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Behind-The-Scenes Secrets From Iconic Eats With Tess + Chelsea

– Honestly, I'm lookingat the Dollywood episode, and I'm wondering how someone has not snapped me up for television.

I don't think I toldanyone about that ever.

I literally did not.

– What happened? – Really?- Okay off camera, Chelsea.

(upbeat music) (hands clapping.

Hi guys.

(Chelsea laughing) it's Tess from Iconic Eats.

We are here today withChelsea, believe it or not.

– And I'm not shooting, or am I? Is there two of me? – Oh no, oh no.

This is why we can'tlet her have anything.

Burn it all down! We're looking back atsome of the best moments from season one, answering questions, just generally wondering at the marvel that this show has become.

Which is pretty nuts.

– Yeah.

– I might let you talk today.

We'll see how I'm feeling.

– [Interviewer] Literally, episode one.

How did this even happen? – We get asked a lot how theseries actually happened, why the idea to eat ourway through theme parks would ever occur to anyone.

I actually had pitched the show as like, eating my way throughlike my favorite burgers of New York City or my favorite beignets of New Orleans or something like that.

– Queue burger episode.

– Queue burger episode, that was a good episode.

that was our first video together.

I'm gonna eat five cheeseburgers today.

I'm gonna do it all by myself, I'm ready.

I don't know if you can tell, but my pants are unzipped.

– Yeah.

– Which is great! And Chelsea and I were headedon a press trip to Disney, for something entirely unrelated.

What if we do the burger episode, but inside the theme park? Disney, God bless 'em, was like please eat our clam chowder.

It's a looking pretty dense in there.

On a 100-degree day.

– Oh, I forgot about the clam chowder.

– Didn't know my hair was so short.

– Oh yeah.

– I mean what's funny about this is we didn't know it was gonna be a thing.

We shot it as a one-off episode, just to bring anothervideo back to the office.

We put it on YouTubeand everyone hated me.

– Aw.

No don't aw, it's so true.

– Well no it's— I'll never forgive them.

– What did they say? – Oh, that my voice islike nails on a chalkboard.

– That's so mean.

– I haven't done anythingto rectify that, whatev.

– Whatever.

– But no, literally amillion people watched it, and we were like, okay, we're onto something here.

I mean to this day people tell me I look miserable when I'm doing this.

You have to understand, asI've mentioned many times, I am a Jew from New Jerseywho does better in the cold.

I have to go to Florida every six weeks for work now, and I haveto eat for 12 hours a day.

So, I think I'm allowed.

But anyway, yeah so aswe were eating our way through Disneyland I gotprogressively redder and redder.

Also I would like to take this time to note that I have SPF 50 on me at any given point in time.

– She does, she does, I can confirm.

– And you will yell atme to reapply as we go.

– I will yell at you, I will yell at you.

– So I'm good, thank youso much for your concern.

– Yeah, you look, especially when we got to that hot dog moment at the end.

– I have fan art nowfrom that hotdog moment.

– Really?- I'm so famous.

– Wait where? I've never seen that.

– [Tess] I'm wildly famousin central Florida Chelsea.

– [Chelsea] Okay.

– I mean now, going into the parks we have a bit of a shtickwhere we start strong, we're enjoying ourselves, we hit a breaking point, and we're not anymore, but you have to realize thatthis Disneyland episode, that was not the case, I was– – We had no idea, so like you, there was no pacing yourself.

Like this was just like, “Oh, let me see if I can do this.

” And then you like died.

– Yes, I was not well.

– What is your worstdecline on an episode? Which episode? – So we're talking likeI started so strong, I was really having a great time– – And then you just like.

– A switch flipped? – Yeah.

– And I became dark Tess? – Yes.

– It may very well be Dollywood.

I was sprawled on theground at a certain– – Oh yeah you were.

– I'm pretty sure Iended up on the streets of Pigeon Forge.

– Wait I'm pulling that up.

So why was this the hardest for you? – Well, now I'm chewing.

But you're gonna say Animal Kingdom, yes? – Yeah, oh my god!- That was terrible.

– I mean I love Animal Kingdom, maybe might be my favorite one.

It is so hot, because there'sall this like foliage, and jungle, you don't realize that it's really hard to breathe, and I have this camera, whichisn't the heaviest thing, but when you're holding— It's not light.

– I thought I was gonnapass out a couple of times, and then Tess was taking care of me, so that was, thanks.

