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Apply Coaching Video (Science Experiment) – Ali Heath

Hi everyone I hope you were all doingwell while you were staying home due to this coronavirus.

So today we areactually going to be doing a fun science experiment with everyday items that youcan find in your household.

Today we'll be learning about oil and waterand dish soap and what happens when they're all combined together.

Beforewe begin we need to get our materials together.

For this experiment you willneed two clear empty plastic water bottles and make sure that both of themhave lids on them.

That's super super important.

Then you will be needing twocups of water you could just use measuring cups filled with water.

You will also need 1/2 cup of oil.

I have my oil right here and we'll measurethat out in just a little bit.

You'll need some form of clock or timer.

Forthis experiment I'm just going to be using my phone and that works perfectlyfine too.

You will need a permanent marker which Ihave right here – a sharpie.

You will need a measuring cup and so I have bothmeasuring cups for the water and then 1/4 measuring cup since we'll bemeasuring the oil into 1/4.

You will also need one measuring spoon that's atablespoon.

Finally this you don't need food coloring but if you have ityou can make a fun end result with it so I don't have food coloring but I havethese Mio sports grape flavoring that also will work as well.

Now let'sprep our materials.

So first, make sure to remove any labels or any paper that issurrounding the water bottles as most of them do so that way you can see what'sinside of the experiment clearly.

Then you will take your permanent marker andwe're going to label these water bottles.

Make sure to label the first one – we're gonna label this one oil and water.

So I'm going to write it on the outside”oil plus water” and it's going to look just like that just on the outside andthen I'm also going to label the lid.

I'm just going to put an “OW” onthe lid.

So that's what you're gonna do for the first one.

For the second oneyou're going to label it “oil plus water plus soap.

” It makes it best to put itas close to the lid as possible.

I'm also gonna put “OWS” on thetop.

Perfect! So now you should have two water bottles where one says “oil pluswater” and then the other says “oil plus water plus soap” so you don't get themconfused.

Then I have both of the lids marked too.

Afterward go-aheadand pour one cup of water into each bottle.

We'll start doing that.

Make sure not to spill.

There's one and you'll do the sameto the other.

So now that we have both of these filledup with water we're almost ready to start.

Also just make sure that you're inan area of good lighting so that way you'll be able to see what's going on inthe experiment.

Let's get started! Okay so to begin we're going to startwith our “oil and water” water bottle.

So what you're going to do is you're goingto take your oil.

This oil can be anything it can be vegetable oil, it canbe olive oil, or cooking oil just whatever you have.

You're going to measure 1/4 of cup of that into this little cup.

Just like this.

There you go.

Then you aregoing to pour this 1/4 cup of oil into the “oil and water” bottle.

Probably should have unscrewed this but we're doing it now.

You're just gonna pour it right intohere.

Be careful to not make a mess like I just did.

There we go and now that youhave that you can put the lid back on and do the next one.

So then what you'regoing to do is you're going to take your oil, water, and soap mixture and you'regoing to do the same thing.

You're going to measure out 1/4 cup of oil intothis cup.

Do the same thing.

Take your lid off and then measure the oil in here.

It definitely helps if you have paper towelsunderneath these just in case there are any spills because it's very easy to dothat.

Alright awesome! Now for this one you're also going to add your soap.

Ido not put that in the materials list that I said earlier but also, you do need dish soap for this.

You need dish soap and this is what we're gonna put into our teaspoon (I MEANT TABLESPOON).

So you'reactually going to use three teaspoons (three TABLESPOONS) of dish soap into your mixture.

So we'll start with this.

Here is one teaspoon (it's tablespoon actually) You're going to put it into here and then here's another one.

It can be any dish soap.

It can bedawn or any other brand that you have.

None specific needed.


Then put your lid right backon to this one.

So now what we're going to do is we're going to take both of thesemixtures and you're going to shake it for 20 seconds.

I'm actually going tostart my timer and start shaking it.

Make sure the lids are on there nice and goodso that way you're not making a mess everywhere.

That way it's not causingany issues.

If you want to do them separately you can be I think it makesit more fun when you're mixing them together.

That's 20 seconds! Thenyou are going to let these bottles set for about ten minutes.

Make sure they're on a flat surface and thenyou're just gonna observe them over time.

You can hold them up in the light and see the different things that are happening.

Then, in the end, you'll come back andwe'll talk about our results.

So I will come back (return) to you when ten minutes are over.

Alright so my timer is just about to go off as it will now.

It has beenten minutes.

Let's look and see what we have.

As you can tell the oil andwater mixture has pretty much separated again and the oil, water, and soap mixture did not.

There's a little bit of separation here but the color is significantly differentfrom this one to this one.

If you would like you can take one of these oryou can take food color and put it in here and make a fun little lava lamp.

Now that we've completed this experiment let's talk about what we can learn fromthis.

From this experiment we can definitely tell thatoil is less dense than water.

It's why it stays towards the top and floats andcreates this layer.

It doesn't dissolve into the water.

So addingdetergent soap can alter the effect of oil being added to water.

Sothe detergent acts as a bridge to the oil and this water.

This allows thereto be a cloudy mixture up at the top instead of just completely separate.

There's still some separation that occurs but it's significantly different.

So I bet if we add even more detergent you can see the separation will go down with time.

So the last thing that I wanted tobring up is science experiments can be fun.

For example, now you know how youcan make a lava lamp if you had these ingredients – oil, water, water bottle, andfood coloring as well.

Just in general there are so many incrediblethings in our world that we can make and make learning about science superfun! Thank you for watching I hope you enjoyed it and I hope y'all have agreat day! Bye :).

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