas Cannon.

– We see him all on Instagram, you know, in matching Ferraris.

– He's managing her now.

– Managing her! – But she's out of control.

– We just wanna know, you(beeps) Amber Rose or what, man? (audience cheers) – Absolutely not! (audience groans) Y'all don't believe me? This is the Bible.

– That ain't no damn Bible! – I'm her manager! (audience talks back) – Time out! Time out! That is a good point.

She don't do nothing, Nick.

What are you managing? That's an even better question.

What does Amber Rose do? (audience laughs) – I plead the fifth.

– [Group Voiceover] Wild out! – You can have whatever you'd like.

Well, I like the truth, Mr.


Do you mind if I call you Mr.

Harris? That is your name, right, sir? Don't have anything to say.

Government, Clifford Harris, Correct? Well, I can understand.

I only know two Cliffords, that's you and the big red dog.

We gon keep it moving.

We gon keep it moving.

We all know you a mogul, you one of the greatest hip hopartists of our time, but what people don't give you credit for us you are also a lifesaver.

You talked a man downfrom off of a sky scraper that prevented him fromhurting himself, right? – That could be the case.

– That could be the case.

Well, since you likesaving things so much, how come you never have done anything to help save my team captain's rap career? How come you never done anything? You've never done a feature, you never done a song.

I've never even seen youin a picture with him.

Why have you not helped him? – We on the same team! – Look man, I'm tryna get youa feature from Tip right now.

Let me work, alright? – What rap career? (audience cheers) – Nick Cannon.

– Yes, Mr.

Mike? – It's only one question weall wanna know the answer to.

(audience groans) Do you even like your music? (audience cheers) – [Audience And Cast] Tell the truth! Tell the truth! Tell the Truth! Tell the Truth! – I plead the fifth.

(audience cheers) – [Group Voiceover] Wild out! – I just wanna say, I thinkyou are real beautiful.

Like really, real beautiful.

And myself, my cast mates, and I know every dude in here would really like to know, how much of that booty is really real? (audience groans) – Y'all all wanna know? These guys over here?- Yes, yes, yes, yes! – Alright, Imma put you up on game.

It's real in your hands, but y'all don't need to be worrying about bootythat's above your weight class.

(audience cheers) – Uh, Mr.


– Right, right.

– Imma get straight to it.

You know, MMG, that's your label.

So, MMG is more than a label, though.

It's like a family.

– Most definitely.

– You guys are like brothers.

And, as we all know, brothers fight sometimes.

And it was a well-publicizeddispute between two of your biggest artists, somy question to you, Mr.

Ross, is, in a brotherly, friendly, fist fight, who you taking? Meek Mill or Wale? (audience cheers) – Who you got? – Imma plead the fifth.

– Exactly! (audience cheers) – [Group Voiceover] Wild out! – Hi Nick, how are ya? – Hi, Jess.

Which one of her hits, something you don't have, so sorry, so sorry, so sorry!.

It's very rude.

I know you're my boss, sorry.

Um, which one of her hits would you say best describes how you feelabout Mariah Carey now? I Should Have Cheated? I Just Want it to be Over? Or I Don't Love You No Mo'? (audience cheers) – [Man In Audience] It'sokay, Nick, you can admit it! – I don't love you no mo'! (audience cheers) – He's lyin'! He's lyin'! – Okay, I still love her a little bit.

(audience cheers) – My grind alright?- Yes sir.

My grind good?- Yes.

– Okay.


– Yes sir.

– You a family man now.

– Yeah.

– But you wasn't always that way.

You told us you had hoesby near, hoes by far.

It was hoes in the room, it was hoes in the car.

And then, you went asfar to tell us you had hoes in other area codes.

– True.

– Now that you married, whenyou visit with your family, which area code areyou most worried about? (audience cheers) – Good question! – That's a good question.

Imma have to go with the 2-1-3.

– Two-one, they be giving me trouble too! (audience cheers) – [Group Voiceover] Wild out! – Mr.

Cannon, you createopportunities for people.

For example, the Wild N Out girls.

Like, you give them aopportunity to be more than just objectified on Instagram and social media.

– You get it, you get it! – So, my question to you withthat said, Mr.

Cannon is, would you allow your daughterto be a Wild N Out girl? (audience groans) – Hell, nah! (audience cheers) – Oh, oh! Hell nah! Ladies, come here! Come here, Ladies.

Uh, well, with that being said, what is it that the Wild N Out girls do that you wouldn't wantyour daughter to do? (audience cheers and laughs) – I Plead the fifth! – Exactly! (upbeat hip hop music).

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