– We sat her down in Pandora.

– Yeah, yeah.

– Took a quick– – Took a little bit, break.

– I think I was drinking my margarita still.

– (laughs) I think you were! Oh yeah.

– No, but I rememberwrapping Animal Kingdom, and we were laying onthe floor of your room.

– Oh yeah, we did.

– And we smelled, terrible.

– So bad (laughs).

– We smelled so bad, and we didn't, therewas nothing to be done.

Oh my god, and then, wait, wait, wait, then we went to Epcot andwe had dinner in Italy.

– Oh yeah.

(both laughing) – we ate more.

– I had such a good chicken parm in Italy.

– I had pesto pasta.

– It was incredible.

– Wait, and we were looking at each other, and we were like, “Ican't believe I'm hungry” like and we just like kept eating.

I'm spitting again, but like we kept going.

Like we finished likethree quarters of our meal and we were like, let's notspeak of this ever again.

Someone, I read, someone yesterday said we need couples counseling.

I don't really want peopleto think that I like you.

– It's fine.

– These trips are not, like a quick hit— No.

– And then we turn around and go.

– No.

– There's a lot ofpre-production involved.

In between Disneyland and Harry Potter, we added the map aspects, so that there was this element of service.

You weren't just wondering aimlessly through the parks shovingfood in your face like, “I saw Tess do it”, likeyou were actually like, you know like I saw the butter beer here, and I saw the ice cream here, or whatever.

– I'm watching the trainmoment of Dollywood.

Excuse me, this is cute.

– Honestly, I'm lookingat the Dollywood episode, and I'm wondering how someone has not snapped me up for television.

I am such good content, it's wild.

(Chelsea laughing) Dollywood, I have a soft spotfor the Dollywood episode.

I'm looking at thisploughman's platter now and– – Learning what youdon't, what you can't eat.

You avoid greens.

– There's not enough magic in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter to make me eat that (bleep)broccoli, I'm not touching it.

I came home I was watching the comments as they rolled in.

Harry Potter was an incredible spike, like I woke up one morning, and it was like 750, 000people watched this, or whatever it was.

So that was where I learnedI had to really commit to this bit of actually eating.

– Actually eating, yeah.

– Not caring if there was food on my face, now I only care if you don't tell me that there's food on my face.

– I don't do that.

– Literally never.

There's always (bleep) foodon my face, but anyway, I mean this also was like where we learned to incorporate like viewer feedback a lot, so we go through the comments.

This is where the commentsabout being very concerned about our leftovers came in.

But yeah, as far as leftovers, because that continues to be something that everyone is concernedabout, which I understand.

We literally, behind the camera, like not only is Chelsea helping me eat, and sometimes I finish a thing, like please let it beknow that I am capable of finishing a thing.

– A fizzy drink, what was that called? In Magic Kingdom, for Christmas.

– The tis' the season.

– Tis' the season, real time.

– Crushed it.

– Yep.

– Crushed it.

The parogies at Hershy Park.

– Oh my gosh!- Crushed.

– Okay yeah.

– If I don't crush it completely, I'll hand it off toChelsea, she'll help me.

If Chelsea can't finishit, in every single park– – There's PR people.

– We are not just wondering rouge, in a theme park— Yeah, it's not just us.

– With a giant camera, like we always have a team with us and so like if I'm not finishing the food, if Chelsea can't crush it, there's a team of people who will eat it.

– It does.

– In the rare occasion, specifically in Coney Island, because that was New York City, and we are the way we are, we gave our food to people.

– But we should also just– – Wait, wait, wait— What? – This is my favorite momentof Harry Potter World.

The moment I slurpedgrape boba into my face, from a magical Harry Potterdrink and went (gags) to the camera.

I was like “okay we're doing this”, this is a thing now and— A commitment.

– This is who I am.

– [Interviewer] Can you talk about the worst ride situation, Tess? – It's Dolly, it's got to be Dolly.

With the little, you know, 'cause I think I told youthat I was gonna shoot it slow mo in Dollywood, with the blue flight guys.

– Oh my god, I can't remember that.

Oh!- That! – That was the one whereI had to poop right after.

– I wasn't intentionallygoing to roll sound on it, and I just hear her berating me from like, I'm on the ground she'son the ride (laughs).

– Treat other people how youwould like to be treated.

So, yes, Dollywood was a rough ride, the Dinoland conclusion of Animal Kingdom was not fun.

– I forgot about Dinoland.

– Like sometimes whenI'm sitting up there, and I am berating Chelsea I'm like, “Take it in it's very magical, “and this is your job, and it's wonderful, “and lovely, and nice” and you know that's alwaysin the back of my head when we're doing these things.

It's a good halfway point to kind of mark the descent of my imminent death.

Epcot started strong.

– We started strong, ohwe started in New Mexico.

– Hot tip, always bring your ID with you when you're drinking in amusement parks.

– [Chelsea] Oh yeah, no wait did that– – I had a great time in Epcot.

– You did.

– I loved that plum wine.

– The plum wine.

– The Tokyo sunrise.

– Yeah.

– The fiesta margarita, .

– Yeah.

– The minty pineapple.

German pretzel bae, who wasalso a tall drink of something.

– Can we talk about him? – Oh, I loved him.

– German pretzel bae is whatTess decided to call him.

He was so cute and he— Wait, let's look at him.

– Yeah, where is he? – He told me to eat mypretzel with mustard.

And I was like, “you bet I will.

” Pretzel bae, there he is.

– Oh there he is, in beer and what was it? What did this guy say? – He liked your camera.

– He liked my camera.

– I liked him.

I am married by the way.

I do get a lot of— Yeah.

– Comments about that.

– That's so funny.

– You know, maybe Germanpretzel guy is my hall pass, you don't know my life.

Anyway, yeah so that's all to say when you suspect that I'mgetting drunker as we go, I generally am getting drunker as we go.

She was totally drunk by UK.

Oh my god the fish and chips (laughs).

– That was– We have to talk about that.

– Real, that was, Ipanicked when that happened.

– That wasn't a drunk mistake though.

That was a bee attacking me, and it– – Can confirm a bee.

Doesn't the bee show up? Like isn't the bee– – If you look close enoughyou can see that bee.

I would say anothercomment that I get a lot that sometimes I get upset about is that people think Idrop my food on purpose? (Tess gasping) – No.

– Who do you think I am that I'm in a theme parkjust like, a and walking away? I would never do that.

Obviously I hate bees andwhatever else is near my body, that's why I drop my food.

– And geckos.

– Can you confirm thatI always clean it up? – She always does, she does.

– Did you not watch my in Animal Kingdom kneel down to the ground and pick up a scoop of ice cream with my bare hands? I did that.

– Here we go.

Okay, not yet.

– Where is it? – You show it, you show it off, this is awesome— It was so good.

– We did it.

– See! – there it is!- There it is, you can see.

– And then it's done.

(both laughing) – And there oh, oh, oh no.

– R-I-P – R-I-P thanks to our Epcot episode, we know the best bathrooms (laughs).

– Oh yeah, I maintain thatthe cleanest bathrooms of any of these parks, is in Norway in Epcot, and Disney, Orlando, Florida.

And you can trust me on that, because I break to go to thebathroom, anywhere from– – I'm sorry.

– From five to 20 times per shoot.

I don't know what's funnyabout that, it's true.

She's just mad cause she has to re-mic me every time 'cause it's like I'm just, I just have to like slideeverything down my body.

And then wriggle it back up 'cause I'm so disgustingby that point in time.

– The end of this videoI think was the first, of Epcot, was the firsttime that I started to really realize the thingsthat made Tess afraid, and or uncomfortable, IEbugs, lizards, geckos.

– Enough people have correctedme now that I know it– – I mean they're lizards.

– What lives in Florida, aren't lizards.

– They like have like a red gullet.

– Oh disgusting.

– Epcot turkey leg.

We've arrived.

– So proud.

– I can see in the decline of optimism, right, right, right there.

– I would argue I had no idea what I was getting myself into.

I would argue I was excited, and so quickly turned off.

– Oh yeah, I'm really gladthat I shot that in slow mo.

– I guess my best advice is to just commit when you eat a turkey leg.

You already made the decision to eat it, so you gotta bite hardand just don't look back.

Yeah, so the first one was Epcot, the second one was Dollywood, we went right in to another turkey leg.

– And then we went into, does Hershy have one too? – Hershy had one too.

– Let me see how you didthe turkey leg in Dollywood.

It's like, it's an attractive turkey leg.

– That's not a series of words that could ever go together.

They also always come out of the what, however you cook a turkey leg burning hot.

– Yeah.

– Like I have burnt my handslike grasping these things.

– And greasy, like bring some wet naps.

I don't know but Lego Land was my favorite turkeyleg, for obvious reasons.

– [Interviewer] Who's idea was it to? – It's definitely my idea.

– It's not my idea.

Would this be a good time to talk about how she doesn't want me to sit down? – [Interviewer] Yes.

– Okay.

I mean there's a popularargument on the internet that the reason I drop so much of my food is because Chelsea won't let me sit down, and balance it properlyto take a bite out of it.

We keep bringing up Lego Land, like those funnel cakes thatlike literally took the width of my hand to balance, would have been so mucheasier to just carve into had I had a second to sit.


(Chelsea laughing) – Sometimes, I let you sit down.

I let you sit down in Animal Kingdom.

– Yeah, because you wanted tosit down in Animal Kingdom.

– Also true.

– I just wanted to drinkmy (beep) margarita.

That's all I wanted.

– No, I'm not gonna lether sit in season two.

We're on the move to bringyou an awesome video.

Got to get through it.

How many items are we gettingthrough most of these videos? – The magic number is 20.

– And we have to walk at all these places.

– We do a lot, I mean– – We do a lot of walking.

We also count steps when we can.

Usually I have her removeher little tracker.

– [Interviewer] How manysteps do you usually do? – Oh we know.

– We clock in at like 20, 000.

– Yeah, it's like 20, 000 stepsfor an episode, easy, easy.

– Yeah.

– Steps.

– It's a long day.

– It's insane, it is along, it is a long day.

– We have start times starting at– – Well the earliest was Star Wars.

– The earliest was Star Wars.

– And waking me up is already hard.

– Oh Chelsea, do not talk to me about waking you up before Star Wars, because I will publicly humiliate, I will destroy you.

– Nope.

– I don't think I toldanyone about that ever.

I literally did not.

– What happened? – Really?- Okay off camera, Chelsea– (upbeat trumpet music) it's not easy to pinpoint– – Favorite food? I think I know what my favorite foods are.

– I could off the top of my head pull my favorite food from each park.

Phew, if I had to picka favorite, favorite.

Okay, if we're running through– – We're running through.

– I can do this.

I can do it so fast.

– Yeah let's do it.

– Ready, okay.

– Okay let's go.

– Ready?- Disneyland go.

– Churro, number one at Disneyland.

– Oh okay, Harry Potter? – Butter beer ice cream.

– Epcot? – Fish and chips.

– Dollywood? – We loved the pulled pork mac & cheese.

– Pulled pork mac & cheese.

– I loved the CarolinaGold BBQ pork sandwich.

– Oh, yeah.

Coney?- The Nathans hot dog.

That's immediately where I would go.

– Galaxy's Edge, the ronto wrap.

– Animal Kingdom? – Animal Kingdom, the lubia for sure.

I loved my margarita.

– Hershy Park? – I would argue the sweet andsavory hand-rolled pretzels were luscious.

Horror Nights! I loved the potato on a stick.

No!- No.

– The bento box.

– Yeah, the bento box.

Okay yeah, that's a good one.

Lego Land? – Apple fries.

– And then Magic Kingdomfor the holiday episode.

What was your favorite Christmas food? – The kakamora float, the coconut dole whip.

– Oh really?- Mm-hmm (affirmative).

– So I think we need to, perfect segue, to talk about the ice cream debacle.

– Are you talking about cone-gate? – Oh, cone-gate(laughs).

– [Interviewer] Thevideo's go to top left.

– Does— I just snorted! – Oh God, great.

– Please explain, pleaseexplain your actions.

– I don't really feel likeI need to explain myself, but I will say, I feel such conviction that the best bite of a soft-serve cone, which sure I bit a bit pre-preemptively, is when all the melty bitsenter the crunchy bottom, and you just get one like, one like perfect gulp.

I did go too far.

(Chelsea laughing) I can say that now.

I can say that now, and I so apologize for my misgivings, but I felt no remorse at the time, until I choked down drycone like all the way down.

– Oh yeah.

Favorite episode and favorite park.

– Yeah, so I love Disney and Universal.

Obviously I feel fondness for Dollywood.

Even though I solemnly swear to never go back toPigeon Forge, Tennessee.

– Don't hate.

– Favorite Episode.

– Yeah.

– I love Horror Nights.

– Really? – I didn't love filming Horror Nights, that wasn't the best.

– It was such, it's my favorite.

– You had too much fun at Horror Nights, for me to have loved itwhile we were doing it.

I actually, I very rarely get sassy with Chelsea off camera in the parks, starting that episode afterI was physically shaking from the yeti house.

– Yeah.

– So going into the episode, I was very sassy with Chelsea, and I was like no, nowith the scare zones.

So we kind of had to like, walk in non-scare zones, but then you would likejust kind of put me in one, I wouldn't realize it was happening.

– And then I would walk , and just pray for my life and safety.

So let's watch Coney Island.

– Who do I think I am wearing that?- Look how big that, that is a big drink.

– You may never let me wearspaghetti straps again.

That was a choice.

– How many slices of lemon and lime are just floating like fish? – Oh you know what was fun about Coney? One was like it really did feel so like inherently New York, in that the people who endedup in the background shot were angry, they didn'twant us to be there, like we didn't, like wewere just like we get it.

We don't normally wantpeople around us either, but so many people told me I was doing things wrong as we went.

Like I folded my pizza wrong, – I took that beer.

– You took the beer out of my drink, you were supposed to letit gradually flow into it, and I love that.

I love to be told that I'm wrong.

Oh, those nachos were good!- They were incredible.

– I forgot about those nachos.

Good sour cream ratio.

– Wait no something, I think the Nachos smell like weed, like no somebody on ConeyIsland boardwalk was in heaven.

– No Coney Island was wild, it really was.

– Yep.

– Very stark contrast fromwhatever we shot before, and whatever came after.

– Lobster rolls, you don't like seafood, or is that not true you just don't like– – Crustaceans are disgusting.

– They're sea bugs.

– No I— No.

– Crab tastes like mud, and no one will ever beable to convince me– – And yet you like shrimp.

– Yeah, shrimp is good.

Wait Hershy, I reallyforgot that we started, and I was dressed for a 95-degree day, and we showed up at like7:45, or whatever time it was, and it was like 55 and cloudy.

– It was beautiful.

– Which is why I was in sucha good mood the whole episode.

– We were eating that icecream s'mores, it was a s'more? Also now that monkey bread, now we're at the monkeybread, it's just like– – Oh my god I forgotabout that pooling sauce at the bottom of the monkey bread.

– That was yum.

– Then the (beep) turkey leg.

– Turkey leg.

– Jesus, they were not(beep) around at Hershy Park.

– No.

– They were ready to eat.

– Yeah.

– I did a terrible job.

– That was a smaller, in comparison, that's a smaller turkey leg.

– There's no such thing asa manageable turkey leg, that's fake news.

– It's a good bite.

– It was, it was fun, Hershy Park was a good time.

– They also knew how todo their smoked meats.

– Yeah, those ribs.

Lego Land felt like a different beast.

It was, there were veryfew childless millennials.

Normally we feel very at home, like people, will come up to us, and be excited we're there and– – More just children.

– We'll see people our age, this was not that.

It was a very family-oriented park.

This moment in Lego land ismy parents' favorite moment of any episode I shot.

– Oh in the car? I remember my dad called me after it went live and he was like, he's like “the moment you stole the car “from the child, and you were very upset” he was like “It's goodstuff”, I'm like, okay, so thanks dad.

– See? Your dad likes to see you suffer too.

– He does.

Just the worst.

That's an all time low.

– Wait no pause, didthe kid just back away, like, he didn't even, rewind.

– I didn't intentionallytake that car from him, I just needed— He literally, look, he's like so excited “I'm gonna go to this, I'mgonna go to this red car”, you get on the car, andhe's just like “No, oh no.

” – He's like “This (beep)”- Oh back up.

I think it was an alltime high, not a low.

– Yeah, Lego Land was amarathon, not a sprint.

– I think we've just about exhausted these 11 theme parks, yeah?- Yeah.

– Yeah.

– Yeah, yeah.

– Yeah, we're lookingforward to season two.

I know it may seem like we're not, that we hate each other blah, blah, blah, but actually we have a lot of fun, and we're very excited that people take something away from the show.

Whatever it is you're taking away from it.

So, I'm excited for season two.

– I'm excited for season two.

– Questions, comments, concerns, thoughts on season two, comment.

– Comment please.

– I've never wanted to be aperson who's like “comment”, but comment, that would be great.

– You're never gonnasee me on camera again.

– I don't believe that's true.

(lips smooching)(both laughing) – [Tess] See you next year (laughs).


